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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 16_

Gianna’s POV


To say the rest of the day was super awkward would be an extreme underestimation. Alexander and I never crossed paths again for the next few hours I had been there. He made sure he remained pent up in his office and I, sitting with his kids barely paying attention to what was happening around me.


The most embarrassing realization was the slight limp I had whenever I walked. I could almost see the look of satisfaction that would spread over that stupid man’s face at his accomplishment. I didn’t feel a single ounce of regret towards what had happened. If anything, it set my plan into motion even more, I knew he wanted me before, but now it was definite, no going back.


I walked out of his door at exactly 4 p.m. cursing at the fact that he still had my underwear and I had to go home in my mini skirt.


I drove down the street, gliding through the familiar roads.


I yawned and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand as I rode the elevator up to my apartment complex, wanting nothing more than to get out of these sticky clothes and take a much needed shower. As soon as I set foot inside, I sighed in contempt at the cool feeling of the air-conditioning blasting over me.


My feet carried me to my room, not bothering to check for Celine, knowing she was out job hunting. I fell onto the plush mattress and almost instantly heard my stomach growl in hunger. Before I got the chance to get up and satisfy my cravings, my phone rang and I reached for it on my nightstand, accepting the call without looking at the name displayed across the screen.


“Hello?” I said, putting the phone on speaker and undressing myself to change into something more comfortable.


“Gianna, love, hi!” Sarah’s high pitched voice just about yelled from the other end of the line. I cringed inwardly and rolled my eyes.


“Hey Mrs. Moritello. Is everything okay?” I asked, not caring in the least bit. I imagined her red lips puckering as she pondered over what she had called me for.


“I was wondering if you could over a little earlier tomorrow. It’s my birthday and my husband and I have some things planned for the day.


I sighed in annoyance, hoping she couldn’t hear me as I took hold of my phone again and sauntered to the kitchen barefoot. “Yeah sure, that’s fine.” My reply was smooth and quick, despite how badly I wanted to protest.


“Thanks, kisses!” my eyes instinctively rolled again but lit up once I caught sight of the pizza that Celine had probably left for me.


I set my phone down on the nearest counter and immediately took a bite, not bothering to warm it up first.


“Gianna! You’re here.” Elena cooed, grabbing my hand and hauling me into their expensive home. Once the door had shut behind us, I was taken into their TV room, where her siblings were.


“Hola mi bebe’s” I said, reaching down to kiss the top of her brother’s head. He smiled in return, wrapping his arms around my legs. “Hi Gigi!” Mia yelled, stumbling towards me. I took her into my arms and showered her adorable face with kisses.


Before I had the chance to converse with them more, the infamous click of heels could be heard, almost vibrating the wooden stairs as Sarah descended.


She wore a loose fitted red sundress, rather than her usual skin tight clothing. I also noticed the lack of make-up that normally adorned her face.


“Oh good you’re here.” It took everything in me not to roll my eyes at her greeting- or lack of one. “You aren’t on time really, but that’s fine- we weren’t in a rush. ”


“You didn’t give me a specific time to come, you just told me to be here early.” I snickered. At this point, I wanted to just turn around and go back home. Before we could get into an actual argument her stimulating husband walked through the door, clothed in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and some white beach shorts to match. He looked edible, simply irresistible. His eyes met mine and I smirked knowingly, to which he merely nodded in my direction and ignored, with a hard look on his face, looking at his wife instead.


He walked up to her and placed a kiss on her temple, wrapping his strong hands around her waist, as if to say, ‘this is the woman I love’ which was absolute bullshit. Sarah looked to be on cloud nine with his simple gesture and I lowly huffed in annoyance. But I’d allow him the satisfaction of thinking so for a little while longer.


“Are you two ready to leave?” he asked his older children. It was only then that I noticed they were as well dressed casually in summer clothing. Luca got up and rushed to his father, taking him by the hands. “Can Gigi come with us? Please daddy!” he whined.


“Oh-uh, that’s fine Luca don’t worry about it.” I said. “I’m going to stay here and take good care of your little sister alright?” i bent down to his level and ruffled his hair.


“Great, now that that’s sorted. We’re heading off to our Yacht Club for the today, hopefully we won’t be too long.” Their mother rushed out, grabbing Alex’s hand in a tight grip.


Those same fingers were inside me just yesterday. I wanted to say, but decided against it, not wanting to blow my cover when the fun has just started.


“Please can she come mama? Call aunt Sera to look after Maria for today, it’ll be so much fun please?” I watched as Elena gave her parents the best puppy- eyes she could muster and her father sighed, looking at his partner next to him. Before I could intervene he spoke up.


“I suppose she can.” He spoke, causing his wife to turn to him slightly surprised and angered. I beamed inwardly at the prospect of possibly seeing Alexander shirtless today and felt like cart wheeling around their living room.


“I guess we called your sister to come over.” Sarah said, with a tight smile.


“Are you sure, I wouldn’t want to intrude on your plans” I asked.


Sarah waved her hand in dismissal. “Oh no silly, it’s fine, we can go up to my room so you can choose swimwear if you want?”

