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_Episode 8_

Giannah`s POV


I cleared my throat and attempted to discreetly stare at the unfamiliar woman standing in front of me. She was much taller than me, closer to Alexander’s height, give or take a few inches. Her hair was a beautiful dark colour—flowing all the way down to her waist. It looked so silky I wanted to reach out and touch it but even I knew that would be weird, so I kept my hands to myself.


Her eyes were brown with tiny gold specs surrounding them and I realized just how similar her and Alex looked. Their noses were both straight—well, Alex’s was a bit more crooked due to the usual mischievous things boys got up to in their lifetime. Hers was straight and pointy at the tip. Perhaps she was a relative of his?


Instead of gawking any longer, I cleared my throat once more and decided on answering her. “I’m babysitting, who are you?” I asked cautiously. Praying to the Gods that she wasn’t here to kidnap me.


I’ve watched too many crime shows. I thought.


“Oh of course, I’m Serafina, Alex’s sister. Mind if I come in?”


I nodded inattentively and stepped aside as she walked in, the strong scent of her luxurious perfume roaming in the air.


I didn’t know he had a sister. Then again, I had only been here around three times and we weren’t necessarily friends.


The comparison between them was as bright as day. They both had a very strong aura around them, as if everything they touched turned to gold. Both siblings were absolutely easy on the eyes, as elegant and dazzling as ever. Her brown eyes sparkled in adoration as the two small children came running towards her.


“Ah! Ciao amore mio, mi sei mancato!” she spoke, a huge grin breaking out, displaying her pearly white teeth.


They murmured a muffled ‘we missed you too.’


She said something else to them and they scampered upstairs giggling, probably to continue what they were doing in the first place.


The guest got up from her squatting position and smoothed out the wrinkles that had appeared on her expensive looking skirt. She adjusted the Louis Vuitton bag on her shoulder and turned to me, giving me a dazzling smile.


“Sorry about that, you must be Gianna, I’ve heard great things.” A smirk graced her features, and she stuck out her hand. I mirrored her actions and shook it.


Sensing my confusion, she spoke once more. “Alex told me about you, said the kids love you already!”


I nodded my head in understanding, but I still had a lingering question.


“I don’t mean to come off impolite, but what are you doing here?” I asked her.


“Oh, of course. Sarah called and asked me to come pick up the kids- said she had errands to run, and she couldn’t reach her babysitter. Seeing as you’re here, I assume she eventually did.”


My mouth formed an ‘o’ shape and I nodded, slightly disordered.


“I apologize for the mix-up, if it’s too much of an inconvenience for you, I can leave them here.”

I was quick to object, noting how excited they looked to see her. “No, please, go ahead, I’ll just stick around for a few extra minutes and clean up.”


“Are you sure? You drove all this way.”


I waved her off. “It isn’t far.”


Just as I finished that sentence, feet padded down the stairs and ran to the front door, there stood Elena, Luca and Maria. Their clothes colour coordinated.


Of course.


Serafina turned to them and arched her perfectly shaped brow, “Are you two forgetting something?” She asked, staring at their bare feet.


“Where is my brother anyway?” she asked me.


“I’m not too sure. I was called here because Sarah had to go look for him.”


A look of annoyance flashed through her eyes but was gone before I could blink. She muttered quietly, something along the lines of ‘that bitch must have driven him to drink again.’ But I wasn’t sure if I had heard right.


After a few minutes, everyone was finally ready to go.


Sera, who had allowed the nickname, was now showering the smallest Moritello with kisses, to which she replied in an adorable giggle.


“Alright babies, say goodbye and thank you to Gianna and head out to the car, okay?”


They nodded and rushed towards me, knocking me off my feet with a hug. I kissed all three of their heads and they headed out.


“I better get going now, but it was lovely meeting you!”


I smiled and wished her a good day, closing the door behind her.


The house that was filled with laughter just minutes ago, was dead silent.


I had just finished cleaning up all the kid’s toys. Sighing, I sat on the couch and held my head in the palms of my hands.


I stood up in search of my purse and lightly jogged up the stairs, remembering I set it there at some point.


My make-up had smudged, and I decided on removing and re-applying my mascara and lip gloss, puckering my lips to evenly spread it.


Before I had the chance to descend the stairs, I heard a loud band from the kitchen and stilled. Placing a hand over my mouth in shock at the thought of an intruder.


This is it. I’m going to get murdered.


I haven’t even had kids yet.


I haven’t met Harry Styles yet.


My life is unfulfilled.


I took a deep breath and tip-toed to the nearest bedroom.



I quietly advanced to his toy box- the banging still going on downstairs- and grabbed a baseball bat just as I heard more glass shatter.


My footsteps were light as I gripped the wooden weapon tightly in my hands and walked down. I stopped on the last step, glancing at my reflection in the mirror opposite. Was I about to walk into there? I stared longingly at the front door and willed myself to go in there anyway.


This is exactly how people die in horror movies.


