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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 31_

Gianna’s POV


Family visits are always fun, does daddy know about his home wrecking


My eyes scanned over the text for the hundredth time in the past hour, my nails

were in awful shape from the constant nibbling I had put them through.

“This can’t be happening.” I murmured unfocused, I ignored the stinging sernsation

of my teeth ripping the skin off my bottom lip.

“Do you know who it’s from?” Celine asked, eyes glancing over my screen. The

worried tone in her voice went unnoticed and I felt a slither of comfort knowing I

had someone to keep me grounded through this situation.

“Well, I sort of have a clue.”

She stared at me confusedly for a second and I knewwit was time for me to come

clean about what happened almost a week ago. I wrapped my arms around my

knees, pulling them into my chest. I took my time explaining the events of that

night to my best friend, incuding the bruise that was barely visible on my face,

making sure I didn’t skip a single detail.

“No f**king way.” She gasped, her jaw slack on the floor and eyes wide. “And you

didn’t tell me?”

I knew using her anger at me as an excuse would be low. But that was the only

reason why she never knew what happened to me. I hid everything expertly from

her eyes, not that she was home much anyway.

“We weren’t exactly on speaking terms.” I explained, leaning back against the


The two of us sat on my bed, her feet dangled off the edge of the mattress while

mine sat still above my unmade covers, signifying that I only woken up an hour


“Bullshit. You could’ve still come to me. I would’ve put everything aside.” I knew

she was deflecting her guilt onto me with anger, and I knew I wasn’t in the wrong,

but in some way, neither was she.

“Tm so sorry Gi. I’m so so sorry.”

“It’s fine Cel. Alex helped me through it. I could’ve come to you but I didn’t so you

wouldn’t have knoWn.”

“Still, I should’ve checked up on you, it was selfish and Im sorry.”

Despite my heart beating out my chest, I embraced her in a long lasting hug. “It’s

fine. I’m okay now this text scares the shit outta me. He knows where I live now.”

“What are you goingto do? “She asked, stroking my back lightly.

“I think I’m going to show Alex, see if there’s anything he can do.”

I glanced at the time on my phone. I was fifteen minutes late.

She nodded in approval. “Be careful okay? Take pepper spray with youjust inTrue to my word, I stuck a small bottle of pepper spray into my purse, keeping it within reach on my lap as I nervously drove to work.


The door to the large mansion was slightly ajar as I walked up to it. I pulled on the brass handle and walked in, not bothering to knock. The main hall was empty and quiet. I figured the kids were in their playroom so I started there. As I neared my destination, I heard the hushed giggles and instantly smiled.


I pushed passed the door, and instantly caught sight of little pink toes peeking out from under the makeshift lemonade stand. I decided to play along. “Elena?” I called out. The giggles made another, more quiet appearance. “Where could she be?”


“Boo!” I jumped to the back of her hiding place and came face to face with a shocked Elena, her favourite doll secured around her small arms.


“Mira I told you to be quiet! She found us.” The little girl chastised her American girl doll, dropping it on the floor and running into my arms.


“You have great hiding spots.” I praised, tickling her sides. She squirmed in my arms and more joyous giggles left her pink lips.


“Really?” she asked, light eyes staring into mine.


Who wouldn’t love this kid?


“Oh yeah. I spent like three minutes looking for you.”


I walked her out of the playroom and into the kitchen, setting her on the white marble counter. “That’s a really long time!” she beamed.


“Have you eaten yet?” I asked, pulling a carton of orange juice out the fully stocked fridge.


“Nope. Mommy left early this morning. She went to see Mr. Smith I think. He has a really weird bald head.” She wore a grossed out expression on her face and I laughed distractedly.


Another doctor’s appointment?


“And daddy is still sleeping, so is Luca but I was bored so I came down after mommy took me back to bed.”


“I see. I’ll make you some waffles, how does that sound.”




An hour later, the two of us sat in front of a largely stacked pile of hot waffles. “This is so awesome!” Elena grabbed onto the


“Hey! You can’t drink syrup straight from the bottle baby.”


Elena stopped, syrup dribbling down her chin and onto her shirt, a glossy sheet of tears covered her doll eyes.


“No, no, no don’t cry okay? Here you can have a little more.” I took hold of the sticky bottle and poured more of the substance onto her steaming food.


I looked up and immediately and the tears that stained her rosy cheeks were completely gone, replaced with a devious smile instead. “Thanks Gigi.” She grinned, digging into her breakfast.


I stared at her in shock for a few seconds before regaining my focus and eating my meal, stealing glances at the child every few seconds.

She’d definitely been around Sarah too much lately.


“Are we having breakfast?”


A loud booming voice wafted into the kitchen, and instinctively I straightened my back at the sight of a shirtless Alex walking into the kitchen. His hair was messily strewn across his head, a few strands falling down onto his forehead.


“Gigi your mouths open!” Elena yelled, pointing her hand in my direction and laughing.


My eyes widened and I cleared my throat, focused on chewing the food inside my mouth instead of the amused man who was now beside me.


“Yours is in the warmer.” I commented, wiping my hands on the kitchen towel I set on the table.


He nodded appreciatively and grabbed his plate, covering the food in gooey syrup. Lots of it.


“Warm and sticky, just how I like it.” I chocked on my second waffle, desperately reaching for a glass of water to soothe my throat.


“You’re so weird daddy.” Elena giggled at her father’s supposedly funny sentence, not catching on to the double meaning.


Alex winked in my direction and took a bite of the breakfast in front of him, groaning at the taste. “So delicious.” I clutched my fork tighter between my fingers and decided to ignore his silly teasing.


