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Episode 27


Jill Malik P.O.V


Paris went by faster than I expected, in no time I was back in busy New york city. It was fun to say the least, our relationship grew stronger during the shopping trips, sightseeings, and dates. Except for the mornings, those were a torture for Flynn, everything went by smoothly.


“Pudding, are you do—,” Flynn came into the room, trying to fix his tie, while I was applying lipstick. He stopped mid sentence and eyed me from head to toe. “You look stunning.”


“Thank you.” I walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips. He held me firmly on my waist and deepened the kiss.


“Vasilios,” I panted heavily, pulling away from him. “You have lipstick all over your face.”


He chuckled and gave me a final once over, while I was trying to wipe the red off his lips. “Is this the one you bought in Paris?”


I nodded and looked at my dress in the mirror. It was a off-the-shoulder high low navy blue dress. When I saw this in the store, I instantly fell in love. It was elegant, yet sΒ£xy and it fitted me perfectly.


I saw Flynn smiling in the background. “What are you smiling at?”


“Nothing, pudding.” he replied, still smiling. “Just trying to keep big boy asleep.”


“You better, Vasilios.” I warned. During our stay in Paris, I had to deal with him jerking off in the bathroom every morning. I turned around to grab my clutch. “Now, let’s go. I don’t want Ximena to wait.”


We walked outside of Flynn’s house where the driver was waiting for us. A couple weeks ago Flynn bought a new mansion and he told me that I was the first girl he brought here. I was flattered. The house was a beautiful two story mansion with an absolutely amazing spiral staircase and a gorgeous library with hundreds of books. The house was big, it could accommodate at least thirty people. There was a backyard, a swimming pool, a cinema, a basketball court, and so much more.


I stepped in the car, followed by Flynn. After we fastened our seatbelts, he placed his hand into mine. “Do you think Ximmy will be alright, I haven’t check how the preparations went.” I said worried. Flynn stroked my hand. “It’s alright Pudding. Everything is fine, you will see.”


“I’m not sure, yesterday I only helped for five hours and—,”


Flynn leaned in and kissed my mouth shut. “Now that you’ve shut up. Five hours was more than enough plus you needed rest, because you just came from Paris.”


“But–” I tried, still not convinced. I could have work longer, I wasn’t really tired since I had slept almost the entire flight. This morning I hadn’t even call her to ask if she needed me. What if something went wrong?


“Do you want me to spank you?” Flynn threatened, making me shut up instantly. When I didn’t say anything, he smirked. “Good, that’s my pudding. You have done more than enough for Ximmy, so just relax okay?”


I nodded softly in the dimmed light and he squeezed my hands again, ensuring me that everything’s going to be alright. I looked outside the window and saw something familiar passing by. “Stop..!! Stop, the car please!” I yelled at the driver and he immediately stopped the car, making me almost fly and hit my head at the back of his seat. Thank god, for seatbelts.

I opened the car window, pulled my head out and read the sign across the street. Yes, there it is. Damn ! I never thought I would come across one ever in my life. So many times I thought that I had to go all the way to India only to get a taste of that.


“Pudding? What’s happening? Put your head inside.” Flynn said worried as he tugged on my dress.


I sat back on the seat and looked at him with a pout. He sighed and asked: “What do you want?”


“Biryani.” I answered, happily.


“What? Who’s that?”


I pointed my finger at the Biryani cart outside. “It’s an indian dish. I’m really craving it.”


“But we’re going to a party. There’s going to be caviar and—,”


“I want biryani. I will not ask you for anything else.” I pouted. I was really craving it. Since last year. During college, I had an indian classmate who always brought biryani to school and shared it with me. To say I grew attached to it, was just an understatement.


Flynn let out a deep sigh and tapped his driver on the shoulder. “Can you grab some chicken biryani from across the street?”


The driver nodded and got out of the car. I looked at Flynn with a questionable look on my face. “Aren’t we going?”


“This is a bad side of town, pudding.” He goes with his hands through his hair as he said that. “Thank you.” I whispered, kissing his temples.


“For what?”


“For stopping and buying me biryani.”


He chuckled lightly. “Everything for my pudding.”


The driver came back in the car and handed me the plate with chicken biryani and bottle of water. It looked so delicious and tasty.


“Do you want some?” I offered Flynn, but he just shook his head. Well, all the more for me then.


I took a bite of the deliciously seasoned chicken and let out a soft moan. It tasted so good.


“I can let you moan louder than that, pudding.” Flynn said next to me.


“Vasilios, now is not time for your dirty mouth.”


He snickered, but didn’t say anything in return.


When we arrived at the venue where Ximena held her launch party I was already finished eating. I had reapplied my makeup, sprayed perfume to cover the biryani smell, and sucked on a cough drop.


The place was already packed with people, since we were twenty minutes late. Flynn took my hand in his and we walked up the stairs, since the launch was held on the second floor. The security guards recognized Flynn and I, so they just opened the door. I stared in awe at the beautiful setting. I had an image how it would look like, but the outcome always surprised me.

We stepped in and everyone’s attention was on us. I then realized that this is the first time we are at a party as a couple.


“I knew it! I knew it !” Flynn and I turned around and we were greeted by a squealing Ellie. “Oh my god, I knew it!”


“What?” Flynn asked, clearly lost at what was happening right now.


“You two ! Are a couple ! Oh my god!” Ellie hugged me tightly, to the point it was hard to breath.


“El..Ellie, Lose your grip on me.” I pleaded.


She instantly let go of me and her eyes turned wide. “Oh my god, are you alright?”


Typical Ellie.


