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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 22_

Giannah’s POV


The day had flown by in a blur and before I knew it, I was fitting the small golden key into my front door.


It had only been half an hour, but I had already started to miss the beautiful man I had spent a good portion of the weekend with. But the little alone time I had with him was blissful enough to keep me going until I got to see him again.


We spent a little over thirty minutes eating breakfast after the server had left, I had come to learn that his favourite movie was The Notebook and that he was a sucker for cheesy romance movies and novels. Which was completely understandable. I sat timidly on his lap as he fed me the lovely blueberry pancakes we had ordered, stealing sticky kisses when the syrup had ‘accidentally’ missed my mouth.


Everything about my time with Alex was perfect. I felt unexplainable rage at his wife for not treating him like the angel I knew he was.


He deserved so much better and I knew without a doubt, that I could give it to him. But I wouldn’t tell him that, not until I was sure he felt the same way.


I rid my mind of the memories as I pushed the door open.


My aura was slightly uplifted knowing Celine was on the other side of this door, we usually didn’t spend much time apart and although I was pretty preoccupied the past couple of days, I did miss her.


I expected to see her as soon as I walked into the apartment but was instead met with an odd silence. I shrugged it off and continued my way through the house. Smiling instinctively at the framed pictures on the wall of my best friend and I throughout the years.


I dropped my keys into the ceramic bowl in the living room before slipping my feet out of my wedged heels and into the fluffy slides I had left down here in a hurry before the event. My feet made a light noise as I trudged up the stairs and into my room, yawning in the process. I was absolutely spent and know I need a full twenty-four hours to recover from Alex.


I flopped onto my bed with another yawn and snuggled up into the scent of my white throw pillow, I missed my bed and the comfort it brought me.


Before I could get too deep into my thoughts, the sight of my phone lighting up caught my attention.


I had two unopened texts, one from Celine and the other from Sarah, surprisingly.


I decided to only open the former, not wanting to deal with whatever sour Sarah had to say.


The message read;


Sorry I couldn’t be home when you got there! Something came up. Be back soon!


I didn’t bother replying to the text, knowing she’d explain when she got here.


I got off the comfortable bed and plugged my phone into its charger then made my way into my bathroom to brush my teeth for the second time today. I changed out of the sundress I was in and slipped into a more suitable outfit for the rest of the day.


Before I had the chance to do anything else, I hopped back onto my bed and fell into a deep sleep.


The sound of the door slamming woke me up from my nap. I yawned and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Taking note of the darkness outside, I picked up my phone and looked at the time displayed across the screen.


7:37 p.m.


Had I really slept the whole day away?


I lazily sat up and slung my feet over the side of my bed, sliding my feet back into my warm fuzzy slippers. I trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen, hopeful to see Celine after this long.


My feet shuffled along the tiled floor as I entered the room.


“Hey you’re back.”


She turned around and smiled at me, I took notice of how it didn’t really reach her eyes but I ignored that. Id bring it up another time.


Her arms pulled me into a tight hug and I embraced her with open arms, this lasted about five seconds before we both let go.


“I’m sorry I wasn’t here this morning, I had to go do something and it took a little more of my time than I had hoped.”


“Is everything okay?” I asked warily.


She brushed off my question with a wave of her hand. “Yeah, yeah everything’s fine.”


I nodded slowly and we both grabbed leftover pizza that she had bought last night. We headed to the living room and each sat on one of the few arm chairs in the space. Despite Celine telling me everything was fine, I knew that wasn’t the case. The tension in the room could be cut with a blunt knife.


We ate in a relatively awkward silence and I made sure to busy myself with the dishes after we were done to avoid how tense everything was.


The only sound in the apartment were light footsteps heading towards her room but I stopped her before she could fully enter her room.


“Are you sure nothing’s wrong? You’re acting super weird and I just need to make sure-”


She brushed her hand through the golden locks sitting on her head and sighed. “If anything was wrong I’d let you know Gi.”


“Are you sure? You can tell me anything you know that.”


An annoyed expression flickered through her eyes. “I said drop it.”


She stormed into her bedroom and I stood in place, shocked at what had just unfolded.


Did I do something wrong?



A few hours had passed and Celine had stayed locked behind her door. I didn’t have the energy to argue with her so I figured I’d leave the situation for tomorrow.


