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Episode 13


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“What?!” I yelled out bewildered at the flight attendant. Theo just smiled apologetically at me. He just brought me the news that it was impossible to enter the UK let alone Scotland, because of the heavy snow storm.


“Ssshh.” Jill rocked Amari who was sleeping in her hands back and forth. “What happened?” She whispered.


“We cannot enter Scotland. There’s a heavy snowstorm going on. It’s impossible.” Theo explained to Jill. He then looked at me. “Didn’t you check the weather in Scotland?”


“It was good earlier today. Even the pilot agreed that it was possible to make it to scotland.” I sighed frustrated and walked to the cockpit. This could not be happening. I was so excited to go to Scotland with my girls.


I knocked twice and entered. “Man, what happened?!”


“Heavy snowstorm boss.” Jonathan, my personal pilot said. He was my personal pilot for four years now. He was more family now than an employee. “I’m afraid we cannot fly to Scotland tonight. Maybe you can stay in Amsterdam for the night, because I’m going to stop there to refuel the plane.”


“What about the next day?” I asked with a hint of hope in my voice. “Do you think it will be possible to enter Scotland.”


“I don’t think so. There’s heavy snowfall. I just got the message. Maybe you can stay in Amsterdam or we can return home?”


I sighed and waved my hand in dismissal. “No, no, we’re going to South-Africa. I know a friend there who has a castle that I can rent. The whole Scotland plan failed.”


“I’m sorry boss, but safety goes first.”


“Yeah yeah that’s true. Our next stop is Eden, South Africa.” I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called Harvey up. Once he told me that he owned a castle in South Africa where he stayed every Summer and Winter.


He picked up after the third call. In the background I heard a girl’s voice. “What’s up man?”


“Harvey can you do me a favor?” Who are you talking to, Harvey? The high pitched voice of the female hurt my poor ears. I don’t know how Harvey could have a conversation with her.


“Hurry, speak up.” He whispered. You’re always on the phone! Female said in the background. I’m sorry baby, it’s just a friend. Harvey said in a soothing voice to her. “I’m on a date now, man.” he scowled at me.


“I feel sorry for you. But I really want to rent your castle in south-africa.”


“Of course, of course.” He answered. “I’ll make a call to the butler there, so he knows you’re coming. There’s also a private airport there, so you can fly straight to the destination.”


“Thanks man, I appreciate it!”


“You’re welcome.” Are you talking to one of your side chicks? Ugh I’m out of here! I heard the shuffling of chairs and Harvey yelling: Wait baby! And then the line went dead.

I shook my head and put my phone back in my pocket. Guess someone is not going to get laid tonight, thanks to me.


I walked back to Jill and she immediately started firing questions at me. “Is everything alright? Are we going back home?”


I shook my head and sat down across her. Her hair was messy and she had put it in a messy bun on top of her head. “We’re going to stop in Amsterdam to refuel the plane, you can buy something to eat for Amari and then afterwards we’re going to South Africa.”


“South Africa?! What?” Jill yelled out surprised. “Seriously, was this already planned?”


“No, it was a last minute plan.” I sighed deeply. “We will go to Scotland another time. When there’s no snowstorm.”


“It’s okay. This is already too much. Amari only needs your time and attention, Flynn. She doesn’t need expensive trips.” Jill said softly, her eyes scanning my face.


“What about you?” I asked. “What do you want? This is not only about Amari. It’s also about you. About us.”


Jill took her eyes off me. Instead she stared out of the window. “I don’t want anything Flynn, I just want you to win my trust back.”


“I’m working on it. It will take time, but I can promise you this. I will never ever do something that will hurt your or Amari’s feeling.”


The corners of Jill’s lips curled into a smile. “The biggest and most priceless gift you have ever gave me is Amari.”


“I can give you another replica of Amari.” I said smirking.


Jill scowled at me. “You didn’t just say that.”


“But I did.”


“I’m not ready to be welcomed in the mile high club” She shook her head and smiled.


We stopped in Amsterdam for two hours and spent some time walking around in the airport. Amari was jumping from joy when she finally could get out of the plane. We went to the nearest McDonalds and did some shopping in the many airport shops.


Afterwards we went back to the plane and continued our journey to South Africa. Earlier Harvey texted me again that everything was arranged and the butler and maids were expecting us. To kill the time we played different family games.


I gave Jill her favorite Delafee chocolate and her eyes sparkled. I knew they were her favorite.


Finally, we arrived in South Africa, Eden. It was early in the morning and Jill and Amari just woke up from their hour long sleep. I stretched out as I walked down the stairs of the plane.


“What is this, daddy?” Amari stepped out of the plane and tugged on my hand. “Where are we?”

“What is this, daddy?” Amari stepped out of the plane and tugged on my hand.

“Where are we?”

I lifted her up and kissed her cheeks. “South-Africa, princess.”

“Flynn? Where are we? Is that a-,” jill’s voice came from behind me.

“Castle.” I finished for her. I turned around and smiled. “Yes, it is. A castle for my

little princess and you, my queen.” I stopped to realize at what I just said. “Future

queen.” I corrected myself.

Jill let outa loud gasp. “ You didn’t !”

“I already did, pudding. Let’s go have breakfast.” I took her hand in mine and

together we walked to the entrance of the castle.

Ilook at Amari who was beaming in my arms and at Jill who was walking right

next to me.

A blessing

That’s what they were.

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