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Episode 20


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“So, have you told her?” Rodrigo was sitting casually in front of me, his legs crossed on my table. Talk about manners.


I glared at his feet and then at him. “Put your feet down!” I snapped. “Where are your manners?”


“Don’t have any.” he replied, taking a sip of his martini. “Like how you don’t have the balls to tell Jill that you’re her one night stand.”


“Fuck you !” I said through gritted teeth.


“You were with her in a goddamn plane, the only reason you didn’t bring your PA was because of her and still you didn’t had the balls to confess?!” he exclaimed, putting his glass roughly down on the table.


“Can you be more careful with my glassware? Those are my mom’s.”


“Don’t change the subject. You know that I can’t see you like this anymore.” His eyes held anger as he was looking at me. “It’s time you f**king grow a pair of balls and confess to her. You’re hurting yourself by keeping this a secret. Fuck!”


“I did confess okay, she was…asleep.” I muttered.


I hated to be like this. Vulnerable.


I was a goddamn business man. Business deals, contracts, name it and I could arrange it. No hesitation. No second thoughts.


And then there’s her.


Everything I do, everything I say around her I have to make sure It will not hurt her feelings. That she will not run away from me. I never cared about anyone’s feelings, that’s why I got the title womanizer right?


But I cared about her feelings.


And only her.


And that from my parents.


Oh and also that from my annoying sister.


Always had, Always will.


Rodrigo simpered. “Really?! How do you expect for her to reply if she’s asleep! You can’t keep this a secret any longer…You’re…hurting. Fuck when did I become so sentimental?”


I growled inwardly, knowing that Rodrigo was right. “I’m f**king afraid!” I yelled out frustrated.


There, I let it out.


I was afraid.


Afraid of losing her.


Afraid that this love is only one sided.

I have hurt myself a lot after that one night stand. I had countless one night stands with different girls.


Blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc.


And still I couldn’t get over her.


I even turned my dear friend, Zoe, into my f**kbuddy.


Every stupid thing I had done, was because of her.


To forget her.


To move on without her.


But when I’m alone, the only thing that’s on my mind is her.


Rodrigo stared at me. “Afraid? For what? She’s just a girl.”


“She’s not just a girl! Dammit, she’s the girl that holds my heart. She’s the girl that can break it anytime she wants !”


Rodrigo shook his head and was about to say something when my office door opened. “Sir, you have a meeting in ten minutes.” Timon informed me.


“Fuck!” I cursed as I frantically searched for the file I needed for the meeting. The whole afternoon Jill took over my mind to the point that I had to call Rodrigo over to ‘advise’ me.


So far, Rodrigo wasn’t much of a help.


“Let me guess. You haven’t prepared yet.” Rodrigo stood up and fixed his tie as he looked up at me with pity in his eyes.


I let out a frustrated sigh as I grabbed the file and stand up. “No, dammit. And I don’t need your pity.”


“I don’t pity you. It’s just… If Jill can do this to you.” He pointed with his index finger at me. “She’s the one. And damn I will feel sorry for you if she will leave you when she knows that you knew the truth all along.”




Jill Malik P.O.V


I huffed as I opened the door of my apartment.


The last two weeks were so exhausting, because of Ximena’s eye shadow palette launch.


I was only absent for four days and a pile of work had been waiting for me on my desk when I returned.


The launch date is approaching and I was not even close being done. Not only did I had to work overtime, but I also had to work late nights at home.


Usually I was still awake at one in the morning working. Reina being the nice friend she is stayed awake with me to make coffee and occasionally throw a pillow at me when I was about to fall asleep.


It has also been two weeks since I had last saw Flynn. After he dropped me off from the airport, I haven’t seen him since then.

He didn’t came to visit Ximena, so I think he’s also busy with work. I don’t know where we actually stand. He was really sweet to me in Barcelona, I would consider him a friend.


I also feel like I know him somehow, but I don’t know from where. I’m pretty sure I saw him before graduation, somewhere.


Also when he said strawberries and whiskey.


There’s only one person who had called me that.


