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_Episode 26_

Gianna’s POV


Peace was a bittersweet feeling.


Reason being, tranquility was never definite. At any given moment, the world could crumble beneath our feet. Leaving us empty and confused.


I was a realist in an abundance of ways. I always knew not to hold on to a single sliver of happiness I was feeling because instantly, it could be snatched away from you. The realization dawned on me when I was only eight years old.


It was moments when mom and dad were cuddled on the couch together, reminiscing on their childhood while my sister and I sat doe-eyed at their feet, hanging on to every word that exited their red stained lips.


It was blissful and I cherished every second of it, for I knew, even at my young age, that my parents were slowly but surely falling out of love with each other.


I always had my suspicions about them getting a divorce, it was the unfortunate fate that my family had been dealt and I couldn’t do anything to fight against it. There were days where I silently begged whichever God was listening, to separate them.  But it never came.


With each growing day I became numb to the sound of mothers favourite antic china hitting the walls, dad yelling at her to control herself.


She never did.


All I could do was sit silently at the top of our unnecessarily long staircase and eavesdrop on all their marital problems. On occasion, I’d hold my sister in my arms, stroking her black hair, wiping away the tears that continuously ran down her doll like face. She was always more sensitive to the topic.


I’d tell her that everything would be okay, and that one day our family would be whole again. Our mother and father were just going through a rough time but they’d be fine.


They were all lies and I knew it. But somewhere in the back of my mind I had hope. The spoiled little rich girl had hope that at some point, everything would go back to normal.


But that’s just the thing about having faith.


Hope in the shadow of fear is the world’s most powerful motivator.


I was nothing if not a naïve little girl who had too much on her shoulders.


But in some messed up way, that was how the world worked.


It dealt too much pain to people who deserved to see the rainbow at least once.




I splashed the cold water onto my reddened cheeks, turning the faucet off and proceeding to stare at my features in the mirror in front of me. My reflection displayed a girl who looked way too tired despite sleeping her life way for almost forty eight hours. My eyes held darkened bags beneath them, proving just how shitty life was going for me at the moment. My cheeks were a light crimson colour after the s£xual activity I had just involved myself in. Matte black hair clung to my damp face, slightly sticking up in different directions.


I brought my hand to the nest on my head, attempting to comb through it with my fingers. It didn’t do much, but I didn’t feel the need to make a large effort to look good only to sit in my bed for hopefully the rest of the week.

But that was wishful thinking. I had to go back to work at some point. Staying home any longer would’ve raised suspicion and provoked questions that I didn’t feel like answering.


I decided on ignoring the situation. Not bothering to speak to Alexander about it, for I didn’t want him to unnecessarily worry.


My fingers delicately brushed over the faint bruise I had on my skin. It was not noticeable unless you looked really close and so far I had successfully hidden it from the prying eyes of my best friend, who was too busy being unreasonably mad to notice the panic attack I had as soon as I woke up.


She was out the door by the time I arrived in the kitchen but I expected nothing less.


We would talk when she was ready, but for now I’ll give her the space she needs.


With one last look at my reflection, I exited my bathroom and walked into my bedroom, only to be met with a semi naked Alex.  He scratched the dark stubble on his chin awkwardly for a second before looking at me, gripping the loose towel that hung around his bare hips.


I assumed he would need clothes after our shower together.


Without a word exchanged between us. I opened my closet and shuffled through the clothes I had stored away. “Will this work?” I asked, throwing a simple pair of grey sweatpants at the man.


He smiled appreciatively. “That’s perfect, thanks baby.”


My insides turned to instant mush at his choice of words, causing a slight blush to coat my cheeks.


I watched in awe as the the perfectly sculptured man dropped the white towel to his feet. His figure was in immaculate shape for a man who was five years shy of being forty. Before I could ogle him more, I felt the rough tips of his fingers lift my chin, allowing me to stare into his hypnotic eyes. “It’s considered bad manners to stare at people. Am I going to have to teach you another lesson so soon?” his head tilted sideways in question, green orbs dancing swimming with amusement.


I widened my eyes and shook my head instantly, stepping back from the comfort of his heated body.


He chuckled at my sudden shyness and grabbed my hand. “Come on, you must be tired.” Our hands were clasped together as we took the few steps to my large bed.


I momentarily let go of him, getting comfortable in my cozy sheets. “Can you stay?” I asked nervously as he spun around to turn off the light, immediately covering us in the darkness of the night.


“I wouldn’t leave even if you asked me to.”


The bed dipped next to me, alerting me of his presence as he got comfortable beneath my sheets. He wasted no time in wrapping his large muscled hand around my waist and pulled me into him. I immediately felt relaxed in his warmth and smiled.


I could get used to this.


It won’t last forever. My subconscious reminded me.


I was pulled out of my daze when I felt the tips of his fingers rubbing smooth circles onto my bare stomach. The sound of rain pelting against the windows created a calm aura around us.

