Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode 14

Jill Malik P.O.V


It’s not hard to let Flynn back into my life. I never realized how much I still loved him until I saw him again. I love him in the way a puppy loves – devoted, playful, trusting. I guess I should be ashamed of that somehow; He betrayed me once upon a time.Yet I prefer to be strong; strong enough to risk being broken all over again, to love again, full knowing my own fragility. I’ve known heartbreak enough to shatter my mind, to leave my soul feeling like dust in the wind and my body unwilling to live.


But, my love for him, is unconditional. Despite what he had done to me, I still want to forgive him and start all over again. I have so many mixed feelings about this, it’s like my heart wants one thing, but my mind says something else.


“What are you thinking about?” Flynn nudged me from the side. He put the napkin down and waited for my answer. There was jam in the corner of his mouth.


I just shook my head and smiled warmly. I leaned over to wipe the jam off his face. “Nothing, the food is delicious. And the place is amazing.”


And that was true. The castle was beautiful and modern. It felt like a fairytale minus the talking animals and pumpkin carriages.


“Have you tried the cheesecake? It’s delicious.” Flynn sliced a piece of cheesecake and brought it to my mouth. I haven’t tried it yet, since I was still finishing the boerewors that they also served us. “Here, try it! It’s so good!”


I took a small bite of the cheesecake and licked my lips. It tasted really good, it was like a piece of heaven. “The chefs here are wonderful. Everything taste so delicious, I hope there’s a gym here.”


Flynn laughed. “Actually there isn’t. You have to wait until we get back.” He turned towards Amari who was sitting next to him. She was eating maize pap that was prepared especially for her. I thought she wouldn’t like it, but she’s already on her second bowl.


After breakfast Flynn showed us around the castle. The castle was situated in its own manicured private garden which provides direct access to secluded Noetzie Beach. It has every conceivable comfort for discerning guests including a heated rim flow pool, a thatched gazebo perched on the rocks, and huge terraces with panoramic views of the beach and ocean.


The magnificent private residence provides the ultimate luxury with 2 living rooms with wood-burning fireplaces, a 10 seater dining room and 3 spacious suites with sumptuous bathrooms and magnificent views of the Noetzie Beach and Indian Ocean. There are king-size beds, walk-in wardrobes, individual climate control, flats screen TV, DVD player and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.


Bathrooms have walk-in wardrobes, heated marble floors and towel rails, double vanities, separate WCs, free-standing baths and showers.


All suites lead out through double doors onto private terraces with comfortable seating and loungers to soak up the sun and the views.


We settled in one of the masters bedroom. The view from the window was breathtakingly beautiful. The view was from the botanical garden. There was a wide range of plants such as cacti and other succulent plants, herb gardens, plants from particular parts of the world, and so on.There was also a greenhouse with special collections such as tropical plants, alpine plants, and other exotic plants.


Amari was so eager to go for a walk in the botanical garden. One of the maids decided to take her for a walk so Flynn and I could have some ‘adult’ time together. The people in the castle were so nice and when we arrived they immediately took a liking in Amari. She was like the little princess and they would serve her everything she wants.

When Amari left the room with the maid whose name was Agatha, the sΒ£xual

tension between Flynn and I suddenly rise. I never realized how uncomfortable

it made me when I was alone in a room with him. It was like he was a flame and I

was the moth that was drawn to him.

Flynn cleared his throat after a long awkward silence. “Uhm do you want to go for

a walk at the beach?”

Inodded my head, I loved the beach. “Yes, sure.” I grabbed my phone and slippers

and headed out with Flynn following behind me. It was a five minute walk to the

beach. I knew the way, because earlier the butler showed us the stone path that

would lead us straight to the beach. Even though you could see the beach from

the bedroom on the other side of the hallway, it was still a little bit away from the


“How come no one is here?” I asked as I looked around the empty beach. The place

was beautiful, I wonder where all the people are. Especially since the sun is about

to set now, it’s a perfect time to take pictures and have a romantic walk or picnic.

“It’s a private beach.” Flynn told me. “No one can come here unless they are staying

in the castle or have permission from the owner.”

“Oh.”I said. That explains why we were the only ones here. The beautiful, big blue

ocean’s waves are crashing against the cliffs as I watch the beautiful birds joyfully

fly around in circles in the air. The warm, golden sand runs between my toes with

the gentle breeze.

As I walk along, I find gorgeous, shiny shells that have been washedinto the shore

by the rippling of the water. Flynn watched my movements with a smile.

I turned around scanning if we were still the only people around The sun is about

to set and I wanted to do my favorite thing. I quickly slip out of my clothes and

from behind me I could feel Flynn’s eyes burning in my back.

“What the hell are you doing?” I heard him groan from behind. I knew it took all of

him to not jump on me right now. I turned around, now only in my bra and panties,

and gave him a teasing smile.

“Skinny dipping.” I said and with that I turned around, unhooked my bra and pull

my panties down before dashing into the water.

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