Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode 19


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


I don’t like tapas. Maybe not all of them, but the ones I already tried. Those were horrible. The cheese and olives. I just find it disgusting.


But I know how much Jill loves tapas. The last time we were in Spain we went to the Plaça de Catalunya and I remembered how much she enjoyed it. She was glowing and she had so much fun. Even though I couldn’t stand the crowd and the pizza, her happy face was all that mattered.


I love her. A lot.


“Where are we going?” Jill asked. She sat next to me looking like a goddamn goddess. Someone like her deserves more than what I can give her. She deserves the finest treatment. I shouldn’t bring her to go eat tapas, but instead dine with her in Al Dawaar, one of the finest restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant is amazing and the quality of the food is so great. A million times better than tapas.


But Jill would feel very uncomfortable. I know my girl. She likes the simple things. Yes, she loves to go out sometimes and dine in a fine restaurant, do some shopping in Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and pamper herself with jewelry from Tiffany’s, but most of the time she enjoys the simple things.


A picnic, a movie night, a date at McDonalds. She loves it. It’s the little things that makes such a big difference.


So, for tonight I planned out the perfect date for us. First we’re going to Cervecería Catalana to get some tapas. I can’t let my princess starve, can I? Girls need to eat before you bring them out and about, because otherwise they will be moody. Read that somewhere on google. After having tapas we will go to visit Casa Mila. And we will end the night by visiting the Magic Fountain of Montjuic.


“First things first.” I parked the car and Jill looked outside. The place must be familiar to her, because a small smile appeared on her face. I saw the little spark in her eyes and that’s when I realized that I brought her to the right place. Screw Al Dawaar, if this place makes my girl happy, who cares about a first class restaurant?


“Tapas.” She said happily and turned to look at me, “How did you know about this place? The tapas here are delicious.”


“Google, pudding.” I grinned. “Google.”


“Oh em gee! C’mon let’s go. I really want you to try all the different tapas they have here. Have you ever had Calamares?,”


I shook my head. Cala-what?! What the hell are those? “Is it like a drink? Pepsi?”


Jill laughed out loud. “No, not even close. But I promise you they are so good. You should really try it.”


The way she laughed, the way she talked. I never realized how much I missed this until now. I have missed her voice and presence. “You look beautiful.” I blurted out.


“Thank you, Vasilios.” She answered, smiling. “You look handsome yourself.”


I stepped out of the car and walked to her side to open the door. “My lady.” I said, stretching my hand out at her. Jill smiled at me and placed her hand in mine. She better do to, because I’m positive all the men inside will be gawking at her. But what can I say? She’s beautiful.

“So,” I said when we entered the restaurant,”What do you want?”


“A calamares. Two calamares.”


“What is a calamate-what?” I asked, confused. I know everything about finance, business, and trade, but don’t ask me about food. Especially foreign food. I’m not an expert in that.


“Calamares,” Jill laughed, “It’s fried squid rings. Oh, oh and you should also try the patatas bravas, steamed prawns, and the beef tenderloin. I have heard the beef tenderloin is so delicious.”


We sat down at the nearby table and I went to order the food. When I came back Jill was looking at her surroundings.


The place was crowded. I didn’t expect anything less, because the reviews about this place were insane. Everyone loved it. The food, the people, the ambiance. It’s an amazing place.


“So, are you enjoying it so far? I’m sorry this whole trip didn’t go as planned.”


Jill turned her attention back at me. “Are you crazy? This is probably like the first time in forever I feel so happy. To finally see Milan and Aunt Lydia… And of course you meeting Amari. I have never felt better.”


“I can say the same. You have no idea how happy I am to sit here with you. I thought I would never see this day anymore.” I placed my hand on Jill’s. She didn’t pull away, thank god. “You have no clue how much I have missed you, pudding.”


“I know exactly what you’re talking about.” She said softly. “I have missed you too… A lot.”


I look up at her pretty face. Plump lips and beautiful eyes. That small smile that was playing on her lips. And that’s when I realized that I lost myself in her. All mistakes I have ever made, and there have been many, are gone. I know her eyes can see through me, I know she can see how sorry I am. How much I regret everything I have done to her in the past. I know that I do not deserve her, but screw it ! She’s the greatest treasure of my life, the one, and the only one. Nothing is going to change that.


To me Jill is the world itself and without her I cannot enjoy a simple flower or the rising sun. I have realized that in the past few years when I thought that I had lost her forever.


But here she is again. Sitting right in front of me. Looking like an angel. Gosh, you have no idea how much I love this woman.


“Vasilios, are you alright?” Jill pinched my hand. “You’re so deep in thought.”


“You have no idea.” I mumbled softly.


“I have no idea what?” Jill asked confused. She looked so cute when she was confused.


Right at that moment our food came. The delicious smell of all the dishes entered my nostrils. Mmmh, after this I definitely should hit the gym. Not only did it smell good, but it also looked good.


Jill fed me calamares. It was good. Delicious even.


Most of the dishes were really tasty and I enjoyed all of them. I do actually like tapas, I just didn’t like the pizza I had the last time. That was disgusting.

After we had dinner we visited Casa Mila where had to take a thousand selfies. She looked so good in all of them, but she wanted to retake it twenty times again just because she wanted to have choices.


I don’t understand girls.


Casa Mila was beautiful at night. Jill told me that she came here with Aunt Lydia when she was little. It was boring then she told me, but now that she’s older she could stay hours here.


After we were done admiring Casa Mila we went to the the Magic Fountain of Montjuic to end the night. Tomorrow we had an early plane to catch to Paris.


The magic fountain of montjuic was indeed magical.


“Have you been here before?” I asked Jill.


She shook her head. “No, never.” She stayed silent for a while, all her attention on the fountain. “It is so beautiful.” She whispered.


I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. I inhaled the scent of strawberry shampoo. The one that she always uses. It’s called Suave. Her favorite.


“Just like you, pudding.” I whispered back in her ear. “It’s beautiful, just like you.”

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