Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 10


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


I sat in my office finishing the latest project I was working on. I haven’t seen my pudding and my princess in three days, since I was in Singapore to close a business deal. But tonight, I’m going over to their place to have dinner. I am so excited !


The door of my office opened and Rodrigo sauntered in. He wore a navy blue suit, seems like someone just came out of a meeting. “Haven’t you heard of knocking?” I said, looking up at him. He sat down across me and put his leg on my table. The nerve. “Get your leg off my table, dumbass.”


He ignored me and just stared at me, dead in the eye. Sometimes Rodrigo could be f**king creepy, just like now. “How’s with Jill? Did she forgive you yet?”


I closed my laptop and sighed. Typically Rodrigo to look out for Jill. “Nah, not anytime soon.”


“Good.” Rodrigo said, a smile playing on his lips. “I like a stubborn, hard-to-get woman. You broke her trust, what did you expect? Now who’s the dumbass?”


When Rodrigo heard what I had done to Jill he punched me in the face. And after that he didn’t talk to me for a month. A WHOLE month. Talk about being dramatic. “Are you here to rub this in my face? You think she was the only one that suffered.”


“She was the only one that suffered the most!” Rodrigo put his feet down and sat up straight in the chair. “If I were her, I would have never forgave you. But at the same time, I know how much you love her. You would give your life up for her. I know it and that’s why I cannot stay mad at you.”


“I still love her. So much. It actually hurts…,” I pointed at my heart. “Here.”


“What happened to Zoe? Heard anything about her after you ruined her career and reputation?” Rodrigo asked, laughing evilly. He was such a happy man when I ruined Zoe. He literally celebrated it for two weeks straight.


I chuckled. “Bitch is somewhere in Australia I think. Or maybe in some poor neighborhood in India. I don’t know, I don’t care. She should have never messed with me.”


“She was hopelessly in love with you.” Rodrigo remarked. “Damn, you two were once inseparable.”


Inseparable. “Haha, you think?” I laughed. “Friends can turn into snake. Tssk. Tssk. She turned into the biggest one.”


“Leave Zoe. Hell, what happened to that Sera chick? The one you cheated—,”


“I know which one you mean,” I grumbled annoyed. “Probably with her sugardaddy somewhere in the middle east. I don’t know, I don’t care either. Both their personalities are ugly as hell.”


“But still you couldn’t—,”


I didn’t let Rodrigo finished his sentence, because that means another insult. This guy cannot get enough of insulting me. I almost wanted to stab him in the face and then rush him to the hospital.


“Can we stop talking about the past? I cannot change anything. I’m still thinking about ways how to win Jill’s trust back.” I looked out of the window. “She’s such a precious thing. Do you know how much I hate myself right now? God, I sound like a pu**y.”


“You sound like a man.” Rodrigo corrected me. “A man who wants his woman back.”

Rodrigo phone went off. He checked it and sighed deeply. “I don’t regret to be a married man, but damn your sister can be such a goddamn tease.”


I scrunched my face. “Disgusting. Don’t talk about your nightly adventures with me.”


Rodrigo laughed out loud. “Seriously? You’re the one with the daddy kink.”


“I don’t do it anymore. I just realized how f**ked up it sound. Geez, why did Jill even called me that.”


Rodrigo stood up and ruffled his hair. “Well, I will see you later. Wifey wants pizza.”




What colors roses do Jill like? Pink? Red? Why are there even so many? Damn it. I gave up and picked out a pink bouquet with roses for my princess and a red one for Jill. Yeah, both for my girls. They deserve it.


I paid for the roses and went back to the car, driving to Jill’s apartment. I couldn’t wait to see them. I have missed them so much, especially Amari. She’s growing up so fast.


I parked my car and grabbed the roses from the passenger seat. I got the key from her apartment and opened the door. Jill insisted that I should have a key, because I often brought Amari home late. Sometimes she didn’t wanted to get disturbed since she had to work the next day.


