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Episode 25


Jill Malik P.O.V


“What are you doing here, son?” The old man, Flynn’s dad, asked astonished as he looked back and forth at Flynn and I. “And who is this lady? Why are you on my table?”


“Dad, as far as I know this is a public park.”


His mom giggled. “Oh honey, you don’t know the history don’t you?”


“What history?” Flynn asked confused, he loosened his grip from my waist. I took that as an opportunity to get off his lap. I straightened my skirt and sat down next to him, looking at his parents.


They were old. Probably in their late fifties or early sixties. Now, I can see where Ximena got all her beauty from. Her mom looked stunning, for an old lady.


His dad cleared his throat. “Well, I ask your mom to be my girlfriend on this very same table.”


“What?!” Flynn and I exclaimed simultaneously.


Talk about history repeating itself.


“Why do you sound so surprised?” his mom asked, and then looked at me with a warm smile. “And who are you young lady?”


“She’s Jill.” Flynn answered for me. “My girlfriend.”


His mom’s eyes widened. “Really?! Since when?”


“Since a couple of minutes ago.”


“You asked her to be your girlfriend on my table?” his dad exclaimed.


“Dad, it’s not your table.” Flynn said through gritted teeth, a little bit annoyed.


His mom patted the back of his dad. “Honey, it’s okay. You should be happy, this table brings luck. We have been together for so long now.”


“That’s right honey.” His dad turned his attention to me. “And what is your full name young lady?”


“Jill.” I answered, but then realized he wanted my full name. “Jill Malik.”


“Friend of Ximena?” the old lady asked surprised. “She always talks about you and I didn’t had a clue who you were. I’m Jolie, but you can call me Jo. Your future mother-in-law.” She winked at me as she said the last sentence.


It was weird that I’ve never saw them before. Even on Ximena’s graduation ceremony and engagement party. Now I remember that I saw a glimpse of them during both the graduation ceremony and engagement party, but I never bothered to ask who they were.


“I’m Sullivan, nice to meet you dear.” the old man gave me a kind smile.


“Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios.”


“So,” Jolie looked at her son, “When are you going to bring her for dinner.”


Flynn face turned sour. “Mom!” he grunted, “Dinner has to wait. At least for a couple of months.”

“What!” Jolie’s eyes widened, it looked like she was about to get a mini heart-attack. “Months?! Honey, why?”


“Because,” Flynn let out a deep sigh, “I know that once I bring her to dinner, the topic marriage will follow me everyday, all day. We just started dating.”


Jolie pouted. “Honey.” She looked at Sullivan with pleading eyes. “Tell your son to bring Jill to our family dinner.” She then looked at me. “You’re perfect for my son, better than that Zoe girl.”


“Mom!” Flynn warned. “Zoe was once my friend.”


“Was.” his mom said, “Until you turned her into a ….” Jolie stopped talking and made a ugly face. “Anyway, you are way better. Educated with a successful job and you have morals. Just what my son need.”


Flynn looked at his dad with pleading eyes. “Can you please tell mom to talk a little less?”


“You will not, Sullivan!” Jolie warned.


Sullivan sighed deeply and looked at me. “Sometimes I feel like a middle child.”


I chuckled when he said that. “So are you guys going to have a picnic here?” I asked.


Sullivan nodded. “Yes, it’s our anniversary.”


That’s the most sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. This is what I call relationship goals.


“We were about to leave.” I said, standing up and started to pack and clean the table. “We were done anyway.”


Flynn stood up and helped me pack. We cleaned the table so Jolie and Sullivan could have their date in peace.


“I’ll see you later Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios.” I waved at them.


“See you soon Jill.” They waved back.


Flynn swung his arm around my shoulder and pushed me against him.


“So, your mom is interesting.”


Flynn grumbled. “I’m sorry you had to hear that about Zoe. My mom can sometimes be a little bit straight forward.”


I shrugged. “I guess that’s fine by me. But we should talk about your regulars if you want this relationship to work.”


He nodded. “I know you would ask me about this sooner or later. Don’t worry, I will. But not now.”


He looked at me and planted a kiss on my forehead. “Today, I just want to kiss you. A lot.”




I still can’t believe I’m now officially Flynn’s girlfriend. It feels so surreal, because I never thought I would end up with him.