As I grew closer, the ‘burglar’ then started slurring a bunch of words that became clearer the closer I got.


As soon as I reached the kitchen, I ran and swung the bat around, screaming, Indiana jones style, but instantly drew my lips together at the scene.


This was no thief.


Rather, the house owner.


Alex. I could tell even from my position that was he was a little drunk. His suit tie hung haphazardly off his neck, the top two buttons of his white dress shirt were unbuttoned, leaving me to ogle the visible skin beneath the shirt. In his hand were a pair of keys, curled tightly between his fingers.


“Gianna?” he slurred, drunkenly, “Why the hell do you have a bat?”


I shyly dropped the object to the floor and pursed my lips. “I thought you were a burglar.”


I then noticed the state of the kitchen and sighed at the mess of a glass vase.


He stumbled towards me and almost lost balance, slightly tripping over his own two feet. “S-sorry ’bout that. I’m just a little tipsy.” Gosh, this was embarrassing for him. Was I like this the other night? If so, I was never picking up another drink again.


This time he did fall over, but I managed to catch him before his head hit the floor.


This man was as heavy as a whale. I blame his dumb muscles.


“Whoa, looks like I’m falling for you, huh?” he giggled. Actually giggled. I tried to ignore the fact that that was probably the worst pick up line I’d ever heard and dragged him into the TV room, setting him down on the couch with a loud thud, trying to grasp for air.


I wonder how I kept this body; I was as athletic as a seal.


Thank God for a fast metabolism.


Alex rolled over, blinking up at me, his head slightly tilted to the side. He brough both fists to his eyes and rubbed them, groaning in the process. I knew he’d wake up with a massive headache tomorrow and I instantly felt bad. I turned back in the direction of the kitchen, grabbing a glass and filling it with water. The medicine cabinet was probably somewhere upstairs, luckily I carried some Advil in my purse after my last stint with alcohol.


After placing the water and pills next to Alex, I softly tapped my knuckles against his bristly cheek to wake him up. He opened his eyes slowly, trying to adjust to the lights.

“Sit up.” I ordered, placing the glass in his hand after he was upright.


“And take this, it should help with the pain.” He swallowed them down, leaning back to stare at me. His eyes were still slightly hazy but not as bad as ten minutes ago.


“Your hair.” He commented. I was close enough that he could reach over and grab a stray chunk of my dark tresses. “Soft.” he murmured, more to himself than me.


I smiled tersely, moving away from him despite how much I wanted to stay exactly where I was. I deserved an award for my self-control.


“Will you be okay here?” I asked, smoothing my hands down my legs as I stood. I was stuck between leaving him to nurse his hangover on his own, or staying and risking Sarah coming home to us here together.


Alex finally looked up, blinking repeatedly as if only just registering my presence. He cleared his throat and attempted to smile. I shrugged and took his silence as a yes.


“Here, use this trashcan if you can’t get up to go to the bathroom in time.” I placed it at the foot of the couch.


My feet inched away ready to leave when I felt a hand tug on my wrist with surprising force and I stumbled into his hard chest, gasping.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to pull you that hard.” He said, leaning his face into my hair.


I shifted against him, fighting against my heart and my conscious.


My heart was telling me to stay trapped in between the man’s arms.


But my mind was telling me how drunk he was and how he would probably regret this tomorrow.


I would probably regret this tomorrow. This is not how I would’ve wanted this to go. Alex was still drunk and continuing down this slippery slope would’ve only ended terribly.


I tried getting up, only for him to tighten his hold on me and I rolled my eyes.


“Alex.” I breathed.


“Just two minutes, lie here.” He murmured, patting the small space next to him. The couch still wasn’t big enough for us to both lay down comfortably. ”


Why was I even considering this?


I didn’t move for a minute, which seemed to give him enough time to fall sleep. His breathing evened out and the grip he had on me loosened.


I sighed, carefully extracting myself from his hold, hoping he wouldn’t notice the shift in position too much. Luckily when I looked back, Alex had barely moved.


I smoothed out the slight groove between his eyebrows and smiled when his whole face softened. He was truly a beautiful man. He had what looked like the softest pillowy lips ever, slightly parted to let out soft breaths of air. His lips were framed with unshaven stubble he must’ve acquired over the past day or so. running my knuckle over the hair, i couldn’t help but wonder what the bristly texture might feel like on my-

Nope. not going there.


I dropped my hand and continued ogling the hard planes and structure of his face. Those enticing brown eyes were covered by his eyelids, hiding the specks of gold i had gotten close enough to know were there. There were faint lines marring the sides of both eyes, showing his age, crows feet. If anything, it made him more attractive for i knew a lifetime of smiling had put them there.


I took one more look at him and decided I’d had enough time to be a creep.


Grabbing my purse off the table, I walked out of the house.



I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter !


How do we feel about Alex’s sister.

Do you think she’ll be a good character ,or a snake like sssssarah??

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