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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 21_

I woke up to the feeling of Alex’s strong muscular arm curled around my waist and sighed in content. His heated skin felt warm against my bare back. His arm was draped around me possessively, as if someone could take me away any minute. His nose was buried in my hair, in the crook of my neck. I could feel his labored breaths against my skin.


I felt incredibly warm despite the chilly weather from the cold morning. I shifted slightly and smiled as he tightened his hold on me. My eyes fluttered open and I looked down at his arm, admiring the corded muscle, the veins, and the way he held me like I was someone special.


An involuntary smile made its way onto my face as I sunk back against him, closing my eyes briefly and enjoying the closeness. Once my eyes opened again, I stared at the numbers displayed along the alarm clock on my bedside table.




It would probably be going off soon, letting us know that we had about an hour before we have to check out.Β  I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay like this for as long as I could, forever, if possible.


I tried to reach for it before it went off, interrupting his sleep but I couldn’t. The tips of my fingers couldn’t even reach it. I wiggled a little out of his hold which only caused him to groan and hold me tighter against him. His hot breath hit my neck as he nuzzled closer to me, the sensation elicited excitement to rush through me, making it even worse when he whispered in my ear with his raspy morning voice.


“Where do you think you’re going?” he rumbled, eyes still closed.


“I wanted to turn off the alarm so you could sleep a little longer.” I said, threading his fingers through mine shortly. He softened his hold on me and I reached over, switching the device off.


I then realized how close he was to me, causing his morning wood to place itself between my ass. I shifted back slightly, hoping he wouldn’t really notice how turned on I felt by that. But he instead moved closer, pushing his tip more into me and I moaned softly, with a hint of tiredness laced in my voice.


Last night was incredible. I have no other words to describe how surreal it all felt. I knew he was good at what he does but I didn’t think he was that good.


I was pulled out of my thoughts by the feeling of his hand slightly lifting my naked leg, pushing himself more into my centre. I trembled at the feeling, still sensitive from last night’s activities. But before I could get accustomed to his size, he completely pulled away, forcing a scowl onto my face. “Hey!” I turned around fully and gave him the hardest glare I could conjure up.


He leaned over a planted a quick kiss on my lips, long enough to leave a slight tingle against them when he pulled slightly away, inches from my face. “I figured I’d give your body a break after yesterday.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss me for the second time today.


I could get used to this.


With quick movement, I flipped over and sat myself on Alex, allowing my legs to sit on either side of his waist. He stared at me with the same glimmer he had in his eyes when he saw me for the first time yesterday. A crimson colour tainted my cheeks and I looked away, not wanting him to know the effect he had on me.


It wasn’t long until I felt his delicate hand grasp my hips and pull me closer to him, silently leading us into another mouthwatering kiss. I moaned at the feeling, lightly running my fingers through his mop of black hair.

In this moment, I felt all my worries wash away with each peck he gave. As if the negative baggage I held was taken off my shoulders.


It was a bittersweet feeling, knowing someone held this much of a power over my happiness. It led my mind to wonder if it would be like this between us forever, but that was unlikely. I wasn’t naive. I knew at some point everything would crumble. This relationship- or whatever it is- was a ticking time bomb. Waiting for the perfect moment to blow up in our faces. The thought alone made me feel butterflies, but not the good ones. The type you would get right before receiving a test back knowing you didn’t study for it.


I was nervous.


I shook my head to clear the troubling thoughts circling my mind, instead putting all my focus on the work of art in front of me.


His forehead was pressed against mine, heavily breathing. “You look extremely f**kable this morning mi amor.” He whispered, threading his long fingers through my somewhat tangled sleep hair. I smiled in delight when he tugged on the roots forcing me to expose my throat to him. “I do?” I asked, allowing my grin to linger as he laid peppered kisses on the column of exposed skin on my neck.


“You always do. But something about that after sΒ£x glow makes you look ten times stimulating than you already are.”


I laughed at his response, too distracted by his lips on my skin.


To help the situation, I slowly began to move on top of him, grinding back and forth on his clothed length. The friction didn’t feel nearly as good as the real thing, but for now, I felt slightly satisfied.


I picked up the pace when I heard a throaty groan released from his mouth, content that he feels as good as I do in this position.


Within seconds he had my underwear slipped off and thrown somewhere across the room, my mind to occupied to figure out where. He slowly raised his head to look into my eyes as felt him slip inside me for the fourth time this weekend. Perhaps more. We held intense eye contact for a few seconds, allowing me to lose myself in his hazel eyes.


