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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 20_

Alex’s POV


“You got us a hotel room?” Gianna asked, slightly surprised.


I swiped my assigned room card through the door and waited a few seconds before pulling down the handle. I gestured for her to go in first and made sure to lock the door behind us.


“Is it okay that I did?” I asked her responsively, awaiting her reply.


“Yeah, just surprised that’s all.” I shrugged my shoulders and watched as she nervously glanced around the pricey hotel room.


We were staying overnight in the Hilton hotel, rather luxurious for a one night stay but as I had previously mentioned, I only wanted the best for the stunning lady in front of me.


I took off my suit jacket and loosened my tie around my neck. The belt from my slacks followed in sequence after my shoes. “You look really handsome tonight, in case I didn’t make it known.” I smiled down at Gianna as she advanced closer to me. “You don’t look to bad yourself.”


That was a total underestimation, she looked magnificent and I made sure she was aware of it. She deserved to be shown off and treated like the Goddess she was.


I grasped her hips and pulled her into me. “As beautiful as this dress looks on you, I’ve been itching to take it off since I first saw you.” Without a word, she turned around and I instantly latched my fingers onto the zip, pulling it down in a slow manner, we were in no rush. My lips instinctively drew into a smile as I felt goose bumps arise on her skin from my delicate touch.


My hands grabbed the strap on her shoulder and dragged it down, allowing the dress to fall off her soft skin and onto the hardwood floor. I took in a breath at her half naked state. She fully faced me and pushed the gown aside carefully, she was so gentle with everything.


I took the time to appreciate her golden skin as I stared in adoration. Her long legs went on forever, complimenting her torso. Her br**sts sat perfect and firm on her chest and it took all my willpower not to reach out and touch them, I felt deprived of her, as if she was the air I needed to breathe in order to stay alive. Gianna bent down to take off her heels and I stopped her before she could. “Keep them on.” I instructed, grinning as she bit her lip.


I couldn’t refrain from touching her any longer and slowly began to pepper kisses down the column of her throat, causing a light gasp to tumble past her pink lips. Just the sounds she makes drives me f**king crazy. Her hands grabbed my face and pulled me in for an earth shattering kiss. “Gianna.” She completely ignores me, kissing me with even more force than before. I casually slap her ass which catches her attention. “Go and bend over that table.”


“Yes sir.” She responds, doing as I say. Her words make me clench my jaw in desire, I had to contain my almost animalistic desire to throw her and the bed and f**k her like there is no tomorrow. But I had to take it slow.


She does as she’s told, bending her pretty little ass over, giving me a nice view of it. I hurriedly follow behind her. I slipped off the pants I was wearing and took off my tie from around my neck. I hook my fingers onto the edge of her black thong and slowly slide it down her smooth legs. As I move down, I lower myself onto my knees behind her and coax her thighs apart with my hands.


I gently placed my lips onto her skin, nibbling on it, causing her to instantly let out an aroused breath which sent a tingly feeling through my body. I continue trailing my lips across the warm sensitive skin, feeling every small reaction she has to be touch, instilling more excitement in me as the seconds go by.

Once I’m sure I’ve teased her enough, I dip my tongue into her awaiting slit. “Oh my God.” She moans, the sound was music to my ears. I held her up as I picked up the pace, making steady strokes with my tongue. I clasped my lips onto her clit and feverishly sucked on it, savoring the taste of this f**king beautiful woman. Without a warning, I stuck two of my fingers inside of her, allowing her to melt against me.


I added my tongue in her hole, stretching her as far as I could. “Holy f**k you taste so good.” Her juices were coating the small stubble on my chin but I couldn’t care less. “Just as I remember.”


“Oh yeah keep doing that- I’m about to-” I pulled out my fingers just before she could find a release triggering her to groan in anger.


“What the f**k why would you do that?” I slapped her wet pu**y in response to her rough language making her gasp and moan at the same time. “Watch your tone bambina.” I scolded.


I got up off my knees and grabbed one of the condoms I had brought with me. I hurriedly sheathed myself, craving to be inside of her as soon as possible. With one hand on her hip, and the other around my length, I guided myself into her walls and stretched her out with its size. “f**k papi you’re incredible.” I raised my hand and slapped her ass as hard as I good, causing a string of moans to tumble past her lips. The name instantly made me harder. It feels as if she was made for me to be inside of her. Only me.


I picked up the pace and pounded into her, groaning at the intense pleasure I was feeling. “Who’s pu**y is this?” I asked, curling my fingers around her hair and pulling her up with it, allowing her to slide up and down at an orgasmic angle. “All yours papi.” She whimpered as I push in further.


I didn’t want to risk hurting her by going too fast and too hard but there’s no way in hell I’m being gentle with her. Her moans became even more desperate as I f**ked the absolute life out of her, one of her arms latched around my neck for somewhat stability. “Oh yes!” she whined, grinding up and down on my d**k.


I pulled her hair up, exposing her throat and marked her. “You’re mine understood?” she nodded her head at a fast pace, I could tell she was nearing her orgasm. “Good girl.” With one last stroke, I felt her come undone, squirting warm spurts of cum onto me, I could only imagine what that would feel like without the condom, which gradually lead me to follow suit, spraying my seed into the covering.


I eased out of her, watching hungrily as her juices slid down her log in heaps.


My hands caught her before she could hit the ground, and carried her to our bed. She laid back on it, with that sΒ£xy look in her eyes.


“We’re not done yet.” I said, sliding on another condom and laying down next to her. “Ride me.” She once again, bit her lip seductively and got on top, opening her legs and lowering herself onto me with a gasp.


She felt so good from this angle. I placed my hand on her back, bringing her chest closer to my face and sucking one of her hard nipples into my mouth as my hand played with the other. She bounced up and down on my d**k, switching paces every once in a while, allowing me to feel completely and utterly consumed by her.


After a few minutes in that position, I lifted her off me and got behind her, drooling over the view of her voluptuous ass. I wasted no time in sliding back into her, I held both her hands back as a restraint and f**ked her into the mattress, making the headboard slam against the wall.


“Right there.” She breathed out, letting it be known that I found her most pleasurable spot. Within seconds I had her cumming over me and screaming my name for the second time tonight. It was euphoric.

TWO rounds wouldn’t be enough for tonight


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