Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 18



Jill Malik P.O.V


Today was Milan’s last day in the hospital. I was so happy he could finally go home. Flynn had promised him that when he got better, he would bring him to Disney Land Paris. They kept it a secret for a long time, until yesterday when Milan got too excited and spilled it.


After Disneyland and Paris rolled out of Milan’s mouth I glared at Flynn. Damn, I was mad. He’s spoiling the boy rotten. But for how long could I stay mad at my boys? Instead I smiled kindly at Milan and ruffled his hair. “Are you excited, mi amor?”


He nodded his head eagerly. “But I want to live with you mommy and with pearl and papa.” When he said that my chest tightened. I had promised him I would bring him to the states. Flynn looked over at me and then smiled back at Milan. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I knew how much Milan missed me, every time we were on the phone he asked me about how life is over there. He’s getting older and knows a lot more than when he was six.


“We will bring you to New York very soon. But first, you need to recover and finish middle school here.” Flynn said and pinched Milan in his cheeks. “You’ll start high school in the states. Are you excited?”


“Then I’m here all alone.” Aunt Lydia pouted. She sat in the corner of the room playing with Amari. Amari was so excited to see her, they haven’t seen each other since last year christmas. Aunt Lydia spoiled Amari with sweets. Right now they were eating chocolate cupcakes in the corner of the room, thinking that I haven’t noticed.


“You can move to the states too. There will be plenty of space in my new house.” I say genuinely to Aunt Lydia.


“You will buy a new house?!” Aunt Lydia and Flynn exclaimed both in surprise.


“Of course,” I said. “My job is paying really well, I think I can buy a house in one or two years.”


Flynn walked towards me and caressed my cheeks. “Pudding, you know I can do it in one phone call. Do you already know what type of house you want?”


I shook my head. “Thank you, but no. My new house will be a treat to myself.”


“But you will be living in my house.” Flynn said.


I rose my eyebrows up at him. “Excuse me ?”


Flynn cleared his throat. “I’m moving to fast, aren’t I?”


I chuckled. “Yeah, but for your information I want to buy a house. I don’t care if it’s for vacation or only for the weekend. Buying a house is one of the things I want to get off my bucket list.”


“You have a bucket list?” He asked in surprise.


“Yeah I actually do.”


“What are the things that still need to get crossed off the bucket list?”


“Mmhh.” I thought about it for a while. I already graduated, have a job, two beautiful kids..Mmh, family and house still needs to get crossed off. But I’m pretty sure with Family comes Flynn and I already made plans to buy a house. Then the only thing that needs to get crossed off is a tropical wedding and a vacation to St. Lucia. Oh my god, St. Lucia is my dream vacation.

“I think that a tropical wedding and a vacation to St. Lucia still needs to get crossed off. I want to go to St. Lucia probably like next year or so when I get my promotion.”


“Interesting.” Flynn kissed my forehead and then looked at his watch. “I need to go meet an investor. Can I take you out for dinner tonight?”


“Aren’t you on vacation right now?”


He let out a deep sigh and nodded. “Actually our meeting was scheduled in two weeks in the Philippines. But since he’s here I decided to meet up with him so I don’t need to travel so far.”


“Oh well, I’ll see you tonight then. What time?”


“I’ll pick you up at eight.”


I nodded and he gave me a quick peck on my lips.


Suddenly I remembered Disneyland. “When are we going to Disney?” I asked.




I watched Flynn walking out of the hospital room. Then I turned my attention to Amari and Aunt Lydia. “If you two think I haven’t noticed the cupcakes, then you are so wrong.”


“Crap! We have been caught Amari!”




“Mommy, where are you going?” Amari waddled into my room. She wore a pink fluffy pajama and right now she looked just like boo.


“I’m going out with daddy, princess.” I said as I applied mascara on my lashes. Amari had long full lashes. She got it from Flynn. I would be lying If I said that I’m not jealous of them.


“I wanna go to mommy.”


“No, princess. You’ll stay home with Milan and eat pancakes with strawberries and whip cream.” I kissed the tip of her nose and she nuzzled her head in my chest. “I wanna go to daddy.” she murmured. She’s such a daddy girl. But then again, daddy was the one who spoiled her.


“Daddy can’t spend time with mommy?” I asked as I fake pouted my lips at her.


“No, daddy is my daddy.” she said and hopped off my lap and walked out of my room. Well, I don’t mind her stealing my man from me.


“Flynn’s here!” Aunt Lydia yelled from the living room. I hurriedly grabbed my clutch and slipped on my heels and walked out of the room. I’m curious where he’s going to take me.


When I walked into the living room Amari and Milan were both surrounding him. “What did daddy bring for you?” I asked as I saw them with paper bags.


“Candy!” they both yelled out.


I looked at Flynn and he gave me an apologetic smile. He knows that candy is not allowed at night. “Mommmyyy!” he said imitating Amari when she needs something. “It’s only this time.”

“You are spoiling them.”I said as I walked over to him. Iplaced my head on his

chest and the fresh smell of aftershave entered my nostrils. His big arms held me

firmly against his body. “I missed you.” He whispered and a small smile appeared

on my face. “I missed you too.” I whispered back.

I turnedaround and Aunt Lydia was sitting with Milan and Amari on the couch

opening the paper bags with candies.

“Tia, are you going to be alright with those two? Are you sure I should not call a

babysitter to help you?” I asked.

Aunt Lydia gave me a disapproving look. “Silly girl, of course not. I can handle

these two just fine. You two go have fun.”

“Thank you, Tia. Behave yourself kids.” I said before we headed out.

When we were outside I turned towards Flynn who was holding the car door open

for me. “Where are we going?”

He gave me a mysterious smile and said, “We are going to have tapas.”

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