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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 15_

I sighed as I scrolled through and read over the text messages I shared with Gianna last night. My finger hovered over the picture she sent me, I contemplated deleting it, but who I was kidding,


It was the sΒ£xiest thing I had seen in a very long time and I cursed myself for thinking so. I felt even more alarmed when I realized how aroused the picture had made me, a thirty four year old man, turned on by a girl who was way too young for me. Perhaps the most shocking thing was my lack of surprise, I knew she was beautiful, alluring and enticing. I just hoped I could control myself for longer than I did.


The girl had yet respond to my previous text, maybe I had taken things too far with her and she regretted our conversation. I could only pray that wasn’t the case.


If my wife had to see this picture and the way the babysitter and I had conversed, she’d throw another one of her expensive accessories at me, maybe something even worse. I’ve never known Sarah to be the jealous type, not until Gianna came around at least. I’d like to say my wife had nothing to worry about, that there was no competition between the two, but I’d be lying. Sarah radiated envy and it didn’t look good on her.


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the clicking of heels against the kitchen floor. Speak of the devil, I thought.


“Babe.” She chimed, almost skipping up to me. She placed her heavily caked lips onto my cheek and I felt her bright purple lipstick glue itself onto my skin. I sighed and looked at her expectantly. “I’m off to the gym. Be back in an hour okay? Love you, kisses.” She said, placing her manicured fingers on my bicep and squeezing it lightly. “Wearing that?” I asked, staring at her skin tight dress. “I’ll be changing there.” I nodded my head and ignored her excuse, not caring in the slightest what she was up to. She didn’t bother saying goodbye to our kids, let alone getting them ready after they woke up, previously telling me. ‘the nanny will sort it out.’


After the door had shut I walked into the room where the kids were sitting and smiled at all of them, picking up Mia and grinning at her. “Do you guys want me to make you something to eat for breakfast?” I asked, breaking their concentration on the television which played some cartoon. “No thanks papa.” They replied simultaneously. “We’re waiting for Gigi.” Luca said, his eyes lighting up at the thought of her coming to visit. I nodded in return and felt slight warmth at them being excited to see her, I felt that way too.


As if she read our minds, the doorbell rang and I immediately rushed to the door, setting my youngest daughter down into her little playpen.


I opened the door to be met with a somewhat hung-over Gianna and smiled at her, holding back a laugh. She walked in and rolled her eyes. “Don’t test me today Moritello. I am not in the mood.” I held my hands up in surrender and closed the door behind her. She looked absolutely beautiful, almost as if she had a set mission to tempt me today.


My kids ran up to her and fought over the space to hug her. She laughed and it was a beautiful sound. “Hello my loves!” Gianna kissed the top of their heads and I walked over to the kitchen, grabbing some coffee.


“What do you lovelies want to eat today?” I overheard her asking Elena and Luca, hiding her fatigue. I heard them talk about pancakes and soon enough, she walked into the kitchen.

𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 π“πžπ¦π©π­πšπ­π’π¨π§π¬ | πŸπŸ–+ (EDITING)

“You’re basically asleep right now.” I pointed out.


“I assume my punishment is about to come then?” she asked, grabbing pancake mix out of the pantry. I almost choked on my water and Gianna noticed, smirking.


She walked towards me and I raised my eyebrows. The smell of her perfume overloaded my senses when she got closer and placed her chest close to mine. “What are you-“she pulled her hand back and I noticed her holding a small bottle. “Sorry you were standing in front of the cinnamon.” I huffed and shook my head storming out of the kitchen and into my office to hopefully get some work done and forget about the woman in my house.



Gianna’s P.O.V


I had to control my laughter when Alex angrily marched out of the room due to my teasing.


I would probably make it up to him.


I grabbed the pancakes I had made for the kids and took it over to them with some chocolate milk, as well as some mashed up peaches for Mia which I fed to her slowly.


I then took their plates back and organized a tray of pancakes, fruit and more coffee to take to Alexander. Hoping he hasn’t eaten breakfast yet. I smirked and went over my plan one last time before making my way over there. My hands reached around the knob of the large wooden door and I opened it, shutting it with my hip.


He looked up and I basically drooled at the sight of him wearing his glasses. “I brought you food.” I spoke casually, setting it down on the table next to him. He merely nodded and I pouted in his direction. Without even asking, I took one of the pancakes and bit off half of it, feigning surprise when the cool sticky syrup dripped down into the valley of my br**sts. “Oops. Clumsy me.” I said, making sure his eyes were on me. I slid my finger over the liquid between my boobs and collected it, innocently slipping the finger into my mouth and sucking it off. The man in front of me took in a sharp breath and stared at the area where I just spilled the syrup onto. For a time that would have been deemed appropriate if that wasn’t my plan this whole time.


I walked towards him slowly and sat on top of his desk, eyeing him. I lowered down my shirt slightly and asked, “Is there any more?” he gulped and shook his head, probably feeling the sΒ£xual tension that radiated through the walls.


Fuck it. I thought.


