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Episode 26


Jill Malik P.O.V


I woke up feeling tired. I looked at my phone, it was 4:00 PM. I stretched and let out a loud yawn. I looked at the night stand on my right and saw a rose with a note attached on it. I picked it up and smiled at what was written on it.


I’m at a meeting. I’ll pick you up at seven pm. We’re going to the eiffel tower.


See you tonight, pudding.


I placed the rose back on the night stand and stood up to go to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and covered myself in a white bathrobe.


Early this morning we arrived in Paris. The flight from New York to Paris was pleasant. There was no turbulence or whatsoever as how they mentioned at the beginning of the flight. Thank goodness nothing kinky happened during the flight except for a lot of kissing. I wasn’t ready yet to be welcomed in the mile-high club. When we arrived at the private airport of the Vasilios we immediately drove to Le Meurice, the hotel we were staying at, because Flynn needed to shower and prepare for his meeting at noon. While he was busy on his laptop finishing his work, I took a nap on the kingsized bed.


I walked back into my plush Louis XVI style decorated bedroom and ordered Gougère through room service. I was hungry, because I hadn’t had lunch. Flynn ate the fruit bowl I brought with me while I was sleeping.


The Gougères arrived and my mouth started to water. Gougères are small french pastries and they are filled with ingredients such as mushrooms , beef, or ham. I took a bite of one and moaned in pleasure. It tasted that good.


After I finished the Gougères I opened my suitcase to pick out a dress for tonight. I picked the one Reina chose for me. A long nude glitter backless dress. I tried it at home and it fitted me like a glove. She also packed matching heels with them, luckily this time they weren’t as high as skyscrapers. They were a pair of beautiful four inch nude heels with see through straps.


I placed the dress and shoes on the bed and went on the balcony. It had a beautiful view of the Tuileries gardens. The hotel itself was luxurious. They had sophisticated rooms and suites with Italian marble bathrooms. All have flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, and 24-hour room service is available.


There were also 2 lavishly decorated restaurants, including a renowned restaurant serving haute cuisine, plus a chic bar hosting nightly live jazz, and a spa with mosaic hammams and a sun terrace.


It had literally everything one needed, it was even pet-friendly ! Talking about pets, maybe I should ask Flynn for one.


I grabbed my phone and texted him. This was more important than the meeting. I need to make sure if he likes puppies or not, because his answer can either make me happy or make him single. Better not mess this up Vasilios.


Hey. We need to talk -Jill-


I hit the send button and sat down on the chair on the balcony enjoying the view. This was my first time in Paris and even though I haven’t been out yet I have been enjoying myself so far. The rooms are huge and comfortable, the food was heaven, and the view was amazing from up here.


My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of my phone. The screen said in bold letters Vasilios with a heart and ring emoji next to it. I picked it up, wondering why he called me.

“Yes Vasilios?” I answered in a sweet voice.


“What happened?” he asked murmurous. I bet he was still in his meeting. If he was, why was he calling then? The only thing he needed to do was send me a message back.


“Nothing.” I said, “Why are you calling me if you’re in a meeting?”


“What is it that you want to talk about?” I could sense that he was getting impatient.


“I wanted to ask if you like puppies.” I rolled my eyes as I said that.


“Is that what you want to talk about?” he whisper-yelled and then groaned.


“Yes.” I answered, “You just had to send me an message with a answer, you know.”


“Don’t scare me like that anymore. I thought it was important !”


“It is important.” I replied in a matter-of- fact tone.


I heard him shuffle in the background and then I heard: “It’s okay gentlemen, my girlfriend is okay. She just wanted to ask if I like puppies. Sorry for the interruption, I will end this call in a second.”


Then I heard laughs erupting in the background and a man in a husky voice said: “That’s like my wife, one time she called me in the middle of a meeting only to ask if I still love her. I married her and we have two kids.”


They burst into laughter again and Flynn came back to the phone. “Yes, I love puppies. I will buy you a whole shelter if you want.”


“I just want one. Are you still in a meeting?”


