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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 1_

I rolled my eyes in annoyance at the screeching sound of my best friend’s voice

echoing throughout our apartment, I chose to ignore her and instead continued my

sleep, snuggling further into the warm couch.

“Gianna I swear to Godif you don’t get your ass outta that door in the next three

seconds Im leaving without you!”



Giuna’s P0N

I could have sworn I heard her mumble something along the lines of ‘no wonder

you can’t keep ajob’ but I ignored that too and shut my eyes, hoping to fall back

asleep. My eyes were clouded with images of my dreams when I felt my body hit

the floor with an extremely painful thud.

“What the f**k?” I gasped. “You did notjust push me off the damn couch!” I yelled

at her, over the sound of her booming laughter. I got up and wiped the imaginary

dust off my ass before glaring at her and stifling a yawn, grabbing a seat cushion

and shoving it in her face, finally shutting her up and she groaned, the sound

muffled by the pillow in her face.

“I’m going to ignore that because we’re late.” She said, grabbing her keys off the

table and slinging her bag over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes for what had to be

the thousandth time today and followed her to the mirror in the hall, where we

both fixed our messy hair.

I was met with the reflection of two extremely tired twenty two-year-old girls

who looked like polar opposites in every way. One blonde with shimmery straight

hair and gloss plumped lips who looked like she had her entire life planned out,

and a brunette who couldn’t achieve a normal sleeping schedule and survived on

ice coffee and hopes for the future. The only form of makeup on my face was the

remnants of sleep-smudged mascara which I used a hoodie sleeve to wipe off.

“Remind me again why I have to come with you to pick up your sister? I’m pretty

sure you can handle a five-year-old on your own.” I asked, popping a mint into my

mouth as we entered the elevator.

We lived on the second floor, much to Celine’s disagreement but my fear of heights

over-powered my needs to let her have her way. Despite being so close to the

ground, our apartment was still nbelievabiy expensive, but definitely worth the

thousands we pay each month.

Despite being so young, Celine had managed to score this apartment using some of

her saved up cash, and with a little help from her parents, the deed was put in our

name just two years ago.

The idea of me leeching off my best friend didn’t sound so appealing, I luckily, after

endless months, convinced her to let me take care of the utility bills to which Celine

reluctantly agreed, if only to make me feel better.


“Ima thousand percent sure that’s not the reason but Il let you think so.”I

said, causing a grin to spread over her face. Iplaced my head on the window and

watched intently as the heavy New York traffic flashed by my eyes.

Celine and I had been best friends for the best part of ten years. We were attached

by the hip. Two peas in a pod. Despite the obvious differences in personality and

style, we were the same person. She was beautiful of course, much like me in that


It was when I caught her stuffing socks in her bra in grade school that I knew we’d

be friends for life. I smiled at the distant memory, inwardly chuckling at the mess of

Victoria secret perfume and puberty we were at that age.

Her glossy lips parted as she began to speak, breaking my train of thought. “Alright

we’re here. Let’s get in, get Lily and leave, before any of them get the chance to put

their sticky little fingers on me.” She visibly shuddered at the thought while Ijust

laughed at her distaste for children.

We were different in that way. I loved kids and planned to have many of my own,

while she decided to be the rich aunt who travels the world and spontaneously

shows up at Thanks Giving dinner with a foreign husband. Christmas to0, ifwe

were lucky

I opened the door and stepped out, in awe of the school in front of me. It stood

tall, shiny and intimidating, further away from the bustling noise of the city. We

instantly spotted Lily from afar, her platinum blonde hair and dazzling smile

standing out in the crowd.

She sat in a circle with two other girls, the three of them passing around dolls and

giggling once in a while at something the other had said. It reminded me of this

exact situation Celine andi were in at that age.

Ripping off the doll’s headjust to traumatize my bestfriend was my favorite past


We walked down the rose filled pathway that led into the playground and crossed

the threshold. The silence that once filled the air was instead invaded by the sound

of little feet padding the asphalt and distant cries mixed with laughter. She noticed

us and immediately smiled, her being the only girl who wore a Disney princess

dress to school was one of the reasons why she stood out so much. She was as out

there as her sister.

I smiled when she ran up to us and clung to both our legs with her tiny palms.

When she let go, a look of realization flashed across her face and she frowned. “I

thought I asked you guys to wear your princess dresses too!” I faked shock and

tapped Celine on the arm. “How could we forget?” kneeling down I kissed the

toddler on the cheek and whispered something in her ear which instantly made

her smile a toothless grin. She skipped away and grabbed her small pink backpack,

waving at her friends and leading the way to the car.

Celine gave me a questioning look and Ijust shrugged. Opening the door and

hoping back into the front seat, sneakily smirking.

“Cel! Gianna said we could go for ice-cream. Can I get two?”


I laughed at the groan my best friend let out, silently cursing me for not letting us

go home.

We arrived at a cute local ice-cream shop a few minutes later, Lily had almost

jumped out the window at her excitement. I held her hand tightly in my grasp

as we walked through the door together. “Oh my gosh strawberry! Can I get

strawberry? I like it, its pink! Please Gi?” she gushed. I looked down at her doughy

brown eyes and smiled as she squished her face and hands against the cool glass,

admiring the sugary substances.

“Yeah of course.” I reached into my pocket and grabbed the money, paying despite

Celine’s protests which I shrugged off.

“I can’t believe you convinced me into bringing this little brat to buy dessert at one

in the afternoon.” Celine grumbled from besides me, her sister immediately caught

onto what she was saying and frowned. “Hey! I’m not a brat.” she whined and I

giggled teasingly at their interaction.

she never shows it, but hanging around her sister is the highlight of any day for

Celine. despite the little spat they just had, i knew nothing was as special as a

sister-to-sister bond.I sighed sadly but my straying thoughts were interrupted

when I heard a little squeal as Lily looked up at our order.

