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Episode 59-


Pre Final






Three months— That’s how long it has been since I was left at the altar by Wesley, the man who was supposed to be the love of my life, ditched me in front of my friends & family.


I seriously don’t know how I have managed to survive the past few months without losing it though I have constantly been feeling sick and my heart is still shattered.



I have been waiting for Wes to show up just to apologize for what he did but he hasn’t shown up neither has he even shown remorse for humiliating me in such a manner.


His family and mine sat down a few months ago to talk and Wes promised to take care of the baby once she is born, yes the scan confirmed I am having a girl, my due date is next week, I am hoping this child will strengthen the bond between Wes and I, I hope he will come back when I give birth.


I still haven’t given up hope on us, even if it means using the child to get to him I will.


‘You wanna take a walk?’ Sabrina asks




I have been hiding myself in this house the past three months, I can’t face the world because i am afraid they will mock me, I can’t deal with the humiliation and the pain.






Three months- that’s how long it has been since I last saw Zaria Nel, once upon a time I thought I would marry that girl and we would have a happily ever after life, well let’s laugh to that.


I believe what’s meant to be will always find its way into your life effortlessly.


So the last time Zaria and I talked was a few days after her birthday, I had just received a promotion at work which required me to move from Lusaka to Livingstone so I called Zaria and we met up.


We had a lengthy conversation, I told her how I felt and she told me her side of the story. I understand she wanted to start afresh and didn’t want to tie herself down to anyone who was involved with Wesley.


A relationship between us would bring chaos and we both didn’t want to have a life full of drama so I left and we agreed to be friends.


I have been in Livingstone for three months now and I must say life has been peaceful here I met someone two months ago and she helped me get over Zaria,



she also introduced me to Jesus and helped me give my life to Christ, we are taking things slow but I love where we are heading.






An awesome three months it has been, I am really grateful to God for vindicating me and bringing peace into my life once more, things have been moving in the right direction and I couldn’t be happier.


I have so many things to share but first things first, Precious gave birth to bouncing baby boy, though he was born prematurely, he is the healthiest little boy I have ever seen. I have a little brother and it’s so exciting, the experience is just out of this world, you must see how happy my dad is, I haven’t seen him this happy in years. I am glad Precious walked into his life and gave him little Zuriel.


So, I got promoted at work, I am now the senior Financial Analyst isn’t that exciting?


Last but not the least, Xavier and I have been seeing each other for the past few months, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, the attraction and chemistry is there, it’s been there since day one.


Choosing to be with Xavier over Zach was a tough decision but in the end love wins. Zach isn’t the man for me, I had to let him go, we agreed to be friends and we talk here and there, he has totally changed and he told me he met someone so in the end we both won.


Today is Friday and I just got back from work, I am exhausted, i just wanna throw myself on my bed and sleep but I have a date with the girls and our men, so the rest will have to wait until later.


‘Girl you are back?’ Melanie asks, she is sitting in front of the mirror and wrapped in a white towel.


‘Yes I am but nalema boi, I just wanna sleep.’


‘Eh kulibe vogona iwe kolwe, I just told Yedda to start getting ready.’


I yawn loudly, ‘I wish this could wait.’


‘It can’t wait, I have a feeling tonight is gonna be a good night,’ she screams






‘Fine,’ I roll my eyes


I walk to my room, stripe out of my clothes and head for the bathroom. I stand under the shower feeling the hot water soak into my skin, my sore muscles groan in excitement and a sigh happily.


A warm shower is always the best therapy after a long tedious day.


I step out of the shower a moment late to find some clothes laid out for me on the bed, trust Melanie to get us new dresses for days when we are going out like this.


I pick the note on top of the dress, ‘Get dressed,’ it reads. I laugh as I drop my towel and start moisturizing my skin. When I am done quickly slip on my dress and slip my feet into my heels.


Standing in the mirror I pull my hair up and let it down several times trying to decide what looks better. Moments later I decide that it would be better I make a messy bun.


I put a little make up and sprits on some spray before I grab my purse and walk out. Both girls are in the living room, they are dressed and have been waiting for me.


‘You look beautiful!’ I say


‘And you look beautiful too.’


‘Thank you.’


‘Shall we?’




We walk out of the house and get into the car, Melanie is driving. About an hour later, she pulls up in front of a hotel and we step out of the car.


We follow her inside the men reserved a private room for us to dine in. When we walk down the hall to the room, we find them anxiously waiting for us. kindly hi Topster on +2348089122029 to be added to his story room to enjoy better stories from there.



Xavier stands up instantly and walks over me, ‘You look beautiful,’ he murmurs letting his eyes wash swiftly over me.


‘Thank you,’ I smile.


I say hi to Alex and Jonas (Melanie’s boyfriend) then we sit down and we order our food.


When the food comes we start eating while talking about random stuff, it’s an exciting and fun night. We talk and laugh, we also talk about the good old days and how life has been good to us.


After we finish eating, Xavier excuses himself he walks out of the room and walks back in a minute later. When he walks back Ed- Sheeran’s perfect begins to play in the back ground.


He walks closer to me going down on one knee at the side of the chair I am sitting on and taking my hand in his, he clears his throat, ‘You’re amazing, unique and beautiful, you are everything I want in a woman and more, I know it hasn’t been long since we started but I knew the minute I saw you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Zaria Nel marry me,’ he says


‘Oh God!’ I had no idea he would ask me to marry him, lord I am sure the girls knew this would be happening. Lord how I waited for this ring for five years and it just came in three months.


‘Say yes Kolwe,’ Melanie says and everyone bursts out laughing. ‘YES!’ I scream throwing my arms around his neck, ‘I will marry you.’


Not more than a minute later the door creaks open; dad and Xandria appear around the corner with banners & balloons saying congratulations Zaria.


He slips the ring on my finger and before he kisses me, ‘Thank you for making me the happiest man on earth,’ he whispers


‘My little girl,’ Dad wraps me in his arms and I can’t help but shed a little tears. I am getting married, finally. Then I hug Xandria and I can see she is excited, she has been calling me mum for the past few months.


‘We have to start planning the wedding, you won’t have to lift a finger congratulations girl,’ Melanie says.


‘My mummy Zaria, I am happy for you,’ Yedda says


‘Thank you Kasuli.’


‘Bell bells, I hear you,’ I exclaim.




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