When I closed the door behind me a squealing Amari jumped on me. “Daddy! You’re home.” She looked up at me excitedly and smiled. “I missed you.”


I squatted down and hugged her tightly. “I missed you too, princess. I brought you roses and candy? Do you like candy.”


She shook her head. “I love cake.”


Oh of course, how could I forget that. “Well,” I said. “Maybe we can get some cake after dinner.”


Amari’s eyes lit up and her cheeks turned pink. So cute. “Yes! Mommy, mommy!” She grasped my hand and dragged me to the kitchen. “Mommy! Daddy says cake.”


Jill wiped her hand on a table cloth and looked up at us. “Oh, hey there. Did he brought cake?”


Amari shook her head. “No, he said—,”


“We will get cake later. Right, princess.” I said smiling, as I looked down at my little princess. “Why don’t you go play? I brought you a new toy.” I handed her the gift bag and she immediately ran to the living room.


“You’re spoiling her.” I heard Jill say next to me. “Food, toys, outings. She doesn’t need that, she just needs your time.”


“I’m a busy man, Jill. I was in Singapore for three days, you didn’t want to come.”


“Of course not.” she said frustratingly. “I’m not going to give up my work just for you.”

“And you don’t want us back. I don’t have a choice. I cannot wake up next to Amari every morning.”


She sighed and continued setting the table. She wore a pink dress that reached her thighs. So beautiful, even after she gave birth to my daughter. She had a kind of understated beauty. In her presence I felt showered with love and in her eyes shone a gentleness that told me that,at last, I was home. She was home.


“What are you thinking about?” She asked softly, her beautiful eyes looking up at me. “I’m not ready yet, you know that.”


“When will you be ready then?” I was getting impatient. I just wanted to come home. Not to an empty mansion. But to her. I loved her so much. I don’t want one stupid mistake to ruin everything. Communication is the key. And I’m trying to use it for once, but it’s only killing me.


“When I’m ready, I’ll tell you. If you think it’s easy, then you’re wrong. I don’t even want to think how many girls were in your life when I wasn’t.”


When she said that my eyes darkened and a piece of my heart broke. Is that how she thinks of me? My woman thinks that she’s replaceable. She thinks that I was dipping my d**k in some other girls—


Goddamn it!


I walked over to her and grabbed her by her upper arm. I turned her around so she could look in my eyes and see the truth. The pain.


“I have hurt you, Jill. Damn it, I even admit I did it! But do you even realize how much your disappearance affected me? Have you? ” I gnashed. “I want us back, I would do anything to have us back. Why are you making it so hard!”


“You’re hurting me.” She squeaked and I immediately let go of her arm. Goddamnit! I haven’t even realized that my grip on her was so strong.


“Think about it, Jill. I’ll keep and keep on trying. I’ll not rest until I get my family back. Forgive me, pudding. Please.”


“I told you so many times.” She hissed angrily. “I already forgave you, Vasilios. A long time ago. I mean I knew you wouldn’t change, I was just stupid to not see it.”


That was the last drop.


After everything, this is how she thinks of me. Yes, I’m a man, but I do have feelings. If someone else would say it, it wouldn’t even faze me. But hearing it from Jill, it hurts. She doesn’t realize how much her words affected me. She doesn’t see it. Because I don’t show it.


Hurt flickered in my eyes, but I blinked it away before she could see it. I took a deep breath. “It hurts that you still think about me like that. You say that you forgave me, but you haven’t. You still hold a grudge against me—,” I pointed with my finger at her chest. “Here. And for your information, I have been celibate the entire time you were gone. Yeah I basically became a f**king nun, male version. I couldn’t do you dirty like that, Jill.”


I took a step back, leaving her speechless. I grabbed the roses on the table and gave them to her, before walking out of the kitchen.


Suddenly I didn’t feel hungry anymore. I was just angry and sad. Guess there’s only one thing left.


Going back to an empty mansion….Again.

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