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Episode 19


Jill Malik P.O.V


After I put Milan to sleep I turned out the lights and quietly walked out of his room.


I was surprised when I saw Flynn outside the door waiting for me. I thought he had already left. His hair was disheveled and he was gazing in the distance, making him look twice as hot than he already is.


“What are you still doing here?” I whispered, closing Milan’s door behind me. I didn’t want to talk loudly, because Milan is a light sleeper.


“Does he asked?”


“Asked what?” I questioned.


“About his real parents or haven’t you told him yet?”


“Oh I did tell him..I made up a sweet story about his parents and tell him when he asked me too. I made up most of it, because I don’t know anything about his real parents except their first names. The point is that he knows that he’s adopted and I will love him unconditionally no matter what.”


“You really are something else, do you know that Jill?” Flynn said, smiling. “But I’m glad you told him at an early age. When he will grow older, he will understand this all better.”


“Yeah, I don’t want to deal with a angry teenager later in life when he finds out.” I sighed.


He laughed.”True that, anyway our plane will depart at one in the afternoon.”


“Are you going to pick me up?”


“Yes I will.” I opened the front door to let Flynn out.


“Goodnight Vasilios and drive safe.” I said as I watched him walk away.


“Goodnight to you too pudding.” He gave me a dazzling smile, before disappearing in the car.


I closed the door and turned around to a smirking Larissa. I knew exactly what was on her mind.


“He is not my boyfriend.” I muttered as I walked passed her. She held my hand and quirk an eyebrow in amusement.


“Not so fast.” she chuckled. “You need to tell me everything what happened in the past six years.”


I let out a annoyed groan. This will be one hell of a long talk !




“Promise me you will be a good boy.” I hugged Milan one more time trying to hold back my tears. It was time to go back to New York. It was monday afternoon and Flynn was waiting for me outside.

“I will mommy.” he said bravely as he clutched aunt lydia’s hand tightly. “When are you coming back?”


“Soon baby.” I promised, kissing him on his forehead. I stood up and faced Aunt Lydia and Larissa. We had already said our goodbyes earlier this morning.


I hugged them one more time, before picking up my handbag.


Last night Larissa and I had a long girls talk. We talked about everything that happened in the past six years. She told me that she lived with her boyfriend in Italy and she was currently a model for a well known italian swimwear company.


“Visit me soon.” I murmured as I hugged her once again.


“I will love.” she whispered. I said my final goodbyes to all of them and walked outside where Flynn was waiting for me.


“Ready?” he asked. I nodded and stepped in the car. He sat next to me and studied me.


“Are you alright?”


“I’m fine.” I mumbled and started spacing out. I really hate leaving Barcelona.


I don’t know how long we were driving, but when the car stopped I looked outside and it was not the airport.


“Uh, Flynn what are we doing here?” I asked unsurely. We were at the Plaça de Catalunya. The last time I visited this place was four years ago with Aunt Lydia and Milan.


“You don’t want to go sightseeing before you leave the city, I know you miss Barcelona.”


I looked at him wide eyed. How did he know? “Are you for real?”


“Yes, come one.” He opened the door for me and I stepped out.


The Plaça is known for its fountains and statues, the proximity to some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions, and the flocks of pigeons that gather in the centre. When I was younger I loved to take pictures at the fountains and feed the pigeons.


Flynn placed his hand around my shoulders which made me look up at him.


“May I ask why Vasilios?” I quirk an eyebrow, as I pointed at his hand around my shoulder.


He just shrugged but didn’t bother pulling it away. “I don’t want to lose you.” he answered simple.


I rolled my eyes, but before I could say something my eyes spotted a tapa restaurant.


“Oh my god! Oh my god!” I squealed excitedly, pointing at the restaurant. “Let’s go get tapas.”


“You like those?”


I nodded. “You don’t?”


“I never said I didn’t pudding.”

We walked towards the restaurant and a sweet old lady in a blue apron was sitting behind the counter. “Can I help you dear?” she asked in a soft fragile voice. She looked old, probably in her late seventies. Her face and hands were wrinkled and her hair was colored ash grey, but the smile on her face was genuine and her eyes sparked kindness.


I looked at the varieties of Tapas in the display cabinet and my eyes lit up when I saw my favorites. “Can I have a Tray Of Montaditos.” I asked, loosening myself out of Flynn’s grip so I could get my tapas. “You don’t want tapas Vasilios?”


“Sure, Can I have a slice of chorizo pizza?”


I never saw him as a pizza guy, but damn this boy was full of surprises.


The old lady nodded and went to take a pizza for him. He was about to get his credit card, but I beat him by giving mine to the old lady.


“For both of the tapas.” I said and then looked at him smirking. “Gotta be faster Vasilios.” I teased.


