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_Episode 5_

Gianna’s POV


I stared up at Alex in shock. I had to shut my eyes and open them once more just to establish that I wasn’t dreaming and he actually was standing right in front of me. An angry scowl was plastered onto his handsome face and I immediately felt confusion settle into me. Goosebumps rose on the skin of my arms and I would’ve assumed they were from the chilly night air—but sober me knew that wasn’t the case.


Why was he here? How was he here?


And then it clicked. The conversation I had with Celine, this was Alexander’s club.


My eyes averted to the stranger who was now staggering as he got up to face Alex. “What the f**k man? I was totally about to get laid.” He threw a weak punch towards my savior who caught his fist inches away from his face.


With fury glazing in his eyes, he twisted the foreign man’s arm, the sound of bones slightly racking filled the still air. “Shit man, I didn’t know the whore was yours, f**k, that hurts let me go.” I couldn’t focus on the pounding of my head, or the cold wall against my back. My mind was instead focused on the anger that coursed through me and I crossed my arms over my chest.


I scoffed at the crude comment. I was the whore? I wasn’t the one who forced himself on people because no one willingly wanted him. I was about to throw out a sassy remark when Alexander lifted his fist and roughly connected it with the man’s jaw. His suit remained flawless and in place as the boy went flying backwards and I widened my eyes in shock.


“Non e una puttana, l’unico difetto che sento e il suogusto negli uomini. Testa di cazzo.” His voice was cruel and menacing and sent chills down my spine.


My mind was still a bit hazy from the alcohol but I made out his words and blushed, of course he didn’t know I could speak in Italian, which was obviously why he used his native tongue.


With one last angry glare, Alexander grunted and walked towards me, placing his hands in front of my face. I grabbed it and he pulled me up with minimal force, but I managed to stumble and fall over onto his chest. I giggled at the hardness of it.


He tensed as I hugged him. “You’re so warm.” I sighed deeply and tightened my hold around his broad shoulders.


My sober self would’ve never said something even remotely close to that and although I knew I’d regret it in the morning—I would blame my behavior on the alcohol induced state I was in.


“What were you doing here?” he asked rather aggressively.


I snorted and let go of him. “What are you? My dad?” I asked, looking up at him through my eyelashes. I didn’t miss the way his breath became heavier, but my brain could have been playing tricks on me.


“No. but I cannot have my kids being babysat by a child who spends her free time f**king strangers and getting drunk.” His accent was thick as he spoke to me and I wanted to slap him right there for being so rude to me.


What was it with men tonight?


I gasped at the tone of his voice and words. “I’m twenty-two, asshole! An adult. I don’t know what made you think you can speak to me that way but I’m not your child. What I do with my time is none of your business!” I yelled at him. Jabbing a finger into his undeniably toned chest. “And I’m not their babysitter that was a onetime thing!” despite my sudden outburst, he looked amused which only made my anger skyrocket.

I grabbed what was left of my dignity and turned around, letting my hair slap his face as I walked down the street, not even knowing where the hell I was going at this point, but I was furious and couldn’t care less.


I heard footsteps behind me and continued walking, my feet almost caving at the torturous feeling of my heels on my toes. A large hand encircled my waist as I tripped over my own two feet.


“Come on darling, I’ll take you home.” I had no time to object before I was lifted bridal style into the arms of the man I had just walked away from. I felt a warm material enclose around my shoulders and figured he had shrugged off his suit jacket to put around my cold body.


I struggled against his hold, battling with what my heart wanted and what my mind knew I had to do—in the end, my heart won and once again, I’d blame it on the liquor. Eventually I relaxed against him and nuzzled my head into his neck. He smelled like expensive cologne with the faintest hint of cigarettes and I sighed, wanting to inhale more of his scent.


It wasn’t long before I was placed in the warm seats of his vehicle. I snuggled into the leather and heard the door close on the opposite side.


“Your address?” he asked me faintly. But before I could get the words out I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


The last thing I heard was him chuckle and I smiled lazily.




I heard the opening of a door and felt myself being lifted out of the warmth of the car, instead being placed in the safeness of Alexander’s arms once again.


I faked still being asleep, not wanting to walk through the large building in these heels. Plus, I was slightly drunk, I didn’t want to risk knocking down some expensive sculpture that I didn’t want to go through the trouble of paying for. It was also an excuse to cling to him longer than what was necessary and if anyone was to see us, it would look highly inappropriate.


I tensed at the thought of his wife or kids seeing me like this and as if he read my thoughts Alex spoke up, “They aren’t here. She took them over to their grandmother for the night.”


