Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 23


Jill Malik P.O.V


I took one last look at my outfit in the mirror and I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. It was a long red satin dress with a high slit that Flynn bought for me as a gift. It fitted me like a glove and I wondered how Flynn knew my size even after all these years.


Amari was sleeping over at Ximena and Rodrigo’s tonight. Three weeks ago we came back from France. We dropped Milan and aunt Lydia in Barcelona and then we immediately flew back to the states, because Flynn had a lot of meetings to attend.


Even I had to catch up on work. We were both very busy the following weeks. Occasionally Flynn came over for dinner after work or I dropped Amari at his to spend the night. We haven’t really talked yet about ‘us.’ Simply, because we didn’t got the chance to.


My phone buzzed on the nightstand and I walked over to see who it was.


Flynn: Open the door, pudding.


A smile appeared on my face and I walked over to the living room to open the door. Flynn stood there, dressed in a black suit, with a big smile on his face. What a handsome man he is. “Hey gorgeous,” he greeted, hugging me and kissing both of my cheeks. “I brought you red roses to match that pretty dress of yours.”


I laughed. “Thanks, Vasilios.” I took the flowers from him. “So where are we going?”


“I thought of staying at home tonight. I brought dinner, wine, and dessert. We will have a fancy stay-at-home date night. What do you think?”


“Sounds like a plan.” I moved out of my way so Flynn could step into the living room. Thank goodness I cleaned the house earlier. “What do we have for dinner?”


I followed him into the kitchen and he placed the plastic bags on the table. He turned around to face me and said,” I brought lasagna, ravioli, and meatloaf. For desert there’s chocolate cake.”


“That sounds delicious. Did you made all of it yourself, Vasilios?”


He let out a laugh and shook his head. “I wish I could, but i’m not Rodrigo.”


I sat down on the bar stool and watch as Flynn moved around the kitchen to set the table. “Do you need help?”


“No, I’m good. You should sit and watch the boss do the magic.”


I chuckled. “Whatever you say, Vasilios.”


I watch him light a candle and placing plates on the table. He then opened the wine and beckoned me to sit down at the table.


“So,” He said, sitting down in front of me. “Are you impressed?”


“Actually yeah. It’s better than I imagined.” I answered honestly, taking a sip of my wine. It tasted delicious. Just what I needed after a busy week. “So, how was your day?”


Flynn stayed silent for a while. “Uhm, it was great.” He said after a moment of hesitation. “Actually… Sera came by today… at my office.”

My heart stopped for a millisecond. I stared at Flynn, waiting for him to continue. He probably saw the horrified expression on my face, because he shook his head.


“No, I made a promise to you and I will keep it until my last breath. Actually, Sera came to apologize.”


I raised my eyebrows up at that. “And? An apology will not excuse the things she did.”


“But I was also at fault, pudding. I admit it. What happened three years ago wasn’t only her fault. We both know it. But that’s not the point.”


“Then what is the point, Vasilios?”


“Sera’s pregnant.”




“She got raped. She’s carrying the child of a rapist.”


My breath got stuck in my throat. Now I was the one that was speechless. I would never wish rape or dead on my enemy or someone who did me wrong. It’s horrible and disgusting.


Flynn continued, “She came to ask for my forgiveness so that she and her unborn child can live in peace. She told me that after the rape incident, she realized that money is a dangerous thing. The guy who raped her was a rich man. Her whole case got dismissed, because of money. She didn’t get justice and the man who raped her is walking around freely.”


“You’re not serious.” I said shockingly.


“I am. This is not something new. Rich people always tend to get away with illegal things. I can do it too, but I prefer not. Anyways, she’s moving to Georgia to live with her sister. She came by to ask me for forgiveness and told me that she got what she deserved for tearing us apart.”


I shook my head. “Rape is a f**ked up thing. I would never wish that upon her, or anyone.”


“I told her that. But, yeah well, she said that it was karma’s way of dealing with her. She doesn’t want our pity.”


I let out a deep sigh. “I really feel bad for her. Is that weird?”


Flynn gave me a small smile. “Not at all. You’re the most sweetest and caring person I’ve ever known.”


“Aw, thanks Vasilios.”


“Now, let’s eat. The food is getting cold…. I just uhm…felt the need to tell you so that there’s no miscommunication. This time I want to do everything right.”


I smiled warmly at him. “As I already said Vasilios. Communication is the key.”




After dinner Flynn suddenly decided that it is a perfect night to go stargazing. I didn’t had a problem with it. I don’t care if we were at home or out, I just wanted to spend some quality time with him.

When we arrived at the stargazing spot, a man was already waiting there for us. I guess Flynn had called him earlier.


“Hello,” He greeted. “My name is Jason Kendall. You must be Mr. Vasilios.”


Flynn nodded his head. “Good evening Mr. Kendall. I brought my woman to watch some stars tonight.”


Mr. Kendall gave me a small nod and look back at Flynn. “Amazing. I have two telescopes for each of you and you can find a spot to watch the stars.” He handed Flynn and I each a telescope. “Be careful with it.”


“Thank you.” Flynn said. He grabbed my hand and we walked around the park to find a spot. We decided to sit under a blossom tree.


“If we sit under a tree, we cannot see the stars.” I said, sitting down next to Flynn.


“Yes you can. Look, if you hold it like this—,” Flynn held my telescope and showed me what he meant. “Then you can see everything perfectly.”


I followed his example and I was amazed that he was right. I could see everything clearly. I have never actually realize how beautiful the night sky is. Seeing it from a telescope is a whole new experience.


“Is it beautiful?”


I nodded my head and put my telescope down. “It is.”


“Look at me, pudding.”


His voice held so much authority as he said that.


I hesitantly looked up at him. The swirls of emotion I saw there made me gasp.


Lust and desire.


However, before I could ponder about it further, he yanked me closer to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss.


His insistent mouth was parting my trembling lips, sending wild tremors along my nerves. Then, I kissed him back, the kiss getting deeper, deeper than all the galaxies in the universe. I forgot how it was to kiss him. It has been so long, but his lips are definitely not a foreign touch to mine.


As we parted I saw his eyes sparkle and lips curve up into a smile and I couldn’t help but smile back. Finally, after a long time I felt complete again.


“I love you.” I whispered breathlessly.

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