“Was that guy-uhm, Mason, really gay?”


I couldn’t help but laugh at the cautious tone Alex used.


“Why, are you really jealous?”


Absentmindedly, his hold tightened on me. “Yeah.” He mumbled.


“What was that?” I asked, holding back a smile.


“Yeah, whatever. I was jealous. So what?”


I shuffled in his hold and flipped myself around to look into the eyes of the man who occupied my bed.


“He does have a boyfriend.” I confirmed. “I called him here because I’m not really on good terms with Celine and I needed a friend to talk to.”


“You could’ve called me.”


“You have bigger problems to deal with. I didn’t want to bother you.”


For what seemed liked the hundredth time today, his hand grasped my cheek tenderly, forcing me to look up at him. “You aren’t a bother piccola. You call me whenever, inteso?”


“You have a wife and kids to take care of, I don’t expect you to run over here at any given time of day.” I explained carefully, not taking my eyes off his.


“Sarah’s old enough to take care of herself.” He spoke plainly, his tone suggested the end of the conversation and I dropped the topic, sensing his hostility.


“Is everything okay at home?” I asked hesitantly.


He dropped his hand from my skin and I almost shuddered at the loss of warmth. “Everything’s fine.” He replied.


The slight undertone in his voice didn’t go unnoticed but I shrugged it off. He’d let me know if something was wrong.


We fell into an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes when the sound of my phone ringing interrupted the quiet.


I grabbed the device and pulled it up to my face, scanning the caller ID.


“Mason? Hey.” I spoke.


“I’m here as your reminder to take the meds I brought you.” He sang through the receiver. “They’re going to knock you out but the pain will subside. Is your hot boyfriend still there? Ow- babe he’s like sixty! I gotta go Gi, love ya!” he ended the embarrassing rant and I stifled a laugh which soon subsided when I heard the almost strained voice from beside me.


“Pain?” he asked, repeating my friend’s words.


“What pain is he talking about Gianna?”


He barely used my name like that.


Instead of answering the man, I took sudden interest in my hands that sat on my clothed legs.

“Look at me. What is he talking about?” he asked again, more assertively.


Before I had the chance to reply, he quickly turned on the small lamp that was perched on my bedside table.


I blinked rapidly, attempting to adjust to the bright light.


Instead of infuriating him further, I nervously looked at Alex, hoping he wouldn’t notice the fading bruise on my cheek.


He didn’t notice it before, so why would he now?


“Are you going to answer, or do I have to force it out of you?”


“It’s nothing. I have period cramps and he brought me pills, that’s all.” I shrugged nonchalantly, hoping he wouldn’t catch on to my lie.


“Bullshit. We had s£x just a few hours ago and I’m pretty sure id notice some blood.”




“Speak to me Gianna what’s going o-”


Before I got the chance to pull my arm away from his direction, he grabbed it curling his fingers tightly around my wrist which elicited a loud pained shriek- which of course, scared the confused man.


Tears clouded my vision as memories from the night before came crashing down onto me in a rush.


A chocked out sob left my throat as he pulled me gently into his side. Stroking my untamed black hair. “Oh baby, what happened to you?” he whispered.




What should’ve been a twenty minute explanation turned into half an hour, my endless tears prolonging the conclusion of my story.


“its okay baby, I’m here okay? You’re safe.” He whispered in my ear, attempting to calm down my shaking figure.


I nodded feebly and gripped onto him tighter, I was probably hurting him. But he didn’t seem to care and I was thankful for it.


Despite the kind words he mumbled to me, I could still sense the anger radiating off him in waves. I felt highly comforted knowing he wanted to keep me safe.


I was being taken care of instead of the other way around for once.


I knew it would only deepen my feelings for the man, which was dangerous. I could only expect disaster in the end.


“Do you know the guy?” he asked, hesitantly.


I sniffled quietly and shook my head. “No. he looked familiar but I can’t put a name to his face.”


“We’ll find him.” He spoke enthusiastically. “We’ll find him and I’ll kill him.”


I removed myself from the safety of his arms and instead turned to face him, the anger that danced in his eyes went unnoticed.

I removed myself from the safety of his arms and instead turned to face him, the anger that danced in his eyes went unnoticed.


“No.” I immediately declined his offer. “No I don’t want him to have any other reason to come after me, he’ll kill me-”


“I’ll handle it. I promise. Do you trust me?”


Without hesitation I answered. “Yes. Of course I do.”


He smiled, seemingly pleased with my answer.


“Good.” He lightly kissed my forehead, leaving his lips to linger on my skin for a few seconds.


“Get some sleep. I’ll be here the whole night.”


I didn’t bother questioning why he didn’t go home, or why he ignored the constant flashing of his phone, for I was way too tired.


But if only I had known what my favorite man was hiding from me.

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