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_Episode 3_

Gianna’s P.O.V



I sighed and sat down in front of the two kids, holding a half asleep Maria in my arms. I grabbed ahold of her shirt and raised it to her lips, wiping the small bit of drool that escaped from her mouth. The little girl woke up in a confused daze as soon as the door shut and I spent the past few minutes attempting to calm her down and lull her back to sleep. Were four year olds supposed to sleep this much?


Not that I had room to judge, at twenty-two, I couldn’t go a day without an afternoon nap.


Sarah and Alexander left the house around ten minutes ago, leaving me to babysit for a couple of hours. My mind drifted back to when I had just met Alexander-Alex, as he told me to call him. I was breathless. Never had I laid eyes on such a handsomely crafted male. The feeling of his eyes running down me was exquisite, not in the way I wanted to be- but I didn’t necessarily expect anything less from a married man with three kids.


I had to stop my thoughts from wandering to places they shouldn’t have. I was already disgusted by my reaction to seeing him for the first time. As if I was a teenager new to lust and went after any man within reach. It was crude and unlike me and I cursed myself for it.


He stared at me as if I was just a kid-and he, an older man taking in my appearance for the first time. Which was disappointing to say the least. Most men drank up my figure as if I was the only woman on earth—which was understandable. My long, tan legs and curvy waist went unnoticed even by me. I’d shamelessly stare at myself in the mirror daily and after years of attempting to build up my confidence, I was finally where I wanted to be.


Besides, my rush of excitement was a spur of the moment thing, I didn’t actually want to jump my boss on the first day. Or on any day. I had more respect for him, his wife and their three beautiful kids. It wasn’t my place—nor anyone’s to disrupt that kind of bond.


The primal side of me wanted me to say f**k it—throw caution to the wind. But my rational side knew that this time was different, he wasn’t a random man I had the luck to meet at a bar downtown, he was forbidden, sinful and risky.


I haven’t been s£xually active with a man in over a month—I blamed my intrusive thoughts on my lack of d**k and although a little s£x deprived- I’d say it was going well.


Until now that is.


That’s it. I just needed to get laid and this would all be over.


“Can you go make us dinosaur nuggets Gigi?”


I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a tug on my hand. Looking down, I smiled at Elena.


“Didn’t you eat before your parents left honey?” I asked her, brushing my hand over her frizzy hair. Her big brown eyes stared up at me hopefully and I knew I couldn’t say no.


“No. mommy and daddy were fighting again.” She pouted. “I can’t eat while they argue. That’s why they went for counseling.” She giggled at the grown up word she had used, her sadness long gone.


I arched an eyebrow up at her. Knowing she wasn’t supposed to tell me such private information but kids were never good at keeping secrets anyway.



The thought of Sarah and Alex facing marital problems sparked an unwanted wave of excitement in my chest but my curiosity overpowered it and I was left wondering what was wrong. They seemed happy together but I of all people know how easy it is to fake the situation you were in and immediately all the thoughts went away.


“Yeah sure. You coming Luca?” I asked the boy, placing his youngest sister back into her small playpen. He shook his head shyly and stared back up at the show that buzzed in the background. His sister seemed less shy and more outgoing, grabbing my hand and leading me back into the kitchen.


“I think they’re in the freezer down there.” She said. I bent down and sifted through the cooled draw, searching for the chicken nuggets and placing them on the counter. As the little girl climbed on the stool to gaze at the sparkly chandelier.


I’d be the same if my house looked this way.


I finished preparing the food and placed a small plate in front of her. Squirting some ketchup onto the side.


“Please may I have some-what do you call it? Succo d’arancia?” she asked.


“Orange juice?”


She gasped. “Yes! I l always forget what it’s called. Mommy says it’s ’cause I was born in Italy.”


I smiled and poured her a glass of the liquid I found in their fully stocked fridge.


“You want some?” she asked, mouth full of food. I shook my head and thanked her, laughing at her childish ways.


Looking down at my watch, I noted the hands ticking closer to six p.m., I had around two hours before they came back.


“You wanna go swimming Gianna?” I looked back up at Elena, her once full plate now empty. “Maybe another time sweetheart, you can’t swim on a full stomach.” “My stomach isn’t full,” she said. “I am. But my stomach isn’t.” I laughed at her, “I’m afraid that’s not how it works. Why don’t you go get your brother and we can play a board game in the meantime yeah?”


“Okay!” she scurried off and I grabbed her plate, placing it in the dishwasher and heading back into the room with the kids.


By the time we were finished our first game of monopoly, I heard the door open and the sound of angry footsteps overcame my senses. Without so much of a greeting Mr. Moritello trudged up the stairs, not noticing us. He looked mad and my confusion only grew.