I tossed and turned beneath my sheets for some time until I realized I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. The time on the alarm clock read 11:43.

With a heavy sigh, I decided to get out of bed and maybe leave the house for a bit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again and assumed fresh air was needed. It probably wasn’t the best idea to go out this late but I knew for sure nothing bad would come out of it.


I tied the black laces of my sneakers and threw a hoodie over my leggings, the night air was chilly but this would keep me warm.


I tip-toed downstairs and made sure to lock the door behind me, carefully lacing my key under the welcome mat.


As I walked down the street I scrolled through my phone, going back to Sarahs text from earlier and opening it.


Hope to see you tomorrow at three. Don’t be late.


I typed back a short reply but before I could press send, my phone completely died.




I sighed heavily and stuffed it into my pocket, hoping I wouldn’t need it tonight. The streets were empty and I smiled lightly at the calmness of everything. The world was more peaceful at night, that was a given. The sounds of owls in the distance could be heard, overpowering the closeness of the crickets I could recognize if I focused enough. The air felt less polluted as I breathed it in happily.


I could’ve sworn I heard footsteps behind me, but when I turned around no one could be seen. I shrugged and continued walking, I was probably just being paranoid.


It wasn’t often I found myself wandering the streets at night, but it was good for clearing my head when I couldn’t find the ability to fall asleep.


I pushed open the old gate of a small community park I’d always find myself in as a kid. I was last here a few months ago but everything looks exactly the same as I left it.


The rickety red swing swayed back and forth with the wind. I sat on one of the wooden platforms and pushed myself off the ground, swinging to and fro with a small but happy smile on my face. The wind blowing through my hair made me feel as if I was flying and I welcomed the content feeling, closing my eyes


My blissful moment was cut short when I heard movement on the other swing.


I ignored it, no one was here this late.


But as soon as I heard the sound of a voice my eyes opened hastily.


“It’s late for a pretty girl like you to be out here all alone.”


I gasped at the voice and almost fell off, but luckily held myself up before I hit the ground.


Too startled to say anything, I stared in shock at the person next to me. He looked to be my age or a bit older, I definitely knew him from somewhere, I just couldn’t figure out where.


Instead of giving him the time of day, I turned around, prepared t run as fast as I could from this place, but he was too quick. His hand grabbed onto my arm before I could take a single step.


I raised my fist in the direction of his face trying my best to remember the self-defense class I had taken a few years ago. But before I could deliver a hard blow to his face, he caught my wrist and twisted it in the opposite direction.

Pain shot through my whole arm and he took my weakness as an advantage and twisted my whole body, forcing my back against his chest.


He smelled like cigarettes and I hated it.


“Get off me!” I screamed, wriggling out of his hold, I kicked him where I knew it would hurt and he screamed out in pain. “You whore!” I felt a hard smack to my face and fell to the ground crying in pain.


I got up with blurry vision due to my tears and tried to ignore the pounding in my head. I fought against the man as much as I could but it was no use. I felt myself cry even harder.


Why does this shit happen to me?


Suddenly my pockets felt l heavy and I freed my hand to search for the item that may be helpful and when I pulled it out, I couldn’t help but send a prayer.


Pepper spray.


I must’ve left it in here from the last time.


Without a second thought I swung my elbow into the guys face and he let go of me, stumbling back, I took this as my chance to forcefully spray the lethal mist into his eyes and he cursed, falling to the ground.


I instantly ran as fast as I could, not wasting a single second as I sprinted three blocks back to the safety of my home. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest as the adrenaline pumped through me. I was running out of my breath and my lungs felt tight but I knew I couldn’t stop.


It took me roughly twenty minutes to get there. I hurriedly reached for the key and locked the door behind me after I was sure of my safety.


I ran up into my room and shut the door, sliding onto the ground and sobbing into my hands.


I was terrified.


The feeling of his hands around my neck could still be felt and I cried some more, my hands were shaking and my lungs were on fire from all the running and my face was still throbbing in pain.


Breathe Gianna. In and out.


After ensuring my heart was steady, I shakily reached for my phone that had just buzzed in my hoodie.


I could’ve sworn that was dead.


An anonymous number was displayed across my screen and I shivered at the message.


Until next time sweetheart πŸ˜‰






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