After we had all eaten and I ensured the dishes were thoroughly cleaned. I took Elena from her playroom and into the en-suite bathroom she had in her room.


“Can you put in the pink bubbles Gigi?” she asked, staring at the choice of pink and green bubble bath in my hands. I nodded and opened the bottle, pouring a lid full into the large bath. “Oh and my blue ducky! He’s over there on the counter.”


I grabbed the small blue water toy off the counter and threw it in as well. “I’ll let you play for a little before we gotta get you cleaned up okay?” the little girl nodded, barely acknowledging my sentence as she filled the duck with water.


After ten minutes had passed, I began washing the reluctant child, lathering lavender scented shampoo onto her hair, I used the same scented soap to wash her body clean.


“Come on El, time to get out.”


She put up a fight for a few minutes but got out at the promise of some chocolate ice-cream.


“All done.” I adjusted the purple bow on her head.


“I look like a princess!” she exclaimed, twirling in front of her mirror.


“You really do, gorgeous.” I complimented, smiling at the little girl.


“Come on, I think your mom’s home.” I grabbed her small hand in mine and the two of us walked down the grand steps, approaching the two voices in the kitchen.


“You can’t keep the details from me Sarah.”


He sounded mad.

“I think I’ll let you play instead yeah?” I said, kneeling so I was at eye level with Elena. She smiled enthusiastically and ran straight to her pile of toys. I closed the door behind me and made my way back into the kitchen.


I interrupted their continuous arguing by clearing my throat. “Oh Gianna! Hey darling.” Sarah smiled happily in my direction, slicing through a block of cheese. I only nodded politely and waved at Alex who ignored my greeting.




“I’ve just come back from my doc.” She began speaking about the appointment that she attended and I took that as invitation to sit on one of the unoccupied kitchen stools.


“Sarahβ€”I don’t think you should-”


“Oh nonsense honey. It’s exciting news!”


“Exciting news?” I asked, a huge smile on my face.


Were they finally getting a divorce?


I looked at Alex but his vision was set on anything other than me. A defeated expression graced his chiseled features and I continued staring at him.


“I’m pregnant!”


My smile dropped faster than my grades would’ve had I been in school.


“W-what?” I asked, attempting but failing horribly to mask the shock in my voice. A quiet string of curse words exited Alex’s mouth


“It’s wonderful isn’t it? Alex and I are so ecstatic.” She continued cutting slices of mozzarella and I could only wish to grab that knife and twist it into her chest, but instead I forced a happy smile onto my face. I could feel tears threatened to fall out my eyes any second now. I opted for not looking at Alexander again, knowing that’s all it would take to make me burst out into tears.


“So wonderful. I’m so so happy for you guys.” I smiled so hard, my cheeks began hurting.


“Why thank you darlin’ I’ll make sure you’re at the baby shower.”


I nodded stiffly and hopped off my chair.


I needed to get out of here.


“I think I’m going to get going now.” I announced, my hands were balled into fists.


“So soon?” she asked, the taunting bright grin lingered on her face. As if she knew how badly this affected me and got a rise out of seeing me so flustered.


“Yeah, I promised my roommate I’d be home for her birthday.” I made up a random excuse off the top of my head.


Without another word, I sped past a completely still Alex and out the door.


“Gianna! Gianna, wait! Please.” I ignored his pleading voice as I hurriedly rushed down the steps, fury laced in my veins.


How could he keep something like that from me?

“Look at me.” He pleaded. I abruptly turned around, immediately I was lost in his eyes. The pools of honey surrounding his pupils had me stuck and everything else around us ceased to exist.


“Please let me explain.” His jaw hardened and his question sounded more like a demand.


I snapped out of my daze. “Let me go.” The tone I used was harsh, it sounded nothing like me. I kept my tears at bay, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I ripped my arm away from his hold and continued to my car.


Why’d I have to park so far?


“Gianna, please.” He begged, trailing after me like a lost puppy. I had never seen him look so defeated.


“Believe me baby, I wanted to tell you-” his voice was low as he inched towards me.


“When?”I yelled, shoving his chest. He barely moved which intensified my anger. “After it was born? Fuck this and f**k you.”


I thanked whichever God was listening that we were further away from the actual house and surrounded by a few trees.


“Baby…” It took everything within me to not give in and forgive him, realize it was a misunderstanding and move on from this so we could be happy again.


But unfortunately, our little bubble of happiness had popped and just like that, reality slapped me in the face.


“Don’t you dare call me baby.” I growled, inching towards him. “How could you?” my voice raised with every sentence that hastily tumbled out of my mouth. I could feel the tears falling from my eyes despite my consistent attempts to stop them.


“Why? Why tell me I can talk to you about anything when you don’t ever do the same for me. I trusted you enough to tell you what happened to me that night. And you sat there, knowing you got Sarah pregnant and didn’t f**king bother to let me know? Fuck you Alex.”


He looked at me, a look of shock mixed with guilt was written all over his face. “I didn’t have sΒ£x-”


I couldn’t care less about what he had to say. “Fuck you for making me think you wanted me.” Shove. “Fuck you for lying to me for so long.” Shove. “Fuck you for using me.” Shove. “And most importantly, f**k you for making me fall in love with you.”


Thunder boomed across the sky, heavy rain fell onto the two of us and I almost laughed at how symbolic the drastic change of whether was. The water pelting down onto my face mixed with my tears, both rushing down my face furiously.


I had never seen Alex so breathless. The expression he worse was hurt combined with surprise and some other emotion I couldn’t put my finger on. I waited for him to say something…anything. But the only sound heard was our heavy breathing as well as the harsh rain.


I stared at him for a few more seconds before gathering the courage to turn around and walk away from Alexander Moritello.


For the very last time.

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