We grabbed our cups and sat down in a small booth next to a little playground for

kids. I turned my direction to Lily when she asked to go to the restroom, her sister

opting to take her.

Iwas pulled out of the focus of the delicious ice-cream in front of me when I heard

a loud cry. My eyes settled on a young girl. Maybe five or six, crying as she clutched

her knee which looked to be dripping blood. I watched for a few seconds and

noticed no one coming to her rescue. Leaving me no choice but to get up and rush

Over to her.

“Hey sweetie” I knelt down next to her and smiled, reaching for her small. shaking

hand, which made her calm down slightly. “Don’t cry okay? Here, let me get some

wipes and wipe this clean for you yeah?” she sniffled and nodded as I wiped the

blood away as best I could, reaching into my purse and grabbing a blue Band-Aid

that I had kept from the last time Iwent to the park with Lily. The girl had fully

stopped crying as I placed it onto her knee. Covering the small scrape.

“There you go. Where’s your mom at?” Before she had the chance to respond I

heard a voice shriek behind me.

“Oh my gosh, my poor baby! Come here!” I turned around and stood up, only to be

met witha beautiful woman, she looked to be in her thirties, lifting up the child that

was once next to me.

I stared at her in complete awe for a second, enthralled by how pretty she was.

Her hair was shiny and smooth, straight out of a L’OrΓ©al commercial. A dark red

lipstick lined her heart shaped lips, complimenting her dark eyes. She had to have

been some sort of model with her long, tan legs. She looked to be in her late thirties.

After checking if the child was still in pain she looked towards me and smiled,

the toothy grin immediately radiating kindness and compassion “Thank you so

much for helping her darling! I had to leave for a moment, you know, business.”

She explained, consoling her child as I stood there awkwardly. I smiled at her and

nodded. “Of course. Don’t worry about it.” I said, turning around to head back to

my table where Celine watched me curiously.


“Do you do this type of thing often, by ay chance?” the woman asked before I had

the chance to reach the booth

I lookedat her in confusion and asked her what she meant.

“Well, you see. I wouldn’t askifI wasn’t so desperate. I really have to get away with

my husband on Monday and it would be great if you could spend a couple hours

babysitting. It’s just this little cutie, her brother and their younger sister, She’s two.

I know it’s a lot to ask seeing as we just met but I’m willing to pay you two hundred

dollars and hour, if that’s okay with you.”

My eyes bugled out of their sockets at the amount of money mentioned. I would be

insane to pass this up. Celine’s voice crossed my mind and I almost heard her say

the words, ‘take the offer dumbass! Not like you have anything better to do on a

Monday night.’

Couldn’t she ask a family member? I’d never risk putting a stranger in charge of my

children- good first impression or not. But I shrugged anyway.

As if she needed to convince me more. Mystery woman took her phone out of

her dress pocket and spoke. “Here, take down my phone number and give me a

message if you find yorself interested okay?”

I nodded and took out my phone, taking down the numbers as she read them out.

“Anyway, it was nice meeting you.”

“Gianna.”I finished off.

“Ah, Gianna. A beautiful name! I’m Sarah.” she runs a hand through her long hair.

“Ive got to run now but I hope to hear from you soon.” She smiles one last time and

lifts her daughter. I smiled politely at her and waved at the little girl in her arms as

she walked out the door.

This sounded perfect for me. I mean, what couldgo wrong?

“What was that all about?” Celine asked as I approached my seat, shoving a half

melted ice-cream cup towards me. I tookit gratefully and shoved the sp0on into my

mouth before I could get out a reply. I moaned at the taste and she rolled her eyes,

a slight smile lining her lips.

“I think Ijust got a job.” I said, twirling the utensil between my fingers. Her eyes

widened and she raised her eyebrows, expecting a detailed explanation andI

delved into the story. From the litle girl crying on the floor to her mom offering me

a job and she stared at me, her mouth agape, attempting to take it all in.

“And you’re takingit, just like that?” she asked, her toned laced with confusion.

“Yeah probably. she’s offering me two hundred and hour! I’d be stupid not to take

it.” she gave me a look that said ‘you’re stupid anyway.’ and I rolled my eyes.

“What ifher family is a bunch of serial killers?” she asked and I shrugged.


“Ill do an extensive google search on them just for you when I get home. Plus

I’drather get murdered with a bunch of money in my bank account.” I smirked

teasingly and she stacked our empty cups in the middle of the table, making sure to

clean up for the server who would collect our trash.

“i don’t know Gi.” Celine sighed and stroked the hair of her sister who fell asleep on

her shoulder, strawberry ice-cream lingered around her lips and I smiled. “I have a

bad feeling about this.”

“Oh, come on.” I whined, waving a ismissive hand in front of my face. “She looks

nice enough. I’l be extra cautious.” I said, attempting to calm her nerves which

seemingly didn’t work, based on the reluctant expression on her face. “Ifit seems

suspicious or anything I’l be out of there quickly:” her face relaxed slightly and she


“Come on, my sisters been asleep on me for a while and its giving me bad cramps.

Who naps in the afternoon anyway?” she snickered, gently lifting her adorable

snoring sibling.

Igrabbed her backpack and we walked out of the shop, “You.” I said, stating the


She rolled her eyes and pointed an accusing finger at me. “Whatever, we aren’t

done with this conversation.”

I chuckled silentiy and shook my head, placing it against the car seat.

Imay or may not become a stranger’s babysitter tomorrow.

PS: in the middle of editing Gianna’s age, ifyou see anywhere that mentions

her being 18, point it out in the comments and I’l give you a cookie.



Ihope you enjoyed this first chapter <3


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