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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 2_

Dedicated to heavenlyglam


“They say all good boys go to heaven. But bad boys bring heaven to you.”


Gianna’s P.O.V

I lazily fluttered my eyes open and was met with harsh sun-rays casted into my

room and I groaned, immediately pulling the warm covers over my messy nest of

hair. For as long as I could remember, I’d slept through most of my alarms on every

single occasion. Incuding forgetting to pick Celine up from a hair appointment and

when she strolled in two hours past her pickup time with great hair of course-

she was fuming. She never spoke to me for a whole week and only forgave me once

I promised to pick Lily up from school on her behalf. Which wasn’t so bad- I loved

the kid and she only harassed me for ice-cream twice, so it was a win-win situation.

A few minutes later, I rolled over and glanced at the time on my phone. It was way

too early for me to be up but I powered through anyway, nothing some strong

coffee wouldn’t fix.

After showering and lathering myself in perfume and essential body products, I

threw on a lazy outfit for the morning and groggily made my way downstairs. The

smell of burnt pancakes washed over me and I grimaced. The last thing I wanted

to wake up to today was our kitchen catching fire because of Celine’s god-awful

cooking habits. Usually we picked up food on our way out but I assume she

wanted to make sure I ate before I left to babysit three kids whose mom I had just

met two days ago. Sarah and I had texted back and forth over time and she seemed

nice enough.

Ihadnothing to lose and the money would definitely come in handy in the future.

Iknew today would go by smoothly. I was great with kids and was old enough to

know what they liked and disliked, how to handle their consistent mood swings

and needs and what to do if either one of them got hurt. Which hopefully wouldn’t

be the case today.

As I approached the spacious kitchen, the burnt smell of pancakes was stronger

and I scrunched my nose up, frantically waving my hand in front of my face to get

rid of the smoke surrounding the room. In the midde of it all stood my incapable

best friend, covering her mouth with her hand as she coughed into it and fanned

the smoke away from the smoke alarm.

“You’ve got to be f**king kidding me.”

She spurn around once the strong fumes had died out and glared at me as

laughed. “Want me to call the fire department?” I questioned. My eyes slightly red.

“Ha-ha very funny.”I snickered even more at the defeated look she held, before

grabbing my phone and ordering us some breakfast instead. “Ah, the wonders of

technology” I spoke. “Now we won’t have to starve to death.” I patted her shoulder

and went over to the coffee machine. Brewing us both a cup before sitting across

from her at the island in our kitchen.

I slid the hot mug to her and she smiled at me appreciatively, blowing over the

steam to cool it down. “I don’t think I’m getting better at the whole cooking thing.”

She mumbled, more to herself than me. I gave her a look that told her I agreed and

she rolled her eyes playfully.

I swiftly changed the subject from her cooking catastrophe to ask her what she

was going to get up to today. “I have a date with lan Somerhalder.” She beamed. “I

thought you finished the show yesterday, I could hear you crying from my room.”

She nodded her head and took another sip of the caffeine in front ofher. “Wel, yes,

but I’m starting it from season one again today”

Before I had the chance to question her wel-being the doorbell rang and I basically

flew to the front door, eager to get some food in my system. I handed the boy

around my age some money and he smiled gratefully, accepting the tip with it.

“Thank you.” I said, about to shut the door when I noticed his eyes lingering on my

leavage a little longer than thev should’ve.


Boys. I thought, rolling my eyes.

The aroma of the food caught my atterntion instead and after shutting the door,

I walked back into the kitchen, listening to Celine drone on about some Lana Del

Rey song while I plated up some bagels and bacon, pouring some orange juice to

go with it. The smell wafted through the air and I instantly felt my mouth water at

how delicious it all looked.

It had been a few hours later and I was seated on the floor in front of my large

mirror, applying minimal makeup to my eyes and attempting to style my hair into

something more professional than a messy bun. I had opted to wear something

comfortable as I would most likely get my outfit dirty somehow.

My eyes landed on a cute red and white dress that was perfect for the occasion. Not

my most modest piece of clothing but not too revealing either.

I grabbed a pair of flat shoes and slipped into them with ease. Once I was done I

gave myself a once-over in my mirror. My hair cascaded down my back in light

waves, the black color complimenting the mascara on my eyelashes. I rolled my

lips together, smoothing out the cherry flavored lip gloss that coated them, before

picking up my purse and heading downstairs. I waved goodbye to Celine who

dismissed me quickly and turned back to whatever show was occupying her.

“Good luck!” she yelled and I closed the door behind me, making my way to the

sleek black car parked in my spot. I set the directions of the house into my GPS and

made my way there. Texting Sarah to let her knowI was on my way.

I arrived around twenty minutes later and gaped at the huge mansion in awe. It

was at least twelve times bigger than our place

it was modern and beautiful. The

place was absolutely stunning to say the least. I approached the large entrance

and the gate automatically opened. Giving space to a driveway that looked like it

stretched out forever.

I slowly drove to the front of the home and parked my vehicle next to what looked

like the most expensive cars. My family was well off, but this was a whole new

meaning of wealth.