I was first to snap out of it, throwing my head back in bliss as I slowly rode him. It was phenomenal.


“Beautiful.” He whispered, breaking me out of my daze.


“What?” I asked breathlessly, I could barely focus on his words.


“You look radiant.” I opened my eyes and stared at him while continuing my work, my head lulled forward and I placed my forehead against his, admiring him up close.


“How so?”


He placed a small kiss on my collarbone, slightly sucking the skin.


“The morning sun is shining down on you, it sort of makes you glow. Sei il paradiso in terra, bellezza mia. ”


I swooned at his words, everything said in Italian was made to be ten time hotter. Everything this man did was perfect, almost as if the world was carved out to be fit for him, rather than the other way around.

I could only hope to stay in this moment forever but I knew life wasn’t that easy, as much as I wanted to it to be.


I picked up the pace, moving in delicate but strong circles.


I felt his hand crawl up my neck and grasp the sides, lightly choking me and I moaned at the overall sΒ£xiness of the situation.


My reaction only egged him on, allowing me to have control for a few more seconds.


Moments lately he flipped us over and I landed in his former position on the bed with a slight gasp. Alex grabbed my leg and positioned it next to my ear before slamming into me with no warning. I cried out in pleasure at the new spots he was hitting. My vision was clouded with stars as I rolled my eyes back. I could imagine the satisfied smirk on his face as he pounded into me.


“Fuck.” He groaned laying his head into my neck to harshly suck on the skin once more.


“Are you,” moan. “You hungry baby?” he asked, raising his head from my neck but not slowing his pace at all.


I twisted my face in confusion at the odd question. Could he tell?


“I-I guess so?” I answered, confused.


I hadn’t eaten for more than seventeen hours so I was rather famished.


“Pick up the phone, call room service.”


“What?” what was he doing?


“Do I have to ask you twice?” his hand reached for my throat again, tighter this time, but pleasurable as always.


I shook my head and haphazardly searched for the landline on the small bedside table without breaking eye contact with the man who was relentlessly impaling me with his cock.


My hand finally met the device and I brought it up to my ear with slightly shaky hands and dialed the first number I saw.


I held in my moans as I heard the phone being picked up on the other end, but the harsh sounds of skin clapping could still be heard.


“This is the Hilton hotel room service, Good morning how can we help you?” the male voice came through the receiver and I took in a breath.


“H-Hi.” I stuttered sheepishly, watching Alex smirk in satisfaction as he leaned back into my neck.


“Get whatever you want.” He whispered, nibbling on my earlobe as he spoke.


“Oh uhm- could I get a bunch of breakfast foods? I don’t really care what you bring we aren’t picky.” I felt bad for rushing through the conversation and perhaps coming off as rude but I didn’t want to give away what was actually happening here.


Before I could process the boys reply, I felt fingers slipping down my torso and landing over my aching pu**y and feverishly rubbing my clit in satisfying ways.

I gasped so loud, I was positive the poor guy heard us. Without a reply to his previous statement I called out the room’s number and dropped the phone onto the floor without a second thought.


“Fuck yes, feels so good.”


“You did so good baby, cum for me, let me feel you.”


At the sound of his words, I came undone, unraveling myself before this man, we both let out sounds of our own as we both reached the end of our climax.


I was so lost in our little world that I didn’t notice the sound of the line only just going dead.



After we both took a quick shower, alone. I wondered back into the bedroom and wrapped myself with the white satin sheets, not bothering with clothes just yet.


I yelped at the feeling of a hand harshly slapping my ass and glared at a smirking Alex.


This man was a sixteen year old at heart. I thought.


“Hey! You have a nice ass, can’t expect me to just ignore it.”


I smiled sheepishly at the fact that I had instead spoken out loud and leaned up to kiss his clean shaven face, smiling through it. Before we could get any further,


There was a firm knock on the door and I covered myself completely as he went to open the door for our room service.


The boy, who I assumed picked up the phone earlier, pushed a fairly big cart into the room, avoiding eye contact after a quick greeting to both of us.


I arched my perfectly shaped eyebrow at Alexander and he shrugged, a slight smile on his face.


Before we could tip the boy, whose tag read Bryan. He walked out the room and shut the door in haste.


Alex and I looked at each other. Me with embarrassment in my eyes and his holding a certain playfulness.


“He definitely heard.” We say in unison, erupting into a fit of laughter.


If only we had been more careful with who we let see us together that day.

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