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Episode 23


Jill Malik P.O.V


“So…How was the date?”


The moment I stepped out of my room to have breakfast, Reina started to interrogate me. I ignored her and made myself coffee and a sandwich. It was early in the morning and I have no idea where Reina get all her energy from.


“Hey!” I yelled when Reina grabbed the sandwich I just made. She smirked and took a big bite off it.


“So, are you going to spill?” she said, after she was done chewing. I rolled my eyes as I was grabbing a granola bar and apple.


I didn’t had time to make myself another sandwich.


“It was fine.”


“Just fine?” She stopped eating and looked disappointed up at me. “Was it that bad?”


“Rei, it was amazing okay. The best date I’ve ever been so far.” I laughed, seeing the disappointed look on her face.


She threw the tablecloth at me and cursed. “You little bitch, I’m curious where did you guys went?”


“We went to Gallow Green. He rented the whole place only for us.” I told her, glancing at the time on my phone.


I had to leave in five minutes, if I wanted to ditch traffic.


“Gallow Green?” she repeated, frowning. “Not Del Posto or Le Bernardin?”


I shook my head. “He had his reasons, anyway enough about me. What about you and Luca?”


She blushed when I mentioned Luca’s name. “Luca has been amazing. He changed and he keeps surprising me every time.”


“I’m glad you guys work things out, he’s a really nice guy, he just made some…poor decisions in college.”


“Yeah.” Reina sighed. “I don’t blame him. College was not really meant to be about serious relationships and all.”


I nodded in agreement and picked up my bag from the kitchen table. “I need to go now, see you tonight.”


“I’ll have to work till late tonight. Don’t wait for me.” she said, as I waved her goodbye.




I walked into my office and I was greeted by a shaking Claire. “Claire?” I walked over to her and the poor girl was shaking heavily. “What happened?”


“Xi-xi-ximena…” she managed to stutter out. Her hands were shaking and she looked like a mess.


“What happened with Ximena?”


Claire gulped, sadness visible in her eyes. “She broke up with him.” she let out a cry and continued, “He cheated on her.”

“Oh shit!”


I ran to Ximena’s office and knocked on her door twice before entering in. She was holding her head in both her hands while sobbing hysterically. My heart started to ache when I saw the state she was in.


Completely shattered.


“Ximena.” I whispered, stroking her back softly.


“He ch-cheated on me !” she cried out, tears falling on her desk. Her shoulders were shocking forcefully and she was panting heavily. “Why? Why?!”


She banged her head on the table and if I wasn’t there to stop her, there would probably be a huge dent on her forehead.


“Ximena, listen to me. He’s stupid okay ! You didn’t lost him, he lost you. It’s not your loss baby.” I whispered, caressing her head.


She cried louder.


“We were suppose to get married !” she yelled out, looking at me with red puffy eyes and a snot nose. “He cheated on me with that stupid whore of his personal assistant !”


“Karma, baby. Karma will get back to them.” I said through gritted teeth, as I handed her a tissue. God forbid me to not kill that bastard right now.


How can he even do such a cruel thing? He really is stupid. Ximena is a solid gold, but if he prefers stones, who am I to judge?


“I don’t f**king believe in Karma.” Ximena cried out, punching herself in the face.


“Ximmy!” I yelled out sternly, holding both her hands tightly so she wouldn’t injure herself. “Stop, okay! Yes, he cheated on you and yes he was supposed to marry you. But can’t you see? This was meant to happen ! Blake is not what he said he was. He’s not a f**king gentleman, but a manwhore ! A liar !”


“You don’t know!” she sobbed, hugging me tightly wetting my blazer with her snot and tears. “It bad. I feel it ! My heart shattering.”


I took a deep breath as I hugged her back. I could feel her pain. I could feel what she was going through.


The pain, the betrayal, the lies.


I could feel it.


“Oh god, Ximmy!” Tears formed in my eyes. “It will be alright baby, I’ll be here with you.”


I hugged her and together we cried our hearts out.


“I’m broken, Jill.” Ximena whispered after a while. “So broken.”


I stroke her hair softly. “Someone will pick up the pieces for you one day.”


“I don’t know.” she hiccupped, “I don’t know if that will be possible. I’m so broken, this is a trauma for me.”


“Ximmy baby,” I said softly. “Promise me one thing.”


“What?” she choked out.

“Promise me that you’ll not build a wall around your heart.”


She looked up at me and I wiped the tears off her face. “Please, promise me that? You deserve the world Ximmy and Blake may have cheated on you, but they are so many guys out there. Longing for your love.”


She hiccupped. Her chest raising up and down violently, her hands shaking, and her face red and puffy.


“I promise.”




Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“I swear I’m gonna kill that motherf**ker!”


Seeing my bestfriend angry like this made me nervous. Never in my entire life have I seen Rodrigo so mad. I know that he cared a lot about Ximena, but I never thought that he cared so much that he was ready to commit a murder for her.


“Man, calm the f**k down!”


Rodrigo looked at me with a murderous look in his eyes. “Why are you so f**king calm?!” he seethed. “That bastard cheated on your sister with his ugly PA !”


“She’s old enough to handle her own personal problems.” I answered calmly, even though deep down inside I was everything except calm.


I was fuming, infuriated, outraged.


God, I was so close to make that guy p*n*sless, if that’s even a word.


If it wasn’t because of Ximena’s pleading words to not make things worse, I swear I would have gone that cheating asshole house the second I got the news from a crying Ximena.


Seeing my sister cry was heartbreaking. And I hate that the person who caused her the heartache was her own cheating fiancee.




But I know she was strong. I know she would overcome this.


It was just a little bit hard to explain to Rodrigo that Ximena didn’t want our help. Ximena specifically told me she didn’t want me to punch Blake in his face nor any other parts of his body. “Don’t lower yourself to his level.” she had said through teary eyes.


“She’s your f**king sister Flynn! Even if she said to not do it, you should !” Rodrigo yelled out aggravated. “You can’t just let that cheating bastard go without at least a few punches.”


I shook my head. My hands were itching to punch Blake, but I’ll try to keep myself in.


For the sake of Ximena.


“It’s what she wants Rodrigo, I will not go against her wishes.”

Rodrigo let out a sharp breath and sat down on the chair in front of me. He breathed in and out to calm himself down.


“Fuck ! I swear, if I see that cheating bastard I will not hesitate to punch him in his face.” Rodrigo said through gritted teeth.


“Me neither, it hurts to see my sister crying because of a stupid boy.”


We stayed silent for a while, before Rodrigo broke it.


“How was your date?” he asked.


“It was great.” I said, a small smile making it’s way to my face at the memories of last night. “Jill is amazing.”


“I bet she is. Have you told her yet?”


I shook my head, knowing exactly what he was talking about.


Rodrigo cursed under his breath. “You f**king idiot ! When the hell are you going to tell her?!”



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