Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode 32


Jill Malik P.O.V


I sat there frozen in shock, waiting for Flynn to open his mouth and explain. I looked away, then looked back at my hand to see if it was still there. It was.


The room was silent, the only thing you could hear was the breathing of the two of us.


“I–I’m sorry,” he stammered looking away from me. “I should have told you.” His voice cracked as he said that. I’ve never saw him so nervous and scared in all the time I’ve known him.


“And why didn’t you tell me?” I took a deep breath after I asked that question. “You thought it wasn’t important for me?”


Six years long I’ve been living in misery, because I couldn’t get over the one night stand. It was so hard to step into a relationship, because every time I did, it failed. I couldn’t let go and I hated myself for that.


He looked back at me and I could see the guilt in his eyes. “You couldn’t remember me. I can’t just barge into your life and be like ‘oh hey, you are my one night stand. I love you.’ Would you believe me?”


I would definitely not believe him, at first.


“It’s not that I forgot the one night stand. I didn’t know who you were. I couldn’t remember your face nor your name, because you left before I woke up plus I was wasted.” I fidget with the necklace in my hand as I was trying to remain calm. “You could have show me the necklace and I would believe you.”


“And have you been keeping tabs on me? I asked further, referring to the papers with my information in it. There were three different papers that were all kept together by a broken paperclip. All of three had my information in it. How creepy.


“I was a coward, I should’ve left you a note.” He sat down in front of me and covered his face with his hands. “I knew that the night in Milan was more than a one night stand, but I thought I could forget about it and you would regret it in the morning. You were drunk after all. Drunk people always tend to regret the things they do once they sober up.”


I shook my head. He thought so wrong. “I haven’t forgot and regret anything. Six years later and I still can remember it like it had happened yesterday. But that’s beside the point. The point is why haven’t you told me. You saw me at Ximena’s graduation and I’m pretty sure you recognized me.”


“I thought the love was one sided. I thought you forgot about it and had already moved on.” he admitted.


“You thought too much.” I uttered.


He let out a huge sigh, but didn’t say anything.


“You know this is considered lying right?” I said, raising an eyebrow.


“What?!” Flynn exclaimed looking up at me with wide eyes while running his hand through his hair. “How is it considered lying? You never asked so I never told you.”


“You remembered me and you chose not to tell me? For me, that’s considered lying Vasilios. I don’t care what you think, but you should’ve told me the first time you met me and that was on Ximmy’s graduation.” I catched my breath and continued, “I don’t know what to believe right now. This is something huge. It’s my past and you kept it a secret from me.”

“I was afraid okay and I still am. I don’t know how you would react and if you would run away from me. I f**ked up and I know, but I need one more chance with you.” he whispered defeatedly.


“Explain these papers that have my name on it.” I sucked in a deep breath. His devastated look made my heart ache. “You stalked me.”


He shook his head. “I didn’t. I told my detective to do some research on you. When I got those papers I never went through them, otherwise I would have known about Milan right?”


” I don’t know if I should be happy or angry right now. My feelings are all mixed up.” I leaned back on the chair and let out a deep sigh. So much information in one morning.


“I’m so— Wait, did you just say happy?” he looked up at me and his eyes twinkled.


“I said happy or angry.”


“That means you’re happy you found me?” he asked surprised.


I looked at him with a questioning look. Why was he so surprised, I mean isn’t it obvious how relieved I am right now. “Is that even a question? Of course.”


“Which means you didn’t regret the one night stand?”


I shook my head at his question. “Not at all. You made freaking love with me, why would you think I would regret it?”


Flynn facepalmed himself and groaned inwardly. “If only I could’ve read your mind, things wouldn’t get so complicated.”


“How so?” I asked wonderingly.


“I always thought that you would run away.” he admitted.


“And why is that?” I questioned, and then continued, “That’s why I always say communication is the key. You should communicate with me. I will not just disappear out of your life.”


“Really? You will not?”


“Of course not silly.” I stood up and walked over to him. “I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed at you for not telling me about this. I’ve been breaking my head for years to find out who you were.”


“Did you figured it out?” he asked, pulling me into his lap. “I mean did you got my hints?”


“Hints? Well not really. Some things you did or some things you said, reminded me about that night. But something just didn’t add up. And that was you, your lie, and the necklace.”


“Stop referring to it as a lie.” he grunted, lacing his fingers with mine.


“It is a lie. Even though I didn’t asked you, you know that I was the one. But you just pretended to not know me. You pretended like we have never met.”


“I’m sorry.” He apologized once again.


I sighed and gave him a peck on his lips. “It’s okay. You’re forgiven. I’m glad I finally solved this mystery.”

Flynn smiled widely and kissed the tip of my nose. “Thank you pudding.”


“That wasn’t hard, was it?” I asked, looking into his bright blue eyes.




“Admitting that you were my one night stand. Telling the truth. Communicate like normal couples do.”


He pinched my thighs and I let out a yelp. I glared at him and he chuckled. “No, it wasn’t. But I was scared that it would be only one sided. I was scared to lose you… Again.”


I squeezed his hand. “I’m still here. I promise, you will not get rid of me that easily.”


He laughed. “That’s my pudding. Do you want to have breakfast now?”


“What do we have for breakfast?”


“You.” he blurted out.


I looked at him dead in the eye and he laughed. “Just kidding, since I burned those eggs I told my maid to get us some fruit salad, froyo, and vanilla pudding.”


Flynn handed me the bowl with fruit salad. “It’s a berries and banana fruit salad, I hope you like it.”


Before I start eating I looked back at Flynn. There was one question, I forgot to ask. He noticed me staring at him and cocked an eyebrow. “Yes?”


I cleared my throat before asking him the question. I hope It will not sound awkward. “So about the one night stand. How did I pass out?”


A sly smirk made its way to his face. “Because the d**k was that good, pudding.”


My face turned fifty shades of red and I immediately regretted that I asked that question.


Oh god !

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