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_Episode 18_

Giannah’s POV




“We’ve been here for hours Gi, you can’t tell me you haven’t found a dress yet.” I ignored my best friend’s remark and let the silky material of a long blue ball gown fall through my fingers. It was breath taking, but not exactly what I was looking for.


“I fell back onto the nearest seat and let out a loud sigh. “Maybe I just shouldn’t go.” Celine rolled her eyes and sat next to me, turning my shoulders towards her. “That’s not an option, we’ll find you a dress. But can we please go get some food.”


“We have seven hours before I have to see him, no time for lunch breaks.” I grasped her hand and dragged a whining woman out of this store and into the next.


I hated to admit, but I was slightly nervous for what the evening might hold. Alex and I had never been anywhere alone. Did he consider this a date? I decided I wouldn’t bring it up, to save myself the embarrassment.


The two of us have been at this mall since early, I’ve been in and out of several shops and tried about thirteen different dresses, but nothing was as eye catching as I hoped.


“This is the last store then we’re going to eat. And if you dare disagree, I’ll throw a tantrum in front of everyone.” I nodded in her direction as we sifted through the fancy and expensive ball gowns inside ‘Royal boutique’ they have to have something for me here.


“Oh, how about this.” I swiveled in her direction and came face to face with a beautiful satin gown, rose gold accents covered the lengthy material. It was stunning and ticked all the boxes.


“I love that!” I squealed, taking it out of Celine’s hands. “Let me go try it on.”


Without waiting for a reply, I scurried into the nearest dressing room and put on the dress as fast as I could, hoping it looked as good on me, as it looked off. I was happy with the final product. Adoring the way the luxurious material clung to my curves. The dress was very flattering, it complimented my skin tone perfectly and I could see myself wearing this tonight.


With one final look at my reflection, I opened the door and existed the room. Within seconds, Celine came rushing to me, gushing over the ethereal gown. “holy shit. I think I might cry. You look gorgeous.” I smiled at her, “I love it. I think this is the one.”


“Well then let’s go pay for it so we can finally get out of here.” She shooed me back into the dressing room to change back into my normal clothes. Once I was done, I picked up the dress and held it against me once more and grinned happily. The two of us walked to checkout to pay for the dress, relieved that we could go get some food after the long day. I didn’t need to check the price tag, I knew I wanted this one no matter what. As I was reaching for my card, a lady who I presumed to be the manager came up from behind me.


“Excuse me Miss,” she smiled. “You aren’t panning on taking that gown are you?” I looked at her confused, my face matching Celine’s. “I am, is there a problem?” my heart rate sped up at the thought of not getting to buy this. “Well, the dress is already sold, if you check the tag it says so right there.” With a frown on my face, I found the tag and turned it around, to be met with the word ‘SOLD’ in big red letters. My whole world came tumbling down as the realization hit me. “I’m so sorry but I’m going to have to ask you to return that to me.” I handed the dress of my dreams back to Karen, as her name tag read, with a heavy heart. Without a second glance, she went away.

“Gi, I’m so sorry, I didn’t look at the tag I didn’t even notice it.” Celine apologized sincerely. I knew it wasn’t her fault, I didn’t notice it either.


𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 π“πžπ¦π©π­πšπ­π’π¨π§π¬ | πŸπŸ–+ (EDITING)

I looked at her with sad eyes and told her it was okay and that we should just go home. The drive back to the apartment was silent. “I’m sure we can find a good dress for you in my closet, you’ll look good in anything you decide to wear.” I sent a grateful look towards my friend and sighed heavily.


When we reached our destination, I got out of the car and we walked into our apartment together. “Hey what’s that by the door?” I looked in the direction she was talking about and shrugged, confused. “Probably just an amazon package.” I said, advancing closer. “Looks way too fancy to me.” Once I was within close view of the package I picked it up and took notice of the big white bow on the box. We walked inside with the package and placed it on the nearest table. “Look there’s a note.” She pointed out. I grabbed the white note from under the bow and opened it to read what was inside.


‘I hope you love it as much as I do, can’t wait to see you tonight- Alex.’


“Well shit, this might be the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.” Celine said, just as surprised as me.


I let out the breath I was holding and opened the lid of the box. I audibly gasped at the contents. A beautiful cream coloured gown sat neatly inside. I took it out and held it up, just as stunned, if not more, as I was when I saw the other dress. It was otherworldly. The one shoulder strap was embedded with the prettiest arrangement of flowers, which flowed down the rest of the dress in sequence, stopping about a quarter of the way down. I was mesmerized.


“You know what, I think I need a rich sugar daddy too.” I lightly slapped Celine in annoyance. “He isn’t my sugar daddy.”


“You sure about that? This must have cost a fortune.” She said. I did agree with her, this was a designer dress, nothing I would ever buy for myself. I have a lot of money to my name, but not as much as the Moritello family did.


Without waiting for a reply, she continued speaking. “You have around 4 hours to do your hair, makeup and get dressed, so I suggest you go now.” I nodded in her direction and got up, taking my beautiful gift with me.



“Are you sure you’re putting on the right shade of eye shadow? It doesn’t look blended at all.” Celine was no makeup guru. Her daily routine consisted of mascara and lip-gloss. She didn’t need anything to add to her natural beauty. This lead to her not being able to do any sort of extravagant looks on anyone. “Oh hush you look perfectly fine. You haven’t even seen the finished product yet” She said. “I’m following this James Charles look to the best of my ability.”


I had been sitting in this chair for about an hour after I made sure to take a hot, calming bath to calm my nerves. There was nothing to be nervous about. This wasn’t anything too drastic, I’ve done worse things with this man, maybe I was reluctant to admit that after last night, I had fallen slightly deeper for someone that I knew I couldn’t have.


Feelings scared me. I’d like to think I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Who wouldn’t be terrified of them? Feelings got me into this mess and I hope to whichever God is listening, that they don’t get me into trouble.


“Just a little more gloss.” Celine’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts as she applied a second layer of lip gloss onto my plump lips. “And, perfect, all done!” she swiveled the chair I was seated in and I gasped at my reflection in the mirror. “Holy shit.” Was all I managed to say.

I looked gorgeous. My eye lids were coated in a sparkly shade of rose gold, complimenting the rosy tint on my cheeks. Surprisingly, Celine did not disappoint. “My best friend is a literal Goddess.” She gushed, admiring her work. “Cel, this is amazing, I promise to never underestimate you ever again.” I admired myself in the mirror a little longer, loving the look.


“Okay, enough staring at yourself, we have hair to do.” She wasted no time and picked up the already hot curler. “I’m going to curl your hair yeah? I think that’ll look the most elegant.” I nodded in agreement and sat in silence as she worked her magic. My nerves slowly subsided as I sipped on some champagne.


After a few more minutes, I was satisfied with my hair and immediately put the dress on. The soft material felt comfortable against my skin, clinging to all the right places as I knew it would. I fell in love with it instantly.


“Alex is going to faint when he sees how stunning you look.” I turned to Celine and gave her a grateful smile, silently thanking her for all her hard work. “I do feel beautiful.” I said.


Before she had the time to reply, we heard a knock at the door.

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