Sun. May 12th, 2024

Episode 36


Jill Malik P.O.V


The warm ball of light filtered through my eyelids and awoke me on the second day of our vacation. Rays of brightness cast squares onto the floor, reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorated its otherwise simplicity. I opened my eyes and let out a yawn. I looked to my right and Flynn was still sleeping peacefully. Of course he would, especially after last night. He has a lot of stamina and he could go all night long. I rubbed the sore spot between my legs and threw the comforter of me.


I silently threw on his black shirt from last night and tiptoed my way to the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth.


This was our second day in Bora Bora. We were staying at the St. Regis Bora Bora resort for five days. It was one of the many things Flynn gifted me for Christmas. The other things were gift cards from well-known brands and new furniture for the house. I was glad that he bought furniture, because the house needed to be decorated and there were still a lot of empty spots that needed to be filled.


New Year’s eve we celebrated at Luca and Reina’s place. We watched fireworks and ate spaghetti prepared by Luca’s mom. She was a really good cook and even gave me her secret spaghetti recipe. Aunt Lydia and Milan were there too and they were enjoying the view from Luca’s balcony. Luca let Milan shoot some firecrackers and I was freaking out. But luckily it all went well and Milan had enjoyed it.


On New Year’s morning we went to have breakfast with Aunt Lydia and Milan and then Flynn and I spent some quality time with them. Together we build a snowman and after that we sat in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate milk and playing a board game. Aunt Lydia and Milan left the next day.


I dried my face with a towel and walked out of the bathroom. Flynn was still sleeping so I decided to make breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and searched for a frying pan. I wanted to make some pancakes.


Yesterday we arrived in Bora Bora and we immediately went swimming. The transition from cold to warm weather felt so good. After that we went to have dinner at the Bora Bora yacht club. The view from here was spectacular and the food was beyond fantastic.


I placed the warm peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes on a plate and placed it on a tray along with hot coffee. I walked back to our room and when I walked into the bedroom Flynn was coming out of the bathroom wearing a white robe. “Good Morning. Happy Valentine’s day pudding.” he said in a husky voice and walked over to me to place a lingering kiss on my lips. “What do you have there?” He eyed the deliciously looking pancakes.


“I made breakfast, do you want to eat it on the balcony?” I asked. He nodded and we walked outside to the balcony and sat on the table next to the pool. We were surrounded by clear blue water. So beautiful.


Flynn took a bite of the pancake and gave me a thumbs up. “You’re like the best girlfriend ever.” he said grinning.


After breakfast we decided to go swimming and have a good time. I wore my bikini and we walked to the beach. The beach here was so beautiful, I wouldn’t mind staying here forever. “I have something planned for tonight.” Flynn said mysteriously as he hugged me from behind. “Or not exactly tonight, but more at sunset.”


I raised up my eyebrows and turned around to face him. “And what is that?”


“It’s a surprise, but wear something cute.”

I chuckled. “Okay, Vasilios.”


After we were done swimming we went for a nice walk and then it was time for lunch. After lunch it was time for us to go snorkeling.


It was already late in the afternoon when we arrived home. Flynn showered and hurriedly went out again. He told me he had to put everything ready and he would send someone to pick me up.


I took a bath and wore a white crochet top and gray wrap skirt and paired it with some flats. I curled my hair in beachy waves and applied some light makeup. When I was done I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and I saw a bouquet with roses on the ground with a note attached to it. I read the note and smiled.


I placed the roses in a vase and closed the door behind me. I walked outside and followed the path to the river were Flynn was waiting for me on the cruise. A private cruise.


I saw him waiting for me in his white button up shirt and black pants. He looked so damn handsome. He extended his hand for me and I placed mine in his.


“What a beauty.” He murmured and kissed my forehead. He leaded me to the seating area and pulled out a chair for me. As we left the dock and started to sail away towards the sunset we were given drinks and snacks and a whole entire bottle of champagne. It was so romantic and beautiful.


Suddenly our tour guide pulled out his ukulele and started singing.


Flynn stood up and brought me outside to the deck. The sunset was behind us and it was breathtakingly beautiful. He pulled a paper out of his pocket and coughed nervously.


🎶 105 is the number that comes to my head

When I think of all the years I wanna be with you🎶


“So, I figured that this place is good to ask you any question.”


Oh my god. It’s not happening right now. He’s not doing what I think he’s gonna do.


🎶Wake up every morning with you in my bed

That’s precisely what I plan to do 🎶


“You’re my favorite person in the whole world.”


🎶And you know one of these days when I get my money right

Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life🎶


“And we’re a big deal, you know. I don’t wanna live my life without my one true one night stand.” He chuckled softly and continued, “I guarantee there will be tough times.”


At this point I was biting my lips to not burst out in tears. My heart was racing wildly and I felt like it was about to come out of my chest.


🎶Will forever be enough, so there ain’t no need to rush

But one day, I won’t be able to ask you loud enough🎶


“But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, i’ll regret it for the rest of my life. So I will keep things simple. I know it’s fast, but—” He took a deep breath and went down on one knee. I covered my mouth with my hand. Tears of happiness brimming in my eyes. I mean I knew this was happening, but it felt so surreal. Flynn got a small box out of his pocket and opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. “Jill pudding Malik, will you marry me?”

🎶 I’ll say will you marry me

I swear that I will mean it

I’ll say will you marry me🎶


I cried and nodded my head. “Yes. Yes I’ll marry you!”

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