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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 6_

Alex POV




I held Maria in my arms, humming the tone of an Italian lullaby my mother used to send me to sleep with. I smiled at the thought of my mom, wishing she was still alive to watch my beautiful children grow.


Rita Moritello was a beautiful woman, there was no denying it. In the words of her lover, she was created by a combination of the moon and stars. She made you feel the effects of a Friday on a Monday, she felt like summer and her scent was best described as freshly bloomed flowers. My mother was God’s gift to mankind. An angel among demons, or better yet, the light in the darkness.


Her and my father represented what could only be true love. Growing up, I looked up to them and hoped one day I would have the type of love they had. Love that swept you off your feet but kept you on your toes at the same time.


If my father could see just how terrible my love-life had turned out, he would be rolling in his grave next to my mother. The two of them would’ve disliked Sarah the moment they met her. Although our kids were beautiful and I knew they would spoil and love my children to the ends of the earth.


I had hoped marrying Sarah would give me the love that I craved, but with time, I understood that she wasn’t the one who could give me that. I was getting too old to start over and find someone new, accepting my failed marriage was the only thing I could do.


After ensuring my daughter had fallen asleep, I set the small angel down in the centre of my king sized bed, and walked out of the room, shutting the door carefully behind me as I exited.


Making my way downstairs, I heard the laughter of my other two children and smiled instantly at the sound. The two of them sat in the middle of the living room, arguing over who had the best toys. Elena was obviously the winner, she had me wrapped around her finger since the second she was born. My son was more on the quiet side which resulted in him usually keeping to himself which I didn’t mind, as long as he was happy. Unfortunately I noticed a growing anger in what was once a happy young boy, it was heartbreaking and I had no idea what to do for my son.


Sarah was sat in the kitchen, flipping through fashion catalogs as she usually did, and often marking what she wanted to purchase using my card. I had endless amounts of money and her using my money didn’t bother me as much as her not paying attention to her kids all that much. Some people were meant to be mothers and some were just meant to be trophy wives. I wish I had seen the difference earlier.


Her head shot up when I walked in and she almost instantly began to speak. “Hey love, are you doing anything important today? I scheduled for us to meet up with Anastasia later on. I think I might call in that babysitter to look after your kids.” She smiled at me but I could tell how fake the words were.


I cringed at her choice of words. She had been acting as if the kids were solely mine and mine only nowadays. She was barely home for dinner and didn’t make time for them anymore, which saddened me but after a few years, I learned to accept my fate with Sarah.


Anastasia was our marriage counsellor. We’ve been too her office more times in the past three months than ever. After almost every silly argument, Sarah would ensure we went to see her. As if venting to an uninterested stranger was going to fix our rocky marriage.

IM not up ror I Saran, maybe anotner me?” 1askea Kinaly, noplng she Δ‘oesnt

cuss me out again.

“Another time?” she asked exasperatedly.

Here we go again. I thought, rolling my eyes as I poured myself some scotch. The

burning taste of the liquor sliding down my throat felt less irritating than her voice.

“Yes. Another time, I’m tired today and would like to spend time with my kids

before I have to get back to work” I smiled apologetically and planned to walk out

the kitchen before I heard her speak once again.

“You’re always working.” She mumbled, loud enough for me to hear.

“Well that’s what pays the bills isn’t it?” I asked her, surprised she would even

mention something so absurd.

“Maybe if you paid more attention to me we wouldn’t have to be in dire need of a

therapist, but here we are, falling apart because you love your work more than


I looked at her in shock as she spoke, anger brewing in my veins.

“Excuse me? I spend countless hours with you when I have the time to be home,

and when I’m not, I text you every five seconds! You’ve lost your mind.” I didn’t

mean to speak harshly to her, but I couldn’t sit back as she spoke a bunch of


She nodded her head and looked at me sympathetically, raising her voice a few

octaves higher. The kids could probably here us by now.

“You’re probably f**king your receptionist.” She smirked at my reaction andI

seethed at her.

“You will not disrespect me under my own roof.” There was practically smoke

coming out of my ears. “Do not provoke me Sarah. Not everyone will bernd down to

your pathetic level. You are nothing more than a child.”

Iignored her shocked gasp and turned making my way out the kitchen, but stopped

to speak to her once more.

With one last glance at her, I sighed deeply and left the room. Wanting nothing

more than to avoid her for the rest of the day. I grabbed the keys to my car and

drove away from the large manor, hoping to blow off some steam with one of my

good friends.

“Don’t you think you were being too hard on her, brother?” my friend asked me,

pouring another beer into my half-full glass.