After hearing that I felt myself being placed onto a bed, I whined at the pain in my feet. He looked at me in question and I pointed at my shoes, instantly melting at the sight of him on his knees in front of me, slowly undoing the straps of my heels. I then, without thinking, started untying the loops around my tight fitted shirt. Feeling more relaxed as it wasn’t as tight anymore.


Alexander cleared his throat and began to speak again. “I will be downstairs if you need anything.” With that, he briskly walked out of the room and out of sight.


I leaned back on the comfortable bed and instantly fell asleep. Knowing I would regret everything the next morning but for now, the happy feeling that swarmed through my stomach made everything worth it.





I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing loudly, groaning, I rolled over andturned the volume down, deciding to ignore whoever it was for the time being.


I sat up and winced at the splitting headache I had. There were two Advil sat on the bedside table, with some water and a note which read ‘take these for the migraine.’ I smiled, but it was soon replaced with a frown as memories from last night came crashing down on me.


The lights.


The music.


The guy who wouldn’t stop touching me.


All the alcohol.


And of course, Alex.


Who I had made a complete fool of myself in front of.


I let out a sigh and placed my head back into the pillow, letting out a loud, frustrated scream.


I had completely embarrassed myself.


I picked up my phone once more and it flashed with dozens of messages from Celine, ranging from;


‘Are you okay? I can’t find you.’


‘Omg you’re getting laid aren’t you? Yes girl!!’


‘Okay it’s been two hours, I’ve looked everywhere for you, call me Gi.’


I smiled sadly and replied to her messages, stating that I was okay and I’d be home to explain everything soon.


It was then that I decided to get up, downing the pills and finishing the water. I stared at myself in the mirror above the bed frame and cringed. My hair was a wild, tangled mess and I felt like shit. I needed a shower and lots more sleep.


I grabbed my heels and they swung in my hands as I walked down the stairs. I couldn’t avoid seeing him forever and just wanted to get home—even if that meant making a complete fool out of myself again.


I tried my best to tip-toe out the door but was caught by a deep voice that seemed to constantly send chills down my spine. “Leaving so soon?” I turned around and cursed. There stood Alex, in all his hot man glory. Holding a cigar between his lips. I had no option but to stare at him in awe.


I was snapped out of my gaze when he looked at me knowingly, “I’m so sorry about last night. That was so out of character for me and I totally understand if you never want me around your kids again.” I rushed through my words and blushed when he chuckled.


“Ah, no need to apologize, sure it was a bit inappropriate but I was that young  too once, I had fun too believe it or not.”

I smiled and nodded. “Well. Thank you for the Advil and all, I’ll be going home now.” He stood up and put out his cigar, placing it in the ash tray beside him. “Nonsense, I’ll take you, your car isn’t here and I certainly don’t expect you to walk all that way.” He put out his cigar and dusted his hands on his dress pants.


For the first time, he was dressed so casual. Loose fitted pants hung from his hips and a black shirt clung to the top half of his body. As usual, he looked good enough to eat.


I was going to call an uber. I thought. But smiled nonetheless, thanking him and following his steps out the door.


We got into his car and I gave him the directions of my house, the drive was completely silent and admittedly a little awkward. We got there in almost no time, to my relief and I thanked him once more before getting out and unlocking the door to my apartment entering and closing the door behind me.


I was tackled at the door by my best friend, instantly bombarded with questions.


“Oh my God! Please tell me you’re okay.” She rambled, embracing me into a tight hug.


“I’m so sorry I dragged you there, I’m the worst friend ever.” I patted her back and she let go of me slowly, instead holding on to my shoulders. I took her hand and we walked to the couch before I sat down next to her.


“It’s fine Cel,” I started, “I’m the one who decided to leave, don’t worry about it.” I gave her an assuring smile and she looked at me skeptically.


She nodded and continued to quiz me. “Where were you last night?”


I decided to start from the beginning and tell her about the guy I had met at the club and what had happened after. “And now I’m here.” I ended off.


She gasped and brought me in for another hug. “What was his name? I’ll find him and kill him, I swear.” I laughed at her enthusiasm and told her that it wasn’t a big deal and I’d be fine as long as I never saw him again.


“As long as you’re okay now.” I reassured her once more and promised we’d talk more after I had a shower and caught up on sleep.


I tried to ignore the pit of regret in my stomach as I trudged up the stairs but knew that if I ever saw Alexander Moritello again—I would be more awkward than confident and that was enough to keep me away.


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