And I don’t think Flynn is that person.


But he can be my subconscious said.


But he isn’t. There are seven billion people in the world.


It could be anyone.


If it was Flynn, he would definitely tell me right?


I walked into the kitchen and saw Reina and Luca cleaning the kitchen table. They were so adorably cute.


This was the first time I saw Luca since graduation day.


“Hey Jill, you’re early today.” Reina said surprised when I walked into the kitchen.


“Yeah, because I have so much work to finish at home.” I sighed. “Hello Luca.”


“Hey Jill.” he greeted, smiling.


Luca had changed a lot in a span of one year. He was longer, muscular, and more manly. He looked handsome. “Great to see you again.”


“Nice to see you too…You changed a lot.” I said, giving him a side hug.


“Haha thanks. You too. You look more sophisticating.”


“Don’t let your girlfriend hear that.” I whispered, glancing at Reina who just rolled her eyes.


“Oh don’t worry, she’s totally fine with it.” he said with a reassuring smile.


“I’m fine with it, because she’s my bestfriend and she has a thing for that Vasilios boy. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind chopping your precious balls and flushing it down the toilet.” she threatened jokingly.


“Ouch, Vita Mia don’t be so harsh on my boys.”


“And.. I don’t have a thing for that Vasilios boy.” I added


“Keep telling yourself that honey.” Reina purred, wiping sauce off the table.


“What did you guys had for dinner?” I asked, changing the subject.


“Spaghetti by me.” Luca said proudly. ” We’re just cleaning up the mess we made in your kitchen. ”


“I left some for you in the fridge.” Reina said.

“Thanks guys, I’ll go change and take a shower.” I walked out of the kitchen and headed to my room.


I threw my bag on the bed and sighed. I can’t wait to take a long cold shower after a tiring day.


After I was done taking a shower I walked back to the kitchen to heat up the spaghetti. Reina was in the living room watching tv.


“How was work?” she asked, when I joined her with a big bowl of spaghetti on my lap.


I shrugged. “The usual. Tons of work, meetings, Ximena all stressed out.”


“I can’t imagine how tired Ximena is right now. With the wedding and stuff.”


I shoved a fork full of spaghetti in my mouth. It was delicious.


“Blake is doing the wedding.” I said, after I was done chewing.


“Really? Wow she’s one lucky girl. Anyway have you heard of your lover lately?” she asked teasingly.


I rolled my eyes. The past two weeks she called Flynn my lover. It all started after I came home from Barcelona and she demanded that I had to tell her everything that had happened between us.


When I told her he brought me to the Plaça de Catalunya, she lost it. She started screaming and jumping up and down my bed from excitement, almost breaking my antique vase on my nightstand.


“No, and he’s not my lover.”


“Oh, he is. He has a crush on you.” she gushed.


“Crush are for little boys. He’s a grown up man.”


“Age doesn’t matter. A crush is a crush.” she stated.


I rolled my eyes and continued eating my spaghetti. “This is good. Your man can cook.”


“Of course.” she smiled proudly. “I bet yours can too.”


“I don’t have one.”


“Oh you will. Flynn will ask you on a date. Sooner or later. Mark my words.”


I laughed. That will probably never happen, but I still replied with: “We will see.”


After I finished dinner I went back to my room to grab my laptop.


“Do you still have a lot of work to finish?” Reina asked when I came back in the living room with my laptop clutched under my armpit.


I nodded. Only the the thought of the amount of work I need to finish, is making me tired.


“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you company.”


“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” I mumbled, plopping down next to her.

“Honey, don’t say that.” she playfully nudged me. “But this time, you should tell me a little bit more about that mysterious one night stand guy.”


“I already told you everything.”


“But I still feel that there’s a missing part.”


There is a missing part.


A huge one, that I don’t even know about.


Everytime I think about it, my mind wanders to Flynn.


The things he says.


The effect his touch has on me.


All so familiar, but still a mystery.


I want to put two and two together, but it doesn’t make sense.


Flynn doesn’t make sense.


Because if he was the mystery guy from the one night stand, he would have told me right?








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