“Yes, when you send me that text I immediately asked them to stop the meeting, because I thought something was bothering you. You didn’t even add emoji’s in the text. It sounded so…cold.”


I chuckled. “I’m sorry. Tell them I apologize for the interruption.”


“It’s okay. Did you saw the rose?”


I nodded, but realized Flynn couldn’t see me. “Yes.” I answered.


“Good, then I will see you tonight.”


“Bye Vasilios.”


“Bye pudding.” he said before ending the call.


I sighed and went back to read the text and see if it sounded cold as how Flynn mentioned. Reading it five times over and over again I realized what he meant. It sounded serious. Well, atleast I know that I need to re-read my texts before sending them.


I looked at my watch and decided it was time to dress up for tonight. It was only five, but knowing me I would stare an hour at the wall while I was slipping my dress on. I walked back inside my room and grabbed my makeup bag out of my suitcase.


I seated behind the huge mirror of my vanity table and started applying moisturizer on my face. Then I opened the youtube app on my phone and typed in: Easy makeup tutorial for date night before I started painting my face.

After what seemed an eternity I was finally satisfied with my look. Only the winged eyeliner took a good twenty minutes and then the eyebrows. That took another twenty minutes. But after the hard part was done, the fun part came. Highlighting. I highlighted the tip of my nose until it was shining like the morning sun and my cheekbones that now looked like they were sprinkled with glitter by the glitter fairy.


I applied dark red lipstick and curled my hair so it felt in waves on my shoulders. I slipped on my dress and shoes and admired myself in the mirror. If Reina was here she would definitely say something along the lines of: ‘You will have Flynn begging on his knees.’


I checked the time again, Flynn could arrive any minute. I quickly snapped a picture and send it to Reina, who immediately replied with a ton of heart-eyes emoji. I smiled at my phone and then I heard the main door open and close.


“Pudding ! I’m home !” Flynn yelled from the living room. I couldn’t help but laugh as I was walking to the living room.


“I heard you Vasilios.” I said laughing as I walk towards him. His jaw almost fell on the floor when he saw me.


“Waw.” he breathed as he looked at me from head to toe. “You look—” he stopped and licked his lips. “Ravishing– I mean beautiful, breathtaking, can we just stay home?”


“No.” I exclaimed, “I mean I didn’t spent forty minutes on my winged eyeliner and eyebrows. We need to go out, even if it’s only to go to the store or something.”


He chuckled and hugged me, inhaling the scent of my hair.


“Are you ready to go? I have quite an evening planned for us.” he murmured. I could feel his hot breath on my head.


“Uh yes, I’m so ready as you can see.”


He chuckled again and placed his hand on the small of my back. “Let’s go then.”




When Flynn said he had ‘quite an evening planned for us’ I didn’t know it was that grand. First we went to the eiffel tower, which was absolutely magical. When we arrived at the Eiffel tower it sparkled and bathed in golden light offering a breathtaking view of the Paris lights. Then we went up to the top floor to see the stunning view of Paris and its monuments at night. We stayed there for a while, took pictures and then went back to the second floor to have dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant. After we had a delicious five course dinner we went to The Eiffel Tower Buffets to buy the famous french macarons.


We ate that on our way back down and that’s when I thought our date had ended. I wouldn’t care if it was, because it was amazing. But instead of driving back to the hotel, we drove the opposite way. We drove past the Arc de Triomphe and other famous sights, made even more beautiful as they light up after dark. Then we headed to the Moulin Rouge, home of the cancan, and in the Montmartre district we stopped for a dazzling performance of ‘Feerie.’


I was amazed by all the beautiful monuments and all those lights. I couldn’t stop smiling and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

I let out a soft yawn before throwing my hand to the sight, slapping the person who was laying next to me square in the face.


“Ouch, woman!” Flynn grunted, brushing the part of his face where I slapped him.


“Sorry.” I mumbled kissing the top of his head.


“Good Morning pudding.” he said in a husky morning voice. He then pushed me into his chest.


