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Episode 20


Jill Malik P.O.V


“Do you want wine Tia?” I asked as the flight attendant served us nuts, chocolate, juice, and wine. We were currently on our flight to Paris. Fun fact, it will be Amari’s third birthday in three days.


Aunt Lydia nodded her head at my question. She is so at ease, leaning casually backwards on the comfortable leather seat of Flynn’s private jet. “Yes, please. Your private jet is very luxurious, Flynn.”


“Yes, this is one of the most expensive ones. Do you like it?” Flynn asked as he gave Milan his tablet to watch youtube videos. Amari was sitting on his lap and played with a puzzle.


“I love it, it’s very comfortable.” Aunt Lydia took a sip of her wine and closed her eyes enjoying the taste.


Flynn became silent after that and I knew immediately what he was thinking about. I just know him so well. “Don’t even think about it, Vasilios.”


He looked at me questionably. “What?” he asked innocently.


“I know exactly what you’re thinking about and the answer is no.” I said firmly.


“But I just want to—,”


“Vasilios, you’re not buying an private jet for Tia.” I let out a exasperated sigh. “You just don’t.”


“What?” Who’s going to buy a private jet for me?” Aunt Lydia snapped her eyes open and looked at both of us.


“No, it’s just— I know what Flynn is thinking and I know he’s making arrangements in his head about buying you a private jet.” I clarified to her.


“Don’t spoil the surprise, pudding.” He wailed.


“No, no…Vasilios, can you be normal for a day?”


He sighed at my question. “No private jet then.”


The flight attendant came back with more juice and chips.


“I don’t want a private jet either. You know what I do want Flynn?” Aunt Lydia asked, sipping her wine. She looked at Flynn from over her glass.


“Tiaa—,” I groaned. Flynn is not a bank I wanted to say.


“I want…,” Aunt Lydia paused for a second. “I want you to treat Jill the way she deserves to be treated and to be a good father to Amari.”


“And Milan.” Flynn added and smiled. “I will Tia, it’s a promise.”


She nodded her head and smiled contently. “Good and if you break that promise, I know where you live rich boy.”


“Tia!,” I facepalmed myself. She did not just call Flynn rich boy.


“What?,” She asked innocently.

We arrived in Paris and a cousin of Flynn came to fetch us at the airport.


“Mommy, I want cake.”


Amari tugged on my dress and pouted her lips. “We are at the airport, princess. They don’t sell cake here.” I told her as I lifted her up. “Come on, we are in Paris. Aren’t you happy?”


“I want cake.”


Flynn turned around and raised his eyebrows. “What happened?” He help with carrying our bags to the car that was waiting for us.


“She wants cake.” I said sighing.


“Did I hear cake?” The voice of Roger, Flynn’s cousin, came from behind me. He had two bags in his hand. “Zhoya made plenty of cakes today.” He said smiling.


“Your wife is a baker?” I asked surprised.


He laughed and shook his head. “Oh no, even though I have told her numerous times to open her own shop. Today is one of the days she has that baking spirit you know. And let me tell you, they are delicious.”


“Have you heard that, princess?” I cuddled Amari. “Aunty Zhoya made plenty of cake. Are you happy now?”


Flynn opened the door of the Rolls Royce for us. “Mommy,” Milan squealed. “The car has stars on the ceiling. That’s so cool.”


I chuckled. “Really?”


He nodded his head wildly. “Yes, it’s so cool. Dad, why don’t you have a car like this?”


“Do you want something like this?” Flynn asked as he sat in the passenger seat. “I’ll buy you one for your next birthday.”


I cleared my throat loudly. “I hope you mean a toy Rolls Royce.”


“Mom, I want a real one.” Milan said.


“For that, you are still too young. You are not even allowed to drive yet.”


“Then I will assign a driver for him.” Flynn said in a matter-of-fact.






Roger’s mansion was amazingly stunning. It had a ground-floor entrance hall that had access to the magnificent living room and a dining room opening onto the garden. The landscaped garden directly overlooks the Champ de Mars and commands panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and les Invalides.


“Zhoya, darling. I brought guests.” Roger’s voice boomed through the whole mansion. We walked through the beautiful hallway and ended up in a equipped kitchen with dining facilities.

Roger walked up to his wife who was wearing a purple apron. “It smells good in here darling.”


“Hello,” Zhoya greeted us. She wiped her hands on her apron. “I’m sorry I can’t hug you guys. My fingers are still sticky with flour. I’m not done baking yet” She smiled apologetically at us.


“Mommy, I wanna cake.”


“Amari.” I said sternly. “Go greet aunty Zhoya first. ”


“Hi Aunty Zhoya.” Amari greeted shyly.


“Hello sweetheart. Do you want to have a slice chocolate cake or pumpkin spice?”




“Good choice,” Zhoya laughed as she sliced a piece of cake for Amari.


“What do you say Amari?” I said as Zhoya handed her the cake on a plate.


“Thank you, aunty Zhoya.”


“You’re welcome, sweet heart.”


Roger showed us our rooms. “I hope you will have a pleasant stay here. I’m just so excited that he finally decided to stay over at mine.” Roger patted Flynn’s back. “No more hotels, cousin.”


Flynn chuckled. “I should have taken your advice from the beginning.”


After Roger left, Aunt Lydia opened her room and let out a loud gasp. “This is so fancy.” She said in a hush tone. “I feel like Kris Jenner.”


I laughed and helped her bring her stuff inside. “Get use to this lavish lifestyle, Tia.”


“I should say that to you, hija.” Aunt Lydia closed the door behind her. “Are you happy?”


I gave her a weird look. “What do you mean?” I laughed. “Of course I’m happy.”


“I don’t mean that. I mean are you happy with this life?”


“I am, Tia. With or without Flynn, we would still lead a very luxurious life.”


“Your parents would be so proud of you.” Aunt Lydia smiled. “Anyways, I will freshen up, I think you should too. Are you going to sleep in Flynn’s room?”


“I guess so. My stuff isn’t here.”


“Well then, I’ll see you later.” Aunt Lydia let me out and I walked to Flynn’s room that was across hers.


I opened the door and Flynn was busy unpacking his stuff. “Where are the kids?” I asked as the room was so quiet.


“They are in their own room.”


“What?” I asked astonished. They have their own room.

“Come on, pudding.” Flynn laughed. “They cannot sleep with us. Besides we need some mommy and daddy time.”


“Of course. Whatever you say Vasilios.”


He grinned and walked over towards me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. “My sweet pudding.” He murmured, his mouth close to my lips. I could feel his hot minty breath fanning my face.


He placed a soft and gentle kiss on my lips. It totally caught me off guard.


“I love you.” He whispered.

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