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_Episode 27_

“Faster. Faster please.” I begged, sinking my nails into the older man’s back, most likely leaving a stinging trail, but I was too selfish to care.


Alexander easily complied, impaling me harder beneath him. I couldn’t help the strangled moans that escaped my throat at the euphoric feeling of him hitting spots I didn’t even know were there.


“You like that baby?” he asked, curling his hand around my throat. I couldn’t form proper sentences so instead opted for whining pathetically, much to his satisfaction.


“Fuck, f**k yes. Keep clenching around me like that baby.”


I was a simple girl. Alexander instructed, I listened.


My walls zealously clamped around his thick shaft, the sound of his raspy morning voice sent shock waves through my body.


The feeling of his hand tightly wrapped around my throat, as well as him f**king into me mercilessly caused my climax to approach me way faster than I had anticipated.


My body instinctively shuddered at hearing the dirty words that continuously spewed out of his experienced mouth. “Look at you.” He spoke out, breath fanning my ear. “Cumming all over a married man’s d**k. You must be proud.” He commented sarcastically.


I rolled my eyes as best as I could, grabbing his face and ensuring his eyes were locked onto mine. “It’s a privilege for you to be f**king me. Not the other way around.” I reminded the cocky man, running my tongue over my bottom lip.


My favourite man smirked knowingly and angled his head lower, attaching his pink lips to mine. Our lips fought for dominance and I brought my hands to his mop of black hair tugging on the soft strands—which I knew he loved.


His reaction was as I expected. A low groan was released from his lips and onto mine. He pulled back and rapidly flipped us over so I was on top of him.


“Come on piccola. Ride me.” He suggested breathlessly. It took no convincing as I situated myself on top of the glorious man. Hissing at the intrusion in my sensitive pu**y.


I could still feel myself spasming from when he woke me up with his tongue between my folds just ten minutes ago.


My vision was directed to Alex, staring in awe as the morning sun lightly cascaded over his dizzying features. His stubble was growing rapidly and I found myself more attracted to him, if that was even possible.


“Oh.” I moaned leisurely, picking up the pace. His hands snaked their way to my bottom, striking the skin harshly, and most likely leaving a lasting mark.


My clit met his pelvis with every thrust and I threw my head back, breathing heavily. The rough, carnal sound of skin slapping could be heard echoing around my large room.


“Yes baby, just like that.” He praised, eyes shut tight.


Pleased with his reaction, I increased my pace, making sure to not let him slip out of me as I rode him into oblivion.


“Fuck! I’m gonna-” I couldn’t manage to finish my sentence before he interrupted.

“Fuck! I’m gonna-” I couldn’t manage to finish my sentence before he interrupted.



“Cum for me baby, cum all over my d**k, show me how good I make you feel.”


That’s all it took for me to climax all over the man I had come to heavily adore the past few months. His seed spilling into me not even a second later.


Exhausted, I slumped onto his warm chest, relishing in the feeling of his large size twitching inside of me.


His arm came around my back and held me against his manly frame, whispering comforting words into my ears and stroking my hair as my eyes slowly fluttered closed once more.




“Are you sure you wanna do this?”


“Yes Alex.” I giggled. “I’m fine. Plus I miss your kids, it’s been too long since I’ve seen their adorable faces.”


His face faltered slightly at the mention of his children. A guilty look spreading across his handsome features as if he remembered that if this ever had to come out, his kids would be disappointed in him.


I cleared my throat, hoping to subside the awkwardness. “You should go. I’ll be there after I’ve eaten.”


He nodded tightly and turned around to exit my door, dragging my heart along with him. But before he fully exited the building, he swiveled on his feet and made his way back to me.


“Be safe okay bambina?” he whispered, laying feathered kisses on my head. I snuggled against his tall frame for a few seconds, my heart swelling affectionately, before I nodded and stepped back. Instantly missing his warm embrace.


With one last kiss, he walked out my door.