“Vasilios !” I squealed and then giggled when he placed kisses from my jaw to my neck.


“Ugh!” he groaned and closed his eyes.


“What?” I asked worried.


“Do you want me to take you now or do you want to wait longer?” he said through clenched teeth.


“Wait longer, we haven’t had our one month anniversary yet.”


He groaned in pain. “One month, that’s thirty days of torture.”


“I’m sorry, can’t you just tell him to not get excited around me.” I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off him so I could release him out of his ‘torture.’


“He has a mind of his own. And have you seen yourself in that skimpy lace dress what you call pyjama? Women would turn lesbian for you, how can you expect my big boy not to react?”


“Big boy?” I said in a mocking voice and then laughed.


“Do you want to see it?” he asked, putting his hand under the covers.


“No!” I exclaimed, covering my face. “Not yet ! And I know it’s big. It’s literally poking the covers and we’re sleeping with two.”


“But can’t you just give me a blowjob?” he whined.


Literally whined.






“No, I told you it’s either everything or nothing. So wait until our one month anniversary or maybe longer—”


“I can’t wait longer than that.”


“So impatient, but oh well. You know already why you have to wait one month.”


“Yes, yes.” he replied and then mimicked me: “I don’t go around spreading my legs to a guy I only dated for less than a month. I usually wait longer, maybe five or six months, but you’re an exception Vasilios.”


I burst into laughter. “For your information I don’t sound like that.”


“Oh you do, especially when you say Vasilios. The emphasis you put on my last name is such a huge, huge turn on.” he licked his lips and winked at me.

“I will kiss your mouth shut!” I treated.


He smirked. “I dare you.”


I moved closer to him and smashed my mouth against his. If we hadn’t brushed our teeth last night, I wouldn’t even think of doing this. As our lips crushed together, I felt like i was walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips felt against mine. It was so perfect to be real.His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips soft and before I could deepen the kiss more he pushed me off him. I landed backwards on the bed when a whole bunch of curse words left his mouth.


“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck !” he yelled frustrated getting up from the bed. When he stood up I realized why he was angry. His big boy in his pant was standing in all his glory pointing at me.


“Look what you did !” he groaned pointing at his big boy.


“Get rid of it !” I yelled, my eyes glued at the huge bulge in his boxers, I was afraid it would tear it apart. For a moment the thought of ‘if it would fit in me’ crossed my mind. I shuddered and shook my head. “And by the way you were the one that dared me to kiss you.”


“I didn’t know he would get worse when you kissed me, I mean I should’ve know—But whatever, nevermind.” he groaned, pulling his hair in frustration. “Do you enjoy looking at it? Are your panties soaked?”


“No.No. and No.” I replied, “And no, I don’t wear panties so they are not soaked.”


“Do you want to talk dirty to me as I try to get rid of my big boy?” he pleaded.


“No.” I stated firmly and stood up and walk towards him. I squatted down in front of him so I would be eye to eye to his big boy. Flynn’s eyes widened when he saw me doing that.


If he thinks I will give him a blowjob he’s so wrong.


Instead I quickly patted his big boy and whispered: “Be a good big boy and don’t get hard for me until next month okay?”


“What the f**k pudding? Did you just talked to my d**k?!” he shrieked, a horrifying expression plastered on his face.


“What else did it look like? Do you want me to put a ring on it too?”


He wailed. “I’m so gonna punish you on our one month anniversary.”


“I would like to see— I mean feel that.” I replied sassily.


“That sassy mouth of yours is going to do a splendid job. Now get up, because the position you’re in is so tempting damn it!”


I stood up and laughed while he was glaring at me.


“Now.” I said with a sweet smile. “Go take a cold shower and get rid of it. We have plans, you know.”


He groaned and turned around and walked to the bathroom.


“Nice booty.” I complimented his rear view.


“Shut up pudding! You’re not making it easy!” he yelled back, closing the door behind him.

“Shut up pudding! You’re not making it easy!” he yelled back, closing the door

behind him.

I laughed louder and shook my head. This is going to be an interesting one month.

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