Yesterday after he dropped me off, we ended up in a heated makeout session. The way he kissed me, touched me, it reminded me so much of him. I feel so complete with Flynn, like he was actually the one I was waiting for in all those six years.

But I know it couldn’t be. Or could it?


I don’t know.Not remembering most of the things that happened that night, is not pleasant. Another reason I never ever touched a whiskey bottle after that night.


I shook my head and continued walking. I was on a little shopping spree, because Flynn messaged me this morning, that he wanted to take me to Paris. He’s actually going to seal a business deal, but he said that there was still enough time to go out and go sight seeing.


First I was protesting, because the launch of Ximena’s makeup palette, was going to be in a couple of days. But he promised me that he would bring me home, two days before the launch. After a lot of convincing from him and Ximena, I decided to go. Which meant I needed to do some shopping.


I was about to walk into Macy’s when someone called my name. I turned around and saw Ethan with a beautiful girl next to him walking towards me.


“Ethan!” my face lit up as I saw him.


“JJ, finally we meet again.” he gave me a side hug and then faced the girl next to him. “Irina, she’s Jill my best friend. Jill, this is Irina my fiancee.”


The last time Ethan and I met was when we had lunch at Margon restaurant. There he told me that he was engaged with a Jordanian woman, named Irina who also was on the internship program. It was love at first sight and five months after dating, he proposed to her.


I was shocked to say the least. I never thought he was the first one who would get engaged. He always said that he didn’t believe in love at the first sight, but here he was engaged to the woman he fell in love with the very first time he saw her.


“How are you?” I asked Irina. She was so pretty. Long shiny black hair, big dark green eyes, and long black eyelashes.


“I’m doing well.” she replied shyly. “We’re doing some shopping, because we’re planning to move to Jordan.”


“Really?” I asked surprised. “That’s great. When?”


“When Ethan gets the job in Jordan. We can get an email anytime now.” She looked at Ethan with a small smile and I could see how much she loved him.


Ethan nodded. “Yes, once I get an email we are moving immediately.”


“That’s awesome Ethan!” I was so happy for him, that he got what he wanted. “And what about you Irina?”


“Me?” she asked, “I’ll take over my parent’s business.”


I nodded. That makes sense.


I looked at my watch and my eyes widened. Flynn would be at my apartment in an hour and I still needed to go to Macy’s.


“It was great to finally meet you.” I hugged Irina. “But I’ve to go now. I hope to see you both before you leave for Jordan.”


“I’ll give you a call.” Ethan promised.


I said my goodbyes to them and walked into Macy’s to buy the last stuff I needed for Paris.



I sprinkled some green parmesan cheese on the Cajun chicken pasta, before serving it on the plates.


Flynn was about to come any moment now.


After I was done shopping, I did some quick grocery shopping. Then I facetimed aunt Lydia and put my phone on the fridge so she could give me directions on how to make Cajun chicken pasta.


I was planning to make my favorite dish and probably the only dish I could make on top of my head, but I decided to try something new.


I heard the front door opening and closing and I knew it was Flynn. I told him in the message that he could just walk in, I would leave the door open. I looked down at my outfit and it wasn’t that bad.


I wore a Ivory shift dress, that had a little bit sauce on the bottom, but it looked presentable. I walked into the living room and Flynn was placing his jacket on the couch.


“How was work Casanova?” I stood on my tippy toes and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “Mmh good.” he mumbled against my lips. “I don’t like that nickname.”


I giggled. “What do you want me to call you then? Chunky butt? Muffin?”


“You’re so horrible in giving nicknames.” he chuckled, placing another kiss on my lips. Before I knew it, he held my waist firmly and sat down on the couch, placing me on his lap. “Mi amor, would be cute.”


“Nope.” I said, shaking my head. “Milan is my mi amor.”


He laughed. “Well then you have two.”


“No, you chunky butt.” I playfully slapped him and tried to wiggle myself out of this position.


“I swear, you are waking up the big fella of this chunky butt if you will not stop wiggling.” he warned, trying to hold me still.


“What?” For a minute I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Ohh.” I said embarrassed after I finally realized what he meant.


“Yes, ohh.” he smirked, probably enjoying every single minute of this.


I leaned in and softly kissed him on his lips. “Dinner’s ready Vasilios.” I licked his bottom lip before pulling away.


I stood up and smirked when he groaned, frustrated that I broke the kiss.


“You little tease !”

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