Sun. May 12th, 2024

Episode 31


Jill Malik P.O.V


I let out a loud yawn and opened my eyes slowly. My body was wrapped in white bed sheets and my legs felt so sore. I let out a painful groan when I tried to move to my right to wake Flynn up. Ugh, this is what you get when you haven’t got a good d**k in a long time I scolded myself. I let out a loud gasp as I felt Flynn’s side of the bed empty. I immediately sat straight up and scanned the room. It was still messy from last night. My lingerie was still in pieces next to the main door.


This felt like deja vu.


I covered my face as I recalled last night. The way he kissed me, the words he said to me, and the way we made love was exactly how it happened six years ago. Was it Flynn or is just coincidence?


My head started to spin as I was trying to figure this out. I woke up to an empty bed, the same exact thing happened six years ago too.


I opened my eyes and groaned. The soreness between my legs made it impossible for me to immediately stand up. My eyes went to the right side of the bed, only to find it empty. I felt a painful jab in my heart. I thought we were making love. I thought he had said ‘I love you.’ But I guess when the morning came, he realized his mistake. After all, it was just a one night stand. No feelings involved. But why do I feel like my heart is shattering into tiny pieces?


I shook my head wildly when a burning smell entered my nostrils. Shit, is the yacht on fire? I grabbed the white shirt that was under the bed and threw it over my head. It didn’t even cover my whole butt, but now is not the time to look for shorts. Talking about shorts, I was wearing Calvin Klein mens boxers. How did I ended up in these? And where the hell is Flynn bytheway?


I limped my way out of the room and the smell led me to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen the strong smell of burned eggs greeted me. Flynn was running from the stove to the sink to stop the fire, that somehow reached the curtains. When the fire finally extinguished, he turned around and look at me sheepishly. “Sorry, I was just trying to be romantic.”


I chuckled and made my way towards him. “Really? By putting the yacht on fire?” He pulled me towards his bare chest and placed a kiss on my forehead. “I was trying to make breakfast, but oh well. Good morning pudding. Have you slept well?”


I nodded and buried my face in the crook of his neck. “Yeah, I did. I’m just sore.” I looked up at him and asked: “Did I pass out?”


He smirked and winked at me. A typical Vasilios thing to do. “You did. The d**k was that good huh?”


My cheeks flamed up. “Oh god.” I covered my face with my hand and Flynn bursted out laughing. “Don’t be embarrassed, at least you can brag to your friends that your boyfriend’s d**k can let you see heaven.”


“Vasilios!” I playfully pushed him away and walked to the fridge to get a drink. I am so not having this conversation with him. I bent over to grab the lemonade and when I turned around Flynn’s big boy was standing up pointing at my direction.


I let out a loud groan and ignored it as I walked passed him to get a glass. “You better get rid of your boner. I can barely walk right now.”


“Pudding.” He whined, looking at me with puppy dog eyes. “One round?”


“Nope, we all know that one round leads into five.” I poured lemonade in the glass and took a big gulp of it. I didn’t realize I was so thirsty. Probably from all the screaming last night.



I shook my head.




I turned around and placed my hands on my waist. “No, I’m still tired. Maybe tonight.”


His eyes lit up when I said the last part. “Tonight? Oh hell yeah.”


I rolled my eyes at his excitement. “Don’t get too excited. I can still change my mind.”


“You better not. Anyway, can you change into something else?”


“Why?” I asked, looking down at the white shirt I was wearing. It was big and short for me and that’s when I realized it was Flynn’s shirt. The one he wore the night before.


“Because it barely covers your butt and you’re wearing my boxers. You’re not helping to get rid of my boner.”


I let out a loud sigh. “Fine, I’ll go take a shower. I want food when I come back.”


“Everything for you pudding.” he walked over to me and spanked my butt. “Because you will need energy for tonight.”


I flipped my hair in his face as I was stroking the place on my butt where he had spanked me. It stung. “You’re such a bad boy Vasilios!”


“I never said I was good.” He yelled out laughing as I walked back to the bedroom. I closed the door and stripped down to get in the shower. After I was done, I wrapped myself in a towel and blow dried my hair in the bathroom mirror.


I came out of the bathroom dressed in a oversized sweater and shorts. I combed my hair and applied chapstick before making my way back to the kitchen. On my way back my eyes spotted a huge golden door and through the glass I could see shelves with books.


My eyes widened at the sight and I immediately opened the door. I inhaled the sweetly fragrant vanillin smell of the books and let out a contented sigh. This was what I call heaven.


Literally the same exact library I saw in the movie beauty and the beast. I always wanted to have one.


The books reached the top of the ceiling and there were ladders everywhere. I walked around the library, scanning the books. Some of them were old and some of them were new. There was also a desk in the corner of the room, stacked with books and book markers.


I walked over to the desk and picked up the first book.


A thousand Splendid Suns.


I remembered when I was younger how I cried my heart out while reading this book. It’s so well written and I couldn’t get enough of it.


I plopped down on the chair and went through the bookmarks. They were all of different shapes and they all had their own quotes. I wondered why Flynn never told me about the library. It was so beautiful with endless amounts of books.

While I was picking up the books and read the summary, my eyes caught something silvery underneath a stack of papers. I removed the papers and my eyes widened in shock.


No way.


I was in a state of shock as my trembling fingers picked up the silver heart locket necklace. The same exact one I had lost six years ago.


Now everything I questioned, made sense.


Flynn was the stranger.


The stranger was Flynn.


It was confirmed. My suspicion was right.


But why? Why didn’t he tell me? Why did he had to keep this a secret?


I picked up the stack of papers and gulped when I saw my name in bold letters on top of it. I read through it and I saw all my information. There were even pictures of me. Was Flynn stalking me? Is he a stalker? I shuddered at the thought of it only.


I don’t believe he is, but why did he have all these information about me?


“Pudding I—” Flynn stepped into the room cheerfully with two trays of food. His cheerful mood immediately disappeared and his eyes widened when he saw what I was holding. “I..I mean I can explain.”


I looked at the necklace and then at him. “So all this time, you knew?!”

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