I looked at her suspiciously, I was pretty sure Alex was just as surprised at her hospitality. With agreement, I walked upstairs and into their master bedroom. Taking my time to look around the large space and all the interior designing that made it look stunning and comfortable. Their bed was huge and I couldn’t help the thoughts that came over me about her husband taking me right on their bed.


“Here, I have a couple of old bikini’s that should fit you perfectly.” I stopped my mind from wandering off and turned to face the woman holding three options. I stared at the black, yellow and red two piece suits and chose the one that I thought would complement my skin tone more, the black one.




I awed in astonishment at the marvelous boat in front of me. I’ve been on two of these throughout my whole life and none of them could nearly compare to the size and glamour of this one. The words ‘Dea Dell’acqua’ were displayed on the side of the vessel, meaning ‘Goddess of the Water’ in English. “This is beautiful.” I gaped, staring at the blue water that contrasted against the rays of sunlight.


I felt someone come up behind me and a little hand tangled through mine. “Isn’t it? This is papa’s boat. Cool right?” I nodded and placed Elena’s hand in front of mine, making sure she climbed the stairs carefully without falling over.


Once we were all successfully on board, the five of us sat around the table and talked about the most insignificant things, we ate and drank for another hour before I decided to get up and explore more of the ship like boat. I stood at the bow of the yacht and admired the view of the glistening waters.


I remembered the last time I had experienced something so calming and enjoyable was the very last days I had spent with my sister. We snuck out of our house in the middle of the night and roamed the empty streets of New York City. It had to be one of the best nights of my life- nothing compared to the feeling of being surrounded by the most beautiful lights with someone who appreciated you more than anyone else.


I slightly jerked forward after feeling a hand on my lower back, breaking my string of thoughts. “Gianna? What are you doing?” Alexander asked, leaning against the railing next to me.


I smirked at the thought of a movie I had once watched that reminded me of this exact situation. “Have you ever seen 365 days? It’s a new movie that just came out.” He looked at me in confusion and shook his head. “No, is it a kids movie?” I laughed at his question. “Unless you consider two people openly f**king on a yacht a kid’s movie, then yeah, definitely.”


At my words his face turned to a more serious expression, as if he remembered why he came to look for me in the first place. A long sigh dragged out of his plump lips before he spoke again. “Gianna. What happened yesterday can’t happen again.”


Without hesitance, I laughed out loud causing the Italian man to look at me in surprise. “Is something funny?” he asked, annoyance flashing through his eyes. “Yes. I gave you the best blowjob you’ve possibly ever experienced and instead of thanking me by having sΒ£x against this boat, you tell me it can never happen again?”


He ignored my remarks and continued speaking. “I have a family, a wife and kids. I can’t just throw that away.”


I laughed once more and instinctively rolled my eyes. “I’m pretty sure she threw you away a while ago, but suit yourself.” Before he had the chance to say anything else, I walked away.

I was definitely going to show him what he had just given up.


Sarah gathered all of us and forcefully made us sing ‘happy birthday’ to her. Which was awkward enough without her thanking us individually as if we had bought her a new car. Of course their children were having a blast, especially when the time came to dock the boat so we could all go for a swim in the blue waters.


I made sure my man’s eyes were on me as I took off the dress I had been wearing over the bikini and dropped it to the floor. His eyes turned a shade of black as they raked up and down my curvy figure. I tightened the string of the already tight upper half, making my cleavage pop. Satisfied with my appearance, I slowly descended into the water, chuckling as Luca started to splash water all over me.


“You look so pretty Gigi. Can you be my girlfriend?” he asked cutely. I snickered at his father’s expression and leaned down to kiss the head of the little boy. “Sorry little man, but you’re a little young for me. I like my men older.” He pouted and swam away, not noticing the double meaning in my words, but I confirmed his father would, winking at him in the process.


“Dad! Come swim with us.” At the request, Alex took off his shirt. I could feel the sΒ£x appeal oozing off his tanned, sculpted body. He was truly handpicked to perfection. I stared as his muscles flexed beneath the water, causing a ripple effect in the waves that surrounded us. He smirked when he caught me staring and I cleared my throat, instantly looking away with a crimson colour shading my cheeks.


We splashed around together innocently for about as Sarah watched us, not daring to come into the water, something about wetting her hair. She disappeared into the bathroom while Luca and Elena fell asleep upstairs after swimming for an hour.


“Can we have freaky underwater sΒ£x now please?” I asked Alex, shivering as he swam closer to me.


“We’ve spoken about this.” He countered.


“Yes, but it went in through one ear and came right out the other.”


I didn’t give him any time to reply, crashing my lips against his as I wound my legs around his. He groaned into my mouth and with that, I knew he had lost all control.


“Fuck the consequences.” he whispered, taking hold of the back of my thighs. he kissed my with full force, tangling his hand in my wet hair and slightly pulling at it, causing me to moan and allowing him to slide his tongue into my mouth, we both fought for dominance in the kiss but of course, he won. I grabbed his hair and pulled at the damp strands, mixing our moans together.


his hands magically traced down my spine, landing on my ass and gripping it roughly. i shuddered at the feeling and pushed myself against him more, grinding my heat against him.


we were so lost in the feeling that we didn’t notice the high pitched voice call out for him in surprise.

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