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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 14_

Gianna’s POV



I gathered up the courage to walk past the curious stranger, not before looking around at my other exit options. It was either trudge over other dead people which would no doubt be extremely disrespectful, or, walk off the side of the small hill and tumble to my death which would be highly ironic seeing as I was at a cemetery.


Was I being overly dramatic? Yes. He already caught me staring, there’s no turning back now.


My feet started moving in his direction and he noticed, standing up and repeating my previous actions of dusting my pants off.


The boy seemed to be about my age, a year older at most, with slightly curled brown hair and a gorgeously sculpted face that looked as if the Gods had sent him down to earth on a mission.


He’s no Alexander. My subconscious reminded me, causing me to roll my eyes. Not everything was about him and I cursed myself for comparing the two.


He gave me a small smile and surprisingly spoke up. “Hey.” He said, with a hint of a French accent. I stood in place silently for a few seconds before shooting back the same greeting and nodding politely.


“Just thought I’d stop you to let you know that there’s a couple of grass strands in your hair.” He said, smiling politely but obviously holding in a laugh at how ridiculous I probably looked.


“Oh gosh I didn’t realize that, thank you.” I said, visibly cringing as I rapidly brushed my fingers through my damp hair.


He nodded his head and I thanked him once more, waving and walking back to my car to drive back home.


I was ready for today to be over already.


I opened the door to my apartment and sighed, dropping my keys on the nearest table and walking into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.


My throat felt raw and nasty after how much crying I had done today. I was used to it though, this day always took a toll on me.


Celine seemed to not be home once again and I checked my phone, not seeing anything from her this time but I shrugged it off, not wanting to bother her wherever she was and instead dragged my feet into my room and settled down for a much needed nap, hoping to escape the hardships life offered for a few hours as well as intending to get in as much sleep as I can before starting work tomorrow. Not that I minded, I really wanted to see the kids.


I woke up a while later and stifled a yawn, still sleepy despite being fast asleep for three hours. My ears sensed commotion downstairs so I got up and headed to the kitchen to see what all the noise was. Hoping it wasn’t a burglar, but I calmed down remembering how stupid my paranoia was the last time.


Luckily, I was met with Celine hauling a few bags of groceries onto the counter top with a loud huff. She turned to smile at me, “Sorry I didn’t shoot you a text or anything, I realized we didn’t have food for tonight and went to pick up some stuff.” I nodded and returned her smile. “it’s okay, what did you get.”

She nervously grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. “Late notice, but I invited some of our friends over tonight, it’ll be really low-key. I can cancel if you’re not comforta-“I waved my hand in dismissal. A get together could be a good distraction for me.


“No, I’m cool with it. What did you buy?” I repeated, looking at the array of wines and cheeses, as well as salted crackers and cold meats.


“I’m planning on making a couple of cheese boards and maybe salsa and chips, haven’t decided.” I nodded in approval and my mouth watered at the thought.


I loved cheese.


“When are they coming?” I asked Celine, taking a large gulp of the water I had just poured.


“In an hour or so.” She said.


I grabbed a piece of mozzarella and shoved it in my mouth while she wasn’t looking.


“Oh and Gianna?” she called, just as I was about to go up to my room and freshen up. “Not too much wine, you’re a total lightweight. ”


I stuck out my tongue at her and flipped her off, leaving the girl laughing in our kitchen.


I stared at my closet for a good twenty minutes. Despite the large amount of clothes I owned, I still didn’t feel like I had a good enough outfit.


Eventually, I settled on a black bralette with a sheer black tee over it as well as a pair of high waisted shorts. I curled my hair and applied minimal make-up to complete the look. The sound of the doorbell ringing caught my attention and I looked in the mirror.


Decent. I thought, puckering my lips.


I smiled and grabbed my phone, an idea instantly popping into my mind. My fingers tapped on the camera app and I hurriedly took off the black shirt covering most of my cleavage, then proceeded to snap a few photos of my torso in my mirror, slightly giggling at the dumb yet rebellious thing I was about to do. I cropped out my face and opened up Alex’s contact number, biting my index finger nervously.


Before I could stop myself- I hit the send button and immediately shut off my phone- not wanting to see his response just yet.


Perhaps after a little more wine.


“And after that, he literally stripped naked and dived into the pool- I was scarred.” I laughed along with the rest of my house guests to the story of Mason over doing it with the alcohol last summer.


“It was one time! This is why I only came for the food. The gay best friend is always neglected.” He pouts, picking up his wine glass and taking a sip of the bitter liquid.


I was currently surrounded by some of our closest friends. Hayley, Mason, Tessa and of course Celine. The night had started off great and I already felt slightly buzzed by the amount of alcohol I had consumed. My best friend’s warning played in the back of my mind but I shut it down as quick as I could, trying to relieve myself of a headache.


I got up in a haste and whined, slightly bouncing up and down. “You okay Gi?” the brunette, Hayley, asked from beside me.


“Yeah, shit, I totally need to pee. Bathroom?” I asked, looking at them all expectedly.


“You should know where that is, you live here.” She laughed, causing the others to follow. I cursed and nodded, running in one direction to the bathroom.


I swiftly did my business and washed my hands, feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket as I dried them. I opened up the device to find one new text, from the one and only.


Alex;) : don’t send me this type of shit Gianna. You’re making my life extremely hard.


He’s definitely into me. I thought.


Me: apologies Sir,that was intended for your d**k, not your life.


I giggled at my smart response and mentally high-fived myself.


Alex;) : I’m leaving you on read now.


Me: oksy sΒ£xc cu tmrw kisses1!


Alex;) : are you drunk? You have work tomorrow. Slacking already? You need to be punished.


My pulse started to quicken at his way with words. He knew what he was doing.


Me: souunds gud 2 me!


Alex;) : would you be able to handle it?


I stared at his question, trying my best to decipher it in my state, but before I could, a knock came at the door.

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