I immediately got to work, whipping up a quick breakfast that consisted of eggs and bacon on toast. Making sure to leave some for my still absent best friend. I shot her a text hoping for a reply but was met with nothing.


I sighed in frustration and dragged my hind through my barely dry hair. Trudging up the stairs after I made sure to clean up after myself. I grabbed a bag full of what I deemed would be necessary for the day and half an hour later, I found myself standing outside the Moritello’s mansion.


I stood nervously outside the large double doors, tapping my foot against the hard ground. My hand reached up to relieve my hair of its restraint, dragging the yellow hair tie from my hair.


It needed to be cut.


My fist raised to knock three times against the wood. I waited patiently for a couple of seconds before the door opened, I expected to be met with Alex or at least one of the kids. But no. I was graced with the presence of sour Sarah.


“Oh Gianna darling, hi!” she ushered me inside the large home, ignoring the look of confusion that was plastered onto my face.


“I am so glad to see you.” She gushed, straightening the sides of the unnecessarily tight red sundress that she slipped over her door-like figure.



She walked us into the family room, manicured hand clasped around my dainty wrist.


“I apologize for not being here when you aske-” she waved her free hand in front of her made-up face dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about it honey, you’re here now.”


I smiled at her, confusion still laced in my eyes at why she was being so nice.










“The kids are upstairs getting ready, they’l be dowm in a bit. They haven’t eaten

breakfast yet but I’m sure you’re capable of making them something.”

“You couldn’t do that for them?” I asked, arching my brow.

Alook of annoyance rapidly spread across her face but she masked it with a smile.

“Ive hada busy morning, if you must know.”

Inodded slowly, rocking back and forth on the soles of my feet. A heavily awkward

silence enveloped the two of us which was soon interrupted by the sound of light

footsteps trudging down the stairs.

“Im gonna beat you Luca, you’re too slow.” My favourite six year old giggled.

The two of them raced down and my heart beat wildly through my chest at the

thought of one of them falling. But luckily, they reached the bottom unscathed.

Both heads turned to us at the sound of their mother clearing her throat.

Simultaneously, both kids gasped. The two of them instantly ran towards me

wrapping their small hands around my exposed legs.

“Gianna! You’re here. We missed you so much Gi” Elena mumbled, voice muffled

by my skin.

Her brother nodded his head in agreement. My heart swelled for the second time

today because of a member of the Moritello family.

Once their small hands had detached from my legs, I knelt down and individually

kissed their pink cheeks, ruffling their hair in the process which caused them to

giggle loudly. “Oh Imissed you too loves.” I replied, smiling at the blush that coated

their cheeks.

Once again, their mother cleared her throat and each pair of eyes turned to her.

A bored expression laced her features and I held backa laugh. “Mommy needs to

leave now okay babies?” she looked down at them and a smile coated her redlips.

“Tl be back in a few hours from my doctor’s appointment.” Sarah announced,

staring at me. “If you need anything, my husband is in his office. But you’re a big

girl, Im sure you can handle yourself right love?”

I ignored her jab at me and decided to be decent in front of the children and just

nod in her direction.

She clasped her manicured hands together and gave one last kiss to them two.

“Great. Il see you all later. Be good!” and with that, she was out the room.

I let out a sigh of relief and grabbed both Luca and Elena’s hand, seating them on a

nearby chair.

“So, what do we wanna do after breakfast today?”











An hour later I found myself shimmying into the black bathing suit I had brought long with me. As soon as I suggested swimming to the kids, Elena was ecstatic about the idea. Her brother? Not so much. Instead he opted to play video games in his room which I agreed to.


I had easily avoided Alex all day, sensing he was busy with work and didn’t want to be distracted.


After throwing on a sheer dress to cover my half naked figure, I walked out of the bathroom and into Elena’s room, where sat on the bed with an angry pout on her face. I stifled a laugh at the sight of her arm tangled around her bathing suit and rushed to help her put it on correctly.


