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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 11_

“Are you sure you even wanna go? Just cancel, say you got sick or something.” Celine spoke up, from her seat at the edge of my bed.


I was presently standing in front of my vanity, curling the ends of my hair long dark hair. I pushed her question to the side for a moment and placed down the hot curling iron, gazing at myself in the mirror, slightly admiring my reflection.


My body was bejeweled in a sparkly champagne coloured dress that flowed past my hips and stopped just below my knees, hugging the dips of my curves. I smiled at the gleaming beads that were scattered over my torso.


The dress was definitely a bit much. But it was the type of outfit you wore when you had a set mission to steal someone’s man. Or at least make him aware of what he was missing. I planned on taking advantage of my invite to the Moritello mansion.


I figured I would probably regret this later on, but for now I wanted to bask in the glory of knowing that Alex found me attractive. I giggled. Being a home wrecker certainly wasn’t in my summer plans, no turning back now.


Celine cleared her throat from beside me and I finally turned around to acknowledge her. “I feel like a total third wheel next to you and your reflection.” She said, playfully rolling her eyes.


I ignored her statement and answered her previous question. “I don’t want to cancel, I needed an excuse to see Alex anyway.” She shook her head knowingly, but soon enough her face turned serious. “You sure? Want me to drop you off?” I instantly declined.


“No Cel, I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” She opened up her mouth to try and convince me otherwise but I stopped her. “Besides, I won’t have too much to drink.” She nodded and dropped the subject.


“You look beautiful by the way.” She complemented. I took one last glance at myself and smiled at her in appreciation, grabbing my purse.


“I think I’m ready to go.”


The gates of the huge manor opened up and I drove up to the small car park, turning off my car and opening the small compact mirror I carried in my purse. I puckered my lips to evenly spread my peach flavoured lip gloss and smiled, adoring my newly done nails in the process.


I stepped out of the vehicle, one leg after the other and glanced at my smooth, newly waxed legs. Telepathically thanking my best friend for dragging me to that spa yesterday.


I then walked to the front door, and before I could press the doorbell, it swung open and I looked down to come face-to-face with a grinning Luca, flour sprawled all over the small apron he was wearing. “Gigi! You came just in time. I’m helping papa make ravioli! Come in.” Before I had the time to process what he said, the little boy grabbed my hand and ushered me through the house and to the kitchen.

Alex stood at the stove, stirring something that smelled wonderful, he hadn’t noticed me yet. I took the time to study his firm muscles, almost drooling at the sight of them rippling beneath his button up shirt.


I was broken out of my trance when I felt a tug on my hand. “Mommy is just getting dressed, she’ll be down in a bit. Wanna go play?”


His father tensed at the stove and slowly turned around. He gave me a once over, his eyes lingering on my bare legs for a minute extra and I smiled in satisfaction.


Got him right where I wanted him to be.


“Good evening Mr Moritello.” I spoke, with a noticeable seductive tone.


“Gianna.” He acknowledged. “My wife will be down in a bit, you should go join the kids while we sort out the remaining dishes.”


Ouch. I thought, taken aback by his impolite tone. This man was surely bi-polar.


I nodded my head even though he couldn’t see me and turned around. Luca trailing happily behind me. “Mia is sleeping, as usual. But Elena and I were playing with her dolls. You can be Barbie, I’m ken.” I smiled at his rambling and told him how fun that sounded.


“Hey Gi!” his little sister beamed, standing up from her position on the ground and running towards me, wrapping her dainty fingers around my legs.


“Hey baby.” I cooed, lifting her up into my arms. She giggled as I placed feathery kisses all over her slightly tanned skin.


“Hey. Why didn’t you kiss me like that?” Luca whined from behind me. I placed his sister back down and bent to his level, placing a kiss on his cheek. He smiled in triumph, causing me to laugh.


The click of heels could be heard, coming down the stairs and I caught a glimpse of an annoyed look flashing across Sarah’s face, which soon turned into a half assed smile.


“Oh hi, Gianna. You’re here early.” She announced, not caring to greet me.


Wasn’t the sole reason for my attendance her being nice to me?


I looked at the time on my phone and refrained from rolling my eyes. “Actually, its fifteen minutes past the time you asked me to be here.”


She cleared her throat and nodded, walking over to her children.


I took this time to check her out. She wore a strapless red dress that clung to her skin so tight, I could imagine her circulation being cut off. Her heels were at least four inches high and I wondered how she could get around with them so easily.


She dressed like she was my age. The only difference is, I can actually pull it off.


“Let’s go to the dinner table, shall we?” she asked, leading the way.


I followed her into the separate room and my mouth watered at the sight of the delicious Italian dishes I had instantly recognized from my childhood.


I noticed some of my most favourite. The panzenella, which was a delectable Tuscan bread salad. As well as Pasta Con Pomodoro E basilico. One of the best Italian pasta bowls.

The food looked great, let’s hope the company is too😁

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