He looked amused up at me, but didn’t say anything. The old lady gave me my credit card back and the tapas.


“Have a nice day dear.” she said sweetly.


“Thank you.” I gave Flynn his tapa and we walked out of the shop.


After we finished eating our tapas we had a really nice walk down to La Rambla, I can remember when I used to come here with Larissa. The street restaurants here sells the most delicious foods.


We passed the magic fountain and all the other touristic places like the Passeig de Gracia, Gothic Quarter, and the Triomphe Arch. It was so much fun until Flynn gave some lost tourist the wrong directions. After I punched him in his stomach for the fifth time he stopped doing that and politely told the tourist that he didn’t know.


The last thing we did was shopping. Flynn was not really fond of shopping, because he was moping around the store glaring and scaring customers away. I hurriedly chose some souvenirs for Reina and Ximena and then exited the store, before the owner would kick Flynn out for scaring his customers away.


“Did you had fun?” Flynn asked when we returned back to his car. He gave the shopping bags to the driver, so he could put it in the trunk.


“It was a lot of fun, thanks for bringing me here.”


“My pleasure.” He motioned to the driver that we were ready to go.


“Are we going to the airport now?”


He nodded. “Do you need to stop somewhere else?”


I shook my head. “No.”


We drove to the airport and when we arrived the plane was already waiting for us. I grabbed my bag and stepped out of the car. The same flight attendant waited for us.


“Good morning Miss Malik and Mr Vasilios.” she greeted us with a broad smile.


“Good morning Allison.” I greeted back. I walked inside and was about to sit on the same spot in front, but Flynn grabbed my hand and dragged me to the back.

“Sit with me.” was all he said.


I plopped down next to him and let out an annoyed huff. “Why Vasilios?”


“I need some entertainment.” he stated.


I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t got a good night sleep last night, why would you think I would entertain you?”




Flynn Vasilios P.O.V



I don’t know what came over me when I brought her to the Plaça de Catalunya.


But her smile.


The happy glow on her face.


When I saw how sad she was when we left her Aunt’s place, I panicked. I don’t even know why, but I felt it was my job to make her happy. So I did what any other man would do to make his lady happy. I quickly googled places to visit in Barcelona and Plaça de Catalunya popped up.


I hated to visit places like that. It’s so crowded with a shit ton of tourists. And then, the goddamn pigeons. A million of them.


But seeing the smile on Jill’s face made everything better. The happiness in her blue-green eyes kissed away every single thing I didn’t like about that place.


Even that disgusting pizza.


It’s scary how much I’m willing to do for her. From visiting a place I would never go to eating foods I despise.


Only to see her happy. Only to see her smile.


I looked at her. Her head was on my shoulder and she was humming an unfamiliar song. We were already an hour in the air. Her hair draped graciously on my shoulder and face. Every Time I breathed, a strand of hair entered my mouth.


I was not complaining. I could stay like this a lifetime.


I just needed her.


Her scent.


Her presence.


Her laughter.




All I need, All I will ever need.


When did I become like this? Love-f**king-sick.


I never thought I could get attached to a girl. But then Jill came along. And not like any other girl.

No, she had to come into my life in the form of a goddamn one night stand. When I said, she was something else, I meant it.


She was different, unique. Something-completely-f**king-else.


“Hey Jill.” I whispered softly, a strand of hair entering my mouth. Blah! I brought my hand to my mouth to pull away the strand of hair that was stuck on my tongue. Gross.


This was the time. I couldn’t hold this anymore.


I needed to tell her. She needed to know the truth.


“Mmh.” she replied.


“I need to tell you something.”


“I’m listening.”


I took a deep breath. I hope she will not run away.


We are in the air, she can’t go anywhere, unless she has a death wish I whispered to myself.


She can’t runaway from you. It was time I tell her the truth and hope she remembers me. Or hope she loves me back.


Hoping she can give me a chance.


Hoping she can forgive me that I had left her before she woke up.


Without a note.


Without saying who I was.


What if she doesn’t love me back?


“Do you remember the night in Milan?” I asked, closing my eyes from fear.


I don’t want to see her reaction.


But she hadn’t reacted, so I assumed she was waiting for me to continue. It was now or never.


“The one night stand? I don’t know if you can remember it, but I can. I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry that I had left you.. If I knew you wou–,”


I opened my eyes when I heard soft snoring. My hands were sweaty as well as my forehead.


I looked over at Jill and she was peacefully sleeping. My heart stopped for a moment.


That’s why she didn’t reply, she was asleep.


I let out a huge sigh and covered her with my jacket. My hands were still clamp from my confession. Well, almost confession.


I guess I had to wait to tell her another time.


When she’s awake.

When she’s awake.

When she can answer the question I was burning to ask her.

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