From the looks of it, he had unbuttoned the top of his white shirt and rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. I was surprised to see a long trail of ink from his wrists which probably led up to his shoulders and I could only feel my attraction growing. Especially because I could practically see the anger radiating off his figure.


Take it out on me. I wanted to scream.


“Oh. Gianna, I forgot you were here.” I turned my head from the trail of the steaming man and instead faced a tired looking Sarah. She placed her purse on a random table in the room and shrugged off her coat, hanging it behind her.


I smiled at her and got up, dusting off the ends of my dress.



“I hope we’re not too late and I definitely hope the kids weren’t too much of a stress.” she said, smiling as best as she could while she went to greet her children. I watched them converse for a few seconds before she turned back to me.


“No of course not. I love them already.” I truly did. In as little time as I’d known these three children—they had me wrapped around their rich little fingers. Each one of them had separate personalities and characteristics that made them stand out from one another. I couldn’t grasp much from Maria but I knew she’d be as bubbly and loving as her sister when she was older.


From what I’d seen, Luca took after his father. Quiet and mysterious. He only spoke when it was necessary and when he did have something to say it was always something intelligent that made you wonder how a ten-year-old had such a sharp mind.


“That’s great. Would you like to stay and eat something?” she asked me tiredly. The offer came from a good place but I could see she wanted me to leave and I wasn’t oblivious enough to notice that she needed her space at the moment and I wouldn’t want to intrude on that.


“Thank you but I’ll have to pass. I should be getting home now.” Her eyes softened with relief but I couldn’t feel mad at her for wanting me to leave—she was tired and quite honestly, so was I. And the thought of going home to my warm room after the long day I’d had sounded like heaven right now.


“Of course, another time then. Kids! Come say bye and thank Gianna for looking after you!” Sarah beckoned the kids over with her manicured fingers and they ditched the TV show they were so focused on a second ago to rush over to me.


I smiled as the two wrapped their hands around my legs, rubbing their heads. “Arrivederci amore mio!” I said to them, and by the reciprocated smile on their faces I knew the two of them understood my words. With one last kiss to both their cheeks I walked out the door with Sarah by my side. Getting into my car and waving at her as I drove down and out of the gates, letting out a yawn as I made my way home.


I opened the door to my apartment ten minutes later and followed the sound of the television. I grinned at Celine staring intently at the show she was so enthralled by; I’d doubt she noticed me walk in. I picked up a stray pillow off the floor and threw it at her head, laughing uncontrollably at the surprised scream she let out.


“You bitch!” She yelled, holding a trembling hand to her chest. I laughed my ass off for the next five minutes, brushing off the deadly glares she sent my way.


I rolled my eyes and sat down next to her. She ignored me for a few more seconds before turning to me with a gasp, as if she’d just remembered where I came from and why I was out all day.


“Holy shit, I almost forgot. How did it go?” she asked, lowering the volume of the TV and turning to face me completely.


“Well. Her kids are really nice. We watched movies. Ate food. Her husband is a s£x God. Ate more food and then played monopoly. How was your day?” I asked casually.


“Good. Although I think I have a rash on my-wait what!?” she screamed. I looked at her weirdly. I gave her a look that said, a rash on your what? But she ignored that, widening her eyes instead.


“Tell me you boned him.” I rolled my eyes at her crude question and faked a smile, nodding my head frantically.


“Totally. We had out of this world s£x in the rose bushes while his wife watched”

The smile on my face was starting to hurt and she lightly shoved me back.

“Are you serious?” the excitement in her eyes went unnoticed and I couldn’t believe

she actually thought Id get in bed with a married man. Althougha ring didn’t stop

me before but kids definitely would.

God, was I really such a slut? I let the shame trickle over me for a few seconds

before it ebbed away.

“No.”I flat lined, dropping the grin. Her happiness instantly vanished and was

replaced with irritation. She folded her arms across her chest and pouted at my


“Seriously though, no we didn’t. He’s married and Im way too young for him.”I

reminded her and myself. Way too young

“You are not too young for him, what is he ? forty?” I nodded “.How did he not

make a move? Is he blind? Secretly gay? Small d**k?” Celine asked, pushing the

topic further.

“None of the above-I think. Just a loyal married guy.”I shrugged and grabbed the

remote from her, surfing through the channels as an attempt to change the topic,

but of course when Celine wanted information, she was relentless about getting

“Yeah no. ‘Loyal’ and ‘guy’ don’t go in the same sentence in the twenty-first

century.” She said matter-of-factly.

“No guy can resist Gianna Vidal.” She said it so confidently and I couldn’t help but

feel giddy in my chest at her ego boost.

The question is. Was she right?

Not that I’d explore that anyway, but it was nice to know.


Ijust finished watching the vampire điaries and realised that I’m never going

to marry a hot vampire who is 5x older than me and instead I’mgoing to

I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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