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_Episode 19_

Episode 19


I stood directly in front of the door of Gianna’s home, raising a fist to knock against the hardwood. I took in a breath to at least try and calm my nerves. I felt like a teenager in high school, about to take the prettiest girl to prom. But this was far more anxiety inducing than what my younger self had gone through on the day. I felt a sliver of regret creep its way into my mind. I knew this was immoral of me. Falling to the knees of a girl almost half my age, but I had been captivated from the start and was too far gone to turn back now. Perhaps it was time to do what I pleased without worrying about repercussions.


I pushed the bothersome thoughts to the back of my mind and cleared my throat as I heard the opening of the object that blocked my view of my stunning plus one. Instead of coming face to face with Gianna, I was met with a blonde haired girl. Beautiful, but not enough to hold a flame to my little vixen. This must have been Celine, the best friend if I recall.


“You must be Mr Moritello.” She greeted, with a smile on her face, she slowly opened the door wider and beckoned me in. I tried to ignore the holes she burned onto the back of my head as she checked me out, but I’m used to it by now. I knew I was an attractive man.


“Please, call me Alex.” I replied politely.


My mind wandered back to the last time I was here, just last night where I shared my whole life story with the other occupant of this home. I was reluctant to leave at 4 a.m. but I knew better than to stay overnight.


“Alright Alex, she’ll be down in a minute. Last minute nervous jitters.” She laughed, allowing the sound to echo throughout the room. I gave her a tight lipped smile in reply.


“Better yet, let me go check on her.” Before I had the time to speak, the blonde rushed upstairs. “You didn’t mention he was that fine.” She whispered not so quietly. I heard a faint ‘shhh’ before they both erupted into a fit of giggles.


The clicking of high heels could be heard as I took a first glance of Gianna. She was strikingly beautiful, I expected nothing more. The dress I had chosen hugged her luscious curves perfectly, clinging to all the right places. Her hair cascaded in perfect curls down her back, completely enthralling me. She nervously locked eyes with me and for the first time in almost ten years. I felt butterflies. I, Alexander Moritello felt f**king butterflies as I watched her advance closer to me.


“Hi.” She whispered, staring into my brown orbs. I grabbed her hand and lifted it to my lips, never breaking eye contact. “You look out of this world.” I complimented. Her roommate squealed from behind us, breaking the trance we both seemed to be in.


“It’s picture time!” Gianna groaned as a camera was shoved in her face. “Come on just one.” I smiled at her and pulled my date in by the waist, smiling happily as I heard the shutter click. “Perfect. You two should go now, don’t wanna be late, bye! Have fun and remember, safe sΒ£x is the best sΒ£x!” Gianna’s check flushed red as the door was shut behind us. I laughed out loud despite how coy she seemed to be.


Without another word, we both got into the limousine I had decided to hire, was it a bit extravagant? Yes, but I wanted only the best. Tonight has to go perfectly.



“Woah, this place is incredible.” She smiled in awe at the luxurious hotel where the function would be held at. It was two hours away from the city, I could only hope I wouldn’t run into any business partners here.


The inside of the hall was adorned with chandeliers on high ceilings, as well as white and pink drapes complimenting the white tablecloths. It was designed and catered to perfection, as it usually was.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Ball took place annually. This type of event was never intriguing to Sarah so I had always come on my own. It made me happy to see how appreciative Gianna was, despite only being here for a short amount of time. Her sparkly brown eyes travelled across the room, scanning the guests and staff with a small smile on her perfectly structured face.


I placed my hand on her lower back and guided her to a reserved table near us. “Mr Moritello.”A waitress stood three feet away from us and stared at me, not bothering to hide the lust in her blue eyes. They weren’t as eye catching as Gianna’s. “Could I offer you a drink Sir.” I read the name on her name tag. Julia. She looked to be in her early thirties. “I’ll take water, thank you.” I replied. My eyes wondered to the girl next to me and I held back a laugh at the way she rolled her eyes. Completely disregarding Gianna, she spoke again. “I’ll be right back.”


Before she had the chance to leave, I spoke up, forcing her to turn back. “You forgot about my date. She’ll have champagne, right babe?” Both the waitress and Gianna looked at me in shock, their eyebrows slightly raised. “Um, yeah sure.” Without wasting time, she scurried away from our table with a flushed face. “Babe? That’s new.” I snickered at her reaction and took her hand in mine.


“Come on, let’s dance.”



The two of us swayed back and forth on the now crowded dance floor. A light classical tuned played in the background. As I held this beauty in my arms, I wondered if she could hear my heart beating rapidly against her head that was set against my chest. Could she tell that I was nervous? Maybe I was overthinking things. Mettiti insieme amico. I chastised myself internally.


“Your heart rate is speeding up.” She commented, smiling up at me with her gorgeous eyes. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the great Alex Moritello is anxious over me? What an honor.” I sighed lightly and gave her a small peck on the head. “What did you expect? I’m here with the most beautiful girl.” She giggled at my corny joke and I lived to hear that sound again.


“Do you know anyone here?” she asked, placing her arms over my shoulders, she took full advantage of her added inches due to the high heels on her feet.


“No, they’re mostly business men from out of town, we don’t really care for each other’s private business here. Everyone makes sure to donate as much as they can and stay for few drinks.” She nodded her head.


“I’m gonna go use the restroom really quick, I’ll be right back.” I felt a lingering sense of sadness wash over me when her hands fell off my body, but recovered quickly and sent her a smile as she made her way off the floor.


I sat at our reserved table for a few minutes before I felt a tap on my shoulder, I hoped to come face to face with Gianna, but was sadly disappointed by the waitress in front of me. Julia. “Hope I’m not being a bother Alex, I just noticed you were alone, your daughter left?” she asked slyly. I cursed a string of Italian words under my breath. “My girl is gone to the restroom, I’m sure she’ll be back soon, you can leave now. We don’t need any drinks. Thank you.”


“Are you sure?” by now she had moved closer and had her hands on my tie, I began to feel more irritated as the seconds go on. But before I had the chance to excuse myself harshly, I heard a voice from behind me.


“Yeah, he is sure. I’m positive I saw someone puke in the bathroom a second ago, you might want to go clean that up, thanks Julianne!” Gianna handled herself properly in front of the older women and I couldn’t help but smile in adoration. The woman scurried off, embarrassed for the second time tonight.









“I think it’s about time we leave.” I said, placing a kiss on her pink lips. I drowned in her taste for a few seconds before reluctantly pulling away.


Tonight would be a long night.

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