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Episode 9








The couple arrived safely at the hotel and were warmly welcomed


Kemi looked around, admiring the hotel.


“This place looks expensive” she said, as they checked in


“Lord, women and complaints” he mumbled


“Baby money isn’t the problem, so just relax let me spoil you a little okay” he said as he gave her a peck


“Okay then, let me order for something” she responded with smiles


“I’m not hungry and you’re not hungry as well. You’re even fasting so who’s eat the food.” He asked


“Well, I want to take a quick shower, should we take it together?” He said further, getting up


“No go ahead, I’d bathe later” she said.


She was so glad her prayers had been answered. She has always loved prayers ever since she’s been serious with her Christain life and with the help of her mom who’d



always wake her up in the middle of the night to pray, she’s doing great in managing her home spiritually.


She was marvelled at the outcome of her fasting and prayers and had wondered why she didn’t take it serious since she married, she imagined the blessings and privileges she had missed as a result of her carelessness with fasting and prayers.


Maybe if she was prayers back then, she would’ve been told in her dreams that Esther was up to know good, and if she had started praying by then, everything would be settled by now


“There’s no oil in my lamp, so I have to work for it” she thought to herself, covering her face with her palm.


She remembered when she was single and Mark was pestering her to marry him, stating she was his dream come true. She began praying about it with her mother and during that period, her mom always lectured her on how to be a good wife.




“Oko mi ……you know you’re the firstborn and your siblings would follow your


paths abi” Mama said


“Yes ma” Kemi responded


“Oda (good)….behave well in your husband’s house, be a good wife o. Make sure


your husband enjoys the privileges of marrying a prayerful woman oo. You know Proverbs says he that findeth a wife findeth a food good thing and hath obtained favour from God. Dakun omo mi, let favour overflow in that man’s life. He found you so he should have and enjoy the blessings of finding you. Abi you’re the one that asked him to marry you ni” Mama asked to be sure before u go further


“God forbid Mama. It’s an abomination” Kemi replied.


“Very good. So let him enjoy uninterrupted favour. S’oro mi ye e o (do u understand?)” Mama said, drawing her eyes in emphasis


“Yes Ma, I understand” Kemi said as she nodded



“Ehe oko mi. One more thing. No third party o. No bestie o. After Marriage, even your best friend becomes a stranger o. Including Esther o” She said, enlongating the “o”


“Yes ma. Motigbo ma” Kemi responded


“Ehe….oya let us pray” Mama said as she extended her hands to hold Kemi’s in





Flashback ended


“Ahh….I’ve made a mistake, and I was warned o. But wait, how did I forget to pray


and get so obsessed with the fact that I was married. Why didn’t I see anything wrong with Taiwo coming to live with us. And why didn’t I see the fact that Esther could become jealous. Jesus, my eyes are clearing now o. Abi, I was Bewitched ni? Was I blinded to see app these things? What Happened to my spirit and instincts then. Haa, this is deeper than I thought and I must get to the root of this. Mark is my husband, I didn’t snatch him from anyone so nobody, not even a principality, personality or power, is going to snatch him from me” she concluded in her thoughts as Mark got out the bathroom.


“Babe, oya go bath and come meet me here, we have alot to discuss but I want to spend some time on you and spoil you first.” He said as he pecked her forehead to which she smiled and replied with a nod.




While taking her bathe, her thoughts was at it again, going through so many things and flashing back at important things. She then remembered speedily what Taiwo said before leaving.


“Stop keeping secrets from your husband” she muttered to herself, remembering the words as she flashed back to the secret she was keeping


“But how do I tell him? What would he think of me?” She asked inwardly. Within a split second, her thoughts went back to what Taiwo said


“Mogbe ” She exclaimed inwardly as she remembered Taiwo telling her that Esther was neck bent on taking Mark away from her by all means



“Ahh Lord, help me” she said as she tied her towel to meet her husband who was patiently waiting for her.






“Hey there” Mark said with a smirk on his face. Kemi got the sign and laughed “Don’t tell me you were peeping….gosh” she said as she lightly hit her head


“Don’t you ever respect privacy?” She asked as she dressed up


“I do, but not when I’ve paid for it.” He said whispering as their bodies touched.


Kemi smiled to herself


“Well, at least you’d let me wear something” she whispered in response


“Come on, don’t spoil the moment” he grumbled, pulling her closer


“Just lemme wear something” she replied and Mark raised his hands up in surrender


“Your choice” he said as he went back to bed, watching her


Kemi searched her box to look for her clothes but found none.


She was almost frustrated because she had searched everywhere and she was sure she packed them.


“I couldn’t find any of my dresses, including my undies” she said, giving up and lying on the bed as Mark burst into laughter suddenly Kemi narrowed her eyes “what’s funny” she asked


“You see I know you’d be stubborn so I carefully removed them. Wait why do you think I asked you if you weren’t forgetting anything when I know you don’t forget things easily…..even when we were rushing to travel when we just got married as a


result of my Job before i got a promotion few months our marriage and none since then. So let me confess; i removed them while u were bathing” He said, laughing harder.



“Now there’s nothing to wear” she said, pouting. Mark smiled at that statement, coming closer to her


“Well….now that there’s nothing to wear, will u let me have my way now?” He


said, kissing her neck as he said a word.


“Don’t worry about ur clothes. We would buy tomorrow okay” He said, Incase she


had wanted to interrupt.


She giggled at his moves


“When will you ever get tired of this body?” Sue whispered


“None of your business. I paid for it and not the other way round. No more words if you don’t want me to kiss you deeply”



“Well I want you to” she said and……



Okay next scene




Mark was smiling, holding Kemi in her hands


“You’re a sweet girl. I’ve always known you for that” he said as a flirt.


“Now which dress will I wear? It’s only the flare gown I came with that is here.” She said pouting


“Well, wear it then. It’s late today already. We’ll go tomorrow okay. So use it to sleep. But I’m so lucky it’s a flare gown. I can still have my way” he said with a wink.


She hit him playfully “what kind of a man did I marry? You’re crazy” she said and he laughed


“Yeah I get that alot. So far I’m crazy about you it’s fine” he said. Just then he remembered Taiwo and knew that she was still in the dark. He also remembered he had wanted to tell her about Esther, her best friend.


“Hey babe, come here” He said, calling here as she had gone to dress up. “Yes…I’m done” she said as she joined him in bed


“Baby…. I want you to listen to me. I don’t want any secret to be kept between us


again. Though what I’m about to say isn’t a secret, but I want to reveal some things to you so as not to be kept in the dark.” He said, stroking her hair. “Okay I’m listening” she replied calmly.


Mark made sure he had her full and undivided attention, then explained everything to her. Kemi on her side was not too surprised at what he said because after the first three days fast, she has been receiving little insights and she has to press forward (pray harder) to receive more so as to fight this battle to finish, not just to finish but to finish strong. At the same time, she was happy at how mature her husband was


“Man is a real man. I’m so lucky to have him” she thought to himself as she stared at him.


“So that was why I took a three day pass to run away like Joseph, but this time not single but with you.” He said, as he ended his speech, pecking her forehead.


“So tell me my love, do you have any secret you’ve been keeping from me? You know this is the perfect time to tell me.” He asked gently Kemi’s heart race for a while as she fell silent


“I’m listening” Mark said, breaking the silence


“No, I don’t have a secret to reveal to you” she said which made Mark smile.


“Okay then…..stay in my arms, let’s stay like this for a while” he said as she smiled


Mark hugged her tight and pecked her head, while Kemi bit her lips doe just telling a lie


“I just missed an opportunity to tell him the truth. Lord please help” she thought to herself.










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