“What happened angel?” I asked, pulling her arm through one of the holes.


“I got stuck.” She admitted embarrassingly.


Once I ensured she was properly fitted into the material, I poked her little button nose, instantly causing the little girl to replace her frown with a joyous giggle. “That’s alright sweetie. I fixed it and you look so pretty. Go look.” I ushered her towards the unnecessarily large mirror in her room and she smiled, twirling around in her frilly mermaid bathing suit.


My heart melted at the site.


“Come on. Let’s go check on your sister and then we’ll head out to the pool.”


I grabbed the little girl’s hand but noticed the sad pout that still laced her features. “What’s wrong El.” I asked, making use of her nickname.


“Daddy never comes swimming with us.” I frowned at the tears that welled up in the corner of her eyes.


“Can you ask him to come out with us? Please Gi. He’s always so busy.”


My heart strings tugged and I immediately felt bad for the girl. “Let’s make a deal.”


She looked up, suddenly interested in what I had to say. “If you promise to stop crying, I’ll go talk to your dad right now.” I proposed.


Elena sniffled a few times before wiping the tears from her face. “Deal.”


With happy smiles on both our faces we wandered down the stairs.


How on earth was I going to get Alex to agree to this?




“Nope. I’m not doing that.”


“What? Why not?” I asked the brooding man in disbelief.


“I have loads of work to do.” He argued, pointing at the pile of papers he was currently scribbling on.


“Oh come on. You own the company, surely you can find some other time to do this.”


Alex sighed in annoyance and slipped off the reading glasses that were perched on his straight nose. His suit jacket hung loosely on the back of his work chair and a few buttons were undone on his white shirt, allowing me to dreamily gaze at his exposed chest.

I snapped out of my daze to find him looking at him at me amusedly. “Oh don’t flatter yourself old man, I wasn’t checking you out.”


“Yeah you were.”


“Was not.”






“You’re doing it again.”


I scoffed and flipped him off causing him to laugh at my childish antics.


The scowl was wiped off my face as soon as I heard the words tumble out of his mouth. “Let’s say I do consider this—what would I get out of it?” he asked.


I stared at the man dumbfounded. “The satisfaction of knowing your kid is happy.” I stated obviously.


“And I get to see you in a hot bathing suit.” He murmured, as if he was speaking to himself.


A second later he nodded tiredly and I squealed happily, throwing my arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I chanted, peppering his face with kisses.


He tapped my bottom lightly. “You go wait out there with El, I’ll be down after I changed.”


I nodded enthusiastically and exited his office, prepared to tell his little girl the great news.


Minutes later I was lounging on the deck chairs besides the massive swimming pool. My sunglasses were perched on my nose, hiding my closed eyes as I tanned.


The sound of splashing waves and innocent giggles filled my ears and I smiled.


Eventually the sound died down and was replaced with more quiet giggles. I figured the two were playing a new game and opened my eyes, ready to take in the scene in front of me and was met with Ale, holding a water gun in his hand while his daughter held a smaller one.


I gasped as the two sprayed the cold water onto my tanned skin. Laughter filled the cool air as they continued their torture on me.


“Get her daddy!” Elena yelled, joining her father once the water had run out of her toy.


I tried my best to ignore the water, shrieking as Alex purposefully aimed for my back. I ran towards the little girl slinging her small body my shoulder and she screamed “No, no, no. put me down! Dad! Help!” but it was too late, for I had already flung the girl into her small kiddie’s pool.


She emerged from the water, wiping the stray strands of blonde hair from her face.


“Not so fun is it?” I asked, controlling my giggles at her pouty face.


After the fun had stopped, I carried a sleepy and dry Elena to her bedroom, light snores flowing out the tired girl.

Once situated in her bed, I kissed the girl on her cheek and she shuffled slightly

grabbing onto my hand before I could leave. “Thank you.” She murmured quietly.

“For what love?” I asked the girl.

“For being a better mommy than my real one.”

And with that, I froze.

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