The two of us sat in a local bar twenty minutes away from my home. It wasn’t the

classiest place I’ve ever been in, but the bad held a special significance in my life.

The two of us had been coming here since before Alexander Moritello was widely

known. Id rehearsed countless business deals at this exact table. If anyone knew

how to calm me down after a spat with Sarah, it was him.

“Possibly but she was pushing my buttons man.” I finally answered. He laughed as

I took another sin.of my rink. sliohtlv huzzed with the alcohol.

Antonio and I had been best friends since we were small kids, I trusted him with

everything and I longed for his advice whenever I had issues of my own, he

always knew what to say to help through any situation I found myself in and I was

grateful to have someone like him at my side.

“I cannot tell you what you want to hear hermano I despise the woman, and she

despises me too. The spawn of Satan I swear.” He whispered the last part as f Sarah

was sitting right next to us and I chuckled in agreement.

Sarah had a bad impact on most of my friends. She definitely wasn’t a people

person. She was the perfect trophy wife and loveliest mother in the view of the

public, but only a few people knew just how demonizing she really was.

She was brought into this world with a silver sp0on in her mouth, and it hadn’t

been taken out from under her pearly white teeth since.

“What do you suggest I do then?” I asked, wanting to hear Antonio’s opinion.

“Do what you’ve been doing for the past ten years.” He shrugged. Put up with her

until you don’t have to anymore. Do it for your kids if anything. They deserve to

have both parents in their lives as they grow up.”

Inodded my head in understanding. Everything I did was for my kids. The only

reason joy passed through me was them, but I didn’t think letting them see our

unhappy marriage would do then any good in the long run. I was at a crossroad

and truly didn’t know what to do.

“It’s almost as if Im their only parent these days, I’m the one who feeds them and

bathes them, all while running the best clubs in the country. It’s catching up to me.”

I joke, with hidden truth behind it. It was a lot on my plate but I could handle being

their dad and sometimes even their mom. I had no choice but to.

My business was my fourth baby. ‘Moritello’s’ was the most successful night club in

all of New York City. I spent a lot of time there, ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Tiresome hours went into running my successful companies but I wouldn’t have it

any other way.

“Hmm you’re right hermano, I can see the gray hairs coming in even more.” I

swatted his hand away from my almost perfectly black hair as he threw his head

back and chuckled.

“Fuck off. I’m still as young as ever and I look like it too.” I teased playfully, taking a

large gulp of my beer, not before looking at my reflection in the bottle.

Iwas not completely gray yet.

He laughed again before plastering a serious expression on his face and I raised my

eyebrow in question, urging himto speak what was on his mind.

“Maybe you need a babysitter? I feel like the kids could adjust to that.” He

suggested, not knowing we already tried that a few days ago.

At the mention of a babysitter, my mind instantly wondered to Gianna. The little

vixen I had only known for a short amount of time. But somehow, I felt instantly

drawn to her. She was attractive, yes, but I didn’t want to cheat on my wife. I had

more morale than that. And yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about the young girl.

She did a great job with Luca, Elena and Maria in the short time she had spent with

them last week. They couldnt stop talking about her even after she left. Which was

unusual, especially for Luca who found it hard to completely open up to anyone.


She was only a young woman, I had to remind myself. I was a forty-year-old man with a set family and business, the two of us were facing different levels in life and I couldn’t be attracted to someone like her. I was married after all. And despite my growing dislike towards my wife, I wouldn’t go as low as being unfaithful towards her. I was almost positive she had someone on the side, I always thought I never brought it up to avoid heartbreak but now I was sure that I just didn’t care. If it meant getting her away from me, Sarah could do whatever she pleased with her free time.


Memories of last night were implemented in my brain. I had the sudden urge to protect her from all the danger this world could offer, and I did.


My body was fueled by anger when I saw that little boy touching her inappropriately and I couldn’t help myself. He was lucky she was there; f**ker wouldn’t even be alive if she wasn’t. Despite me saving her, she still had that snarky attitude that all women her age had and I wanted to punish her for speaking to me the way she did, which was very unlike me.


I instantly found out the boys name and got him banned from my property for the foreseeable future, unbeknownst to Gianna.


I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Antonio’s voice, ordering a few more drinks, which I gladly accepted.


I lit my infamous cigar once more and smiled at the orange glow of the stick before bringing it up to my lips, looking forward to a night filled with alcohol, smoking, and a whole lot of conversation with my best friend. I had a lot of thinking to do and needed an excuse to stop the dozens of thoughts swirling around in my head.


It had come to a point where the only option I had was to drink away my problems.


And that is exactly what I did.


Antonio is not having an affair with Sarah.

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