Just as I was shutting my door I heard the click of heels and turned around to be

met witha smiling Sarah who pulled me in for a hug which surprised me at first,

but I returned eventually, inhaling her expensive perfume.

“Giada! You made it right on time, Im so glad you’re here” I smiled at her as we

walked up the stairs and through the oversized front door.

“Oh, uhm, it’s Gianna, like with an N.”Icommented lightly.

She turned around on the top step, “Gianna. Yes, that’s what I said.”

Iraised my eyebrows but decided to drop the situation entirely, she’d learn it


“Anyway, my husband will be down in a minute! We shouldn’t be too long, just a

couple of hours.” She said, leading me through the large foyer that looked bigger

than my entire apartment altogether. Two staircases curved around the room and

conjoined at the top, each one was designed with what looked like white and black

marblematching the railing next to them.


“No worries.” I smiled, attempting to not get lost asI followed her through the


“The credit card is on the kitchen counter.” I followed her into the- as expected-

large kitchen and smiled, “You can order pizza later or cook ifyou don’t mind

it, nothing too big as I’ve already taken care of lunch for themn”I nodded

absentmindedly and looked around, taking in each and every detail with awe. The

interior design was amazing and as if she had readmy mind, Sarah began to speak.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” she asked, smiling proudly.

Ireturned the grin and immediately agreed, completely enthralled by the structure

of her house. “My husband has great taste in interior design.”

“It seems so, you have a lovely home.” I complimented, which made her eyes light

up and another smile grace her features.

“Now that that’s out of the way let’s go see the kids shall we?” her heels clicked

on the marble floors as she walked into a room with a huge TV where two small

children stared intently at the cartoon being displayed while another one sat

soundly asleep on the large couch, enclosed with multiple pillows and blankets.

She was beautiful and looked more like her mom than the other two, which was

strange but I brushed it off, focusing on the faces in front of me.

“Alright guys! Your babysitter is here!” she announced, clasping her hands

together. Their attention was taken off the screen and instead zoned in on me. I

waved at them and smiled when they reciprocated the action.

“The one on the left is Elena, you met her the first time. She shouldn’t be too hard to

handle, just keep her busy with her toys.”

I beamed at the small girl I had met last week. Her hair sat neatly in two ponytails

on the sides of her head, a few stray pieces hanging out of the front, she brushed

the hairs away and her eyes flashed with the recognition that she had met me


“Over there napping is Maria. She typically just wakes up to eat and falls right

back to sleep, so not much of a stress there. I do have a few pre-made baby meals

should she need to be fed again, I’l show you where at in a second. She’s only four

so not too high maintenance.” She knelt next to the little toddler and brushed her

knuckles against her rosy pink cheek.

I cooed at the little girl, she was adorable. All of them were. What was it about rich

people gernes?

“And last but not least, Luca he’s almost ten so much more mature and normally

stays in his room playing videogames.”

I turned to look at the boy and internally gushed at how adorable he was as well.

His browWn hair was strewn messily across his forehead, a mischievous glint was

spread across his brown eyes and he winked at me, causing a small giggle to erupt

from my throat.

Id definitely have my hands full with him.

Sarah smiled tightly and leaned over, “Don’t tell anyone, but Maria is my favorite.

So be the nicest to her.” She winked, but I couldn’t wipe the frown off my face.



“Luca acts out the most, please don’t let that discourage you.” She sighed. “I wish I

knew what made him so troubled but unfortunately he keeps that to himself.”

“Hey you two.” I smiled at the two staring kids, choosing to ignore Sarah’s words.

For now. they repeated a shy ‘hi’ making their mother and I laugh.

“Okay and where’s my fourth baby? Ah- there he is.”

I swiveled to the direction of footsteps coming down the stairs and felt my smile

waver. There stood a glorious man, who looked to be in his late thirties, maybe

early forties.. Securing a watch around his wrist. A white dress shirt clung to

his muscular figure. Enhancing his biceps. The sleeves were rolled up his arms

haphazardly and black pants were covering his frm legs as he jogged down the

last few steps.

He has gorgeous inky black hair, littered with a few sparse grays.

From what I could see, his eyes were a beautiful deep brown color. Mine were the

same but his held more depth, as ifhe was hiding a thousand layers under those

mesmerizing orbs. As ifI hadn’t taken in most of his physical features, I continued

to study his face as he busied himself with the end of his expensive looking watch.

Ihad never seen a man whose presence immediately demanded everyone’s

attention. He o0zed dominance and power and I felt myself embarrassingly cdench

my thighs at the sight of him.

What was wrong with me? I inwardly chastised. This is why I can’t have nice things.

I looked away from the sΒ£xy man in front of me before I started noticeably

salivating. God he was as stunning as they came and I had to pull myself together

before his wife noticed me obviously ogling her husband.

He seemed to only have noticed me a few seconds later and gave me a breathtaking

smile, revealing a pearly white set of teeth.

“You must be Gianna.” He spoke with a thick Italian accent which made my head

dizzy with each syllable he spoke.

Iwas a sucker for Italian men.

He stuck out his arm, his skin a deep rich colour, dusted with black hairs, and I took

hold of it, shaking lightly before releasing my hold on him.

“Im Alexander, lovely to meet you.”

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