I leaned forward, asking for a kiss which he delivered at lightning speed, gripping my hips and sliding me into his lap. I wrapped my hands around his neck and played with the loose tendrils of his soft hair, moaning into the kiss, the feeling of his tongue tangling with mine was indescribable. It was lust mixed with sin and pent up sΒ£xual tension. A release that was begging to come out and play.

What was supposed to be pure, short kiss unavoidably turned into a heated make-out session. Not that I had any room for complaints. I had tried to keep this purely professional. But that all went out the window, along with all my morals. If I ever had them, that is.


The desperate need for each other was too powerful and alluring to fight, we both knew that. His large, strong hands travelled around my body almost magical. Stopping at my rare and tightening his hold onto it, pushing us together which elicited a mewl out of the back of my throat. “I can’t resist you.” He growled, his voice deep with need.


I felt the same way and began leaving kisses on his exposed neck, feverishly undoing his buttons as I did so. I was careful not to leave any marks, despite how badly I wanted to experience that type of intimacy from the sculpted God I was on top of. He let out a groan and I almost melted at the sΒ£xy sound. My hips began grinding against his pelvis, connecting us where it was needed the most. I felt him harden against me and moaned at the large size I already knew he had. “Be quiet tesoro.” He whispered roughly, forming a hold on my neck with his spare hand. I felt his plump lips suck on the exposed skin of my br**sts, my shirt nowhere to be seen.


I got off him and kneeled on the ground, breathing heavily and went straight for the zipper of his slacks, undoing it and motioning for him to lift his hips as I slid them down. My hands shook as I grabbed the waist band of his Calvin Klein boxers and followed suit. His cock sprung to life and hit his abdomen, my mouth almost watered at the sight.


“I made you this hard?” I mused, biting my bottom lip as I took his length in my hand. I slid my finger over a stray drop of pre-cum and brought it up to my lips, tasting him. “I need a better taste.” I spoke, in a sultry voice. I lowered my face and took the tip of his head in my mouth, swiping my tongue across him to collect more of the fallen cum. He tried his best to quieten the moans that threatened to leave his mouth and I smiled in satisfaction, softly sucking on the head and releasing him with a loud pop. I unhurriedly dragged my tongue all the way up from his base, to the tip of his veiny cock, I went past the tip this time and took all of his erection into my mouth, using my hands to stimulate the rest I couldn’t fit.


He groaned and bucked his hips, allowing it to go further. “That’s it princessa.” He whimpered grabbing my hair and creating a makeshift ponytail. “Take it all. Let me f**k this pretty little mouth of yours.” This time, I moaned at his dirty words and he roughly pushed me down, forcing me to gag on his heavenly length, but I didn’t mind the feeling of him hitting the back of my throat. By now, tears were slightly streaming down my eyes but I was smiling internally, loving how this was going.


My head bobbed up and down for a few seconds longer before I felt him pulsate in my mouth, my eyes met him in the most seductive way while doing so. I worked my hands faster and soon enough, hot spurts of cum were shooting down my throat. I swallowed all of it and showed him my tongue. “Good girl.” He praised. Stroking my hair.


It was then, I knew for a fact, his wife could never compete with me.


I stood up and he grabbed my hips once again, placing me onto an empty spot on his desk. “You didn’t think we were done did you?” he asked in a low voice, nibbling on my neck as he spoke.


His hands snaked their way between my thighs, spreading my legs as he did so. I felt the tips of his fingers caress the outside of my silk panties before he slid them down my legs and stuffed the inside his pocket. “Those are mine now.” I couldn’t anything else but nod. I brought his face to mine and kissed him roughly, pulling him into me awaiting his next move.

His fingers resumed their position between my legs and he slowly dragged his index finger up my slit, leaving me breathless as he did so. “So wet for me.” The Italian god whispered to me. I moaned as he entered two of his fingers into me at once, forcing me to accommodate the surprisingly long length of his fingers.


Pleasured sounds flew out of my mouth one by one as I succumbed to the intense feeling of him penetrating me with his fingers which curled perfectly, hitting my most pleasurable spot and he muffled my moans by commencing a kiss between us.


He continued his torture and I felt myself quickly inching towards an intense orgasm. I felt out of breath as his fingers slid out of me, watching as he lifted them up to his luscious lips and sucked them intently. “Sweeter than I expected.” He spoke.


I got off his desk and pulled down my skirt, walking over to my discarded shirt and slipping it onto my body. I looked over to Alex who cleared his throat as he buttoned up his shirt and slacks.


Without a second that I rushed out of his office and shut the door, leaning on it and breathing heavily.


What the f**k had I just done?















If you’re reading this and you know me, no you dont anymore. <3


I hope I did well. This was my first time writing anything like this. Please leave your truthful opinions!


They really said: K I N K Y


Anyway, important stuff;


This chapter was almost 3000 words compared to the usual shitty 1k. I’m going to be doing extra long chapters from now on! Just less frequently.


As cringe as this is, what word do you guys prefer:


Dick or cock


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Also. I’m starting a new book soon so which relationship will you want to see:


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