“So,” she smirked at Flynn and I. “Are you guys official?”


Flynn took my hand and show her the promise ring. Ellie’s jaw dropped. “You two are engaged?!” She exclaimed, making the whole room look at us. If staring wasn’t enough, now they were gawking.


“What?!”Flynn hushed. “No, this is a promise ring. She’s my girlfriend.”


Ellie placed her hand over her heart. “Oh wow, that’s so great. I was wondering when you would finally have the balls to ask her.”


Flynn glared at her and I chuckled. From behind her I could see Ximena walking towards us. She wore a elegant red dress and was accompanied by a handsome Rodrigo. She and Rodrigo grew closer since her breakup with Blake.


“What’s all the commotion about?” she asked in a silky voice and then her gaze shifted to me. “You look beautiful, Jill.” She then hugged me.


I hugged her back, we haven’t had a proper talk in so long. “You too, Ximmy.”


“I have missed you so much.” she whispered. “You’re always with my brother.” She threw a dirty look at Flynn, who in his turn winked at her.


“I can’t help that I’m the better sibling.”


“You are not !” Ximena yelled out offended.


“Children, children,” Jolie and Sullivan walked towards us. “What’s with all the yelling?”


“I told Ximmy that I’m the better sibling and she got offended. I mean, isn’t it obvious?”


Jolie and Sullivan shook their heads and looked at me. “How are you dear?”


“I’m doing well, what about you two?” I smiled at both of them. Jolie looked stunning in her purple gown. They both looked still pretty much in love.


“I’m doing okay, I guess.” Jolie muttered, looking at her husband who on his turn sighed. “Please darling, not again.”


“You were looking at her, the way you looked at me when we first met.” Jolie crossed her hands over her chest and looked the other way.


“That was six years ago.” Sullivan whisper-yelled frustrated.

I looked questionably at Flynn and he whispered in my ear: “My mom is mad that my dad accidentally locked Poker out of the house and every time she’s mad she brings up the time my dad stared at one of her employees.”


“Who’s Poker?” I asked, not knowing who he was talking about.


“That’s our dog.”


I shook my head and laughed silently. This family really is something. Flynn took my hand in his and we walked away from all the drama. We walked towards the other side of the room, where the bar was, to get something to drink.


“Good evening Flynn and—,” A girl with red hair stopped us in our tracks. Her dress clung on her body like a second skin and I felt like I’ve seen her somewhere else before.


I just don’t know where.


“Jill.” I said. She nodded her head, but her attention stayed on Flynn.


“So how was it?” she asked, a smug expression on her face. She stood one inch taller than me in her killer heels, her br**sts were almost popping out of the dress, and her hair was red, wild, and curly. If there was a slutty version of the movie Brave, she could be the main actress.


“How was what?” Flynn face turned sour the moment he saw her.


“You know, the one night stand?” she traced the side of his cheek and then laughed. Flynn flinched at her touch. “Goodness, it’s so funny.”


“What are you talking about?” I looked at both of them.


“Pudding it’s—?”


“Who are you?” Red head snarled, cocking her head to the side.


“I’m the girlfriend.” I replied, squinting my eyes at her. I don’t know why I sounded so calm. “Who are you?”


She laughed. Loud and so unlady-like. But when she saw that neither me or Flynn were laughing she stopped. “You’re not serious, are you?” She totally ignored my question.


“She’s dead serious Poppy! Now get the hell out of my face.” Flynn hissed angrily.


Suddenly the picture of the accident at Victoria’s Secrets popped in my head. Red head. Hot tempered. Same exact girl.


But I thought her name was Pamela.


“You!” I pointed at her, anger welling up in me. “You are the same girl from Victoria’s Secret !”


“What?!” This time she was the one that looked confused at me.


“You were the one that caused the scene in Victoria’s secret. You—”


“I wasn’t!” She yelled out. How much drama can there be in one night?


“Then who was?!”


“That was my aunt, because your boyfriend here couldn’t keep his d**k in his pants so he had to go and f**k my aunt!” she yelled out bitterly, not caring that we were in a public place. Luckily she wasn’t as loud as Ellie and people didn’t notice anything.

Her words stung. Even though I know it was his past, it was bothering me like hell.

How many of these women in this room, hasn’t he f**ked?

“Poppy!” Flynn held her firm on her shoulders, while shaking her violently.”Get

the f**k away from here !”

She laughed evilly and then turned her attention towards me. “I was the one he

wanted to f**k, but since my aunt andI look alike”

Flynn growled and pushed her away. She stumbled and almost felt backwards, if it

wasn’t of the chair that was behind her. “Finish that sentence and I swear I’l break

both your chicken legs.”

“Finish that sentence and I swear I’l break both your chicken legs.” she repeated

him in a mocking voice. “You didn’t say that when you f**ked my aunt considering

we both look-alike.”

With that she smiled and walked away. Anger and pain was written all over my

face. I know that this shouldn’t hurt me. That this is just part of his past. For some

reasons, I was angry. Angry at Flynn for being so reckless. How many of these

women, hasn’t he f**ked? What will they think of me? That I’m just one of his


Flynn turned around and saw the hurt in my eyes. He wanted to grab my hand, but

Ipushed him away.

“Pudding I–” his voice cracked, but I didn’t want to hear any of it.

“You hada one night stand with her aunt?!” I whisper-yelled, pain visible in my

voice. “That’s disgusting!”

Tears brimmed in my eyes. Suddenly I couldn’t be with him in the same room

anymore. I walked out of the room to the balcony, to get some fresh air.

This was just too much for one night.

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