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Episode 19













The next day



“Mama these are all my assignments” Kemi said as she handed over her book to her mom


Kemi’s jottings



Psalm 34:21 — O Lord, let evil slay the wicked and let they that hate me be desolate



Psalm 35:4-6,8,26



Psalm 40:14



Psalm 44:5



Psalm 52:5 — O Lord, destroy my enemies, pluck them out of their dwelling place and root them out of the land of the living



Psalm 54:7 — My eyes shall see my desire upon my enemies, in the name of Jesus



Psalm 55:9a,23a — Destroy my enemies O Lord and divide their tongies; bring down my stubborn enemies into the pit of destruction



Psalm 58:6-8



Psalm 59:13a — O Lord, consume all my stubborn enemies in the wrath



Psalm 60:12b — Arise O Lord, tread down my enemies, in the name of Jesus



Psalm 63:9-10 — Those that seek my soul to destroy it shall go into the lower parts of the earth, they shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes, in Jesus name



Psalm 64:7 — My father, shoot at my enemies with an arrow and let them be wounded suddenly.



Psalm 68:1-2,21



Psalm 69:22-25,27a — Let the table of my enemies become a snare before them, and let that which should’ve been for their welfare, let it become a trap…..



Psalm 70:2



Psalm 71:13



Psalm 72:9b —- O God arise, and let my enemies lick the dust.



Psalm 83:17



Psalm 89:22-23 — The enemy shall not exact upon me, nor the son of wickedness afflict me. The Lord will beat down my foes before my face and plague them that hate me in Jesus name



Psalm 91:8



Psalm 92:11



Careful study on Psalm 109.



Psalm 109, according to my own understanding, is a Psalm of David that’s full of dreadful and wicked curses.



It’s a Psalm of prayers and reminding God that he has always depended on Him (God) but the enemies wouldn’t let him be.


End of Kemi’s jottings



“Hmm….you’ve done well my daughter. Hope you practice them too” Mama





“Yes Mama” Kemi replied



“And also remember to do good….if you study Psalms closely, there are


some verses that were just for reminding God of how good he( David) was to his enemies. A good example is in Psalm 35. Look up the verses yourself. Do you understand me?” Mama said



“Yes Ma.” Kemi replied



“Oda. I’d be leaving soon” Mama said as Kemi made way to her room.





















The three months lectures was finally complete and Kemi was ready for anything. Mama had advised Kemi not to relent in prayers because she hasn’t seen attack yet.



“The devil leaves for a season. You must be on guard.” Mama warned before she left



It’s been two weeks after the lectures and nothing has happened, this got Kemi worried but she was determined not to relent in prayers so they’d be enough oil on her lamp.



Three weeks and no sign of any attack until one day, her husband came back from work the usual time with a sad and disappointed face.



“My love, what’s wrong with you” Kemi asked as she dished out his food



“Babe they said they want to retrench some workers and my name’s on it” Mark replied as Kemi stared at him in shock.



“What do you mean? I mean I thought you were one of your boss’ favourite.” Kemi managed to reply to which he nodded



“Someone suggested my name. They said since there isn’t enough money, they had to sacrifice some of their competent workers.” Mark explained



“Are you the only one affected?” She asked



“No….about three others too are affect” he replied as Kemi thought for a





“Hmmmm…….okay you Know what? Try and eat. When we go to bed I’d


pray about it okay” Kemi said as she urged her husband to try eating his food



“They are striking already and this is just the beginning”Kemi thought to herself as she cleared the dishes after eating.



Kemi couldn’t sleep that night. She kept praying, she’s been praying for an hour now and didn’t plan on ending her prayers anytime soon. She asked God to take control. “Lord let not man prevail” she prayed aggressively. She asked for favour, for things to turn around and for such verdict to be changed in favour of her husband.



After that night, she added three days fasting to it; praying morning and night on behalf of her husband.



After three days was complete, Mark came back home that evening with a smile on his face.



Kemi heard a knock and knew it was her husband so she opened the door for him as he greeted her with a tight hug



“They’ve changed their mind” he said happily while hugging her tight. Kemi couldn’t hide her joy but didn’t Know how to express it, so she just smiled broadly.



“Thank you God for answered prayers” she said inwardly



“Okay come eat, then you tell me how it happened” Kemi said as they disengaged.



Mark said he had wanted to shower first before anything. Kemi agreed as she waited patiently for her husband at the dinning room





“so how did it happen” She asked as she dished her husband’s food.



“I really don’t know. But from what I heard, they called a board meeting and said retrenching their competent workers wasn’t the best decision to take.” Mark explained



“Ohh… Thank God. Has anyone been disturbing you at work recently?” She asked out of sheer curiosity



“No nobody. I haven’t seen Esther after the incident at our house few months back sef.” Mark responded



“Okay that’s good. Bby we’re going to thank God to changing their verdict to our favour. Just for thirty minutes, I’d continue the rest.” Kemi said, packing the plates as they were done eating



“Okay no problem” Mark said in agreement.





That night was a night if praises as Kemi was so glad for answered prayers e’en though she knew deep down that more was on the way.



After the thirty minutes, Mark retired to sleep as Kemi prayed further for protection and wisdom to be one step ahead of her enemies.







It’s been two weeks now since the decision was made at Mark’s office and those two weeks has been full of prayers for Kemi as the enemy was striking hot.



Twice Mark had been falling sick but it didn’t last because of his wife’s prayers



Twice he was fired the arrow of insanity but Kemi fired it back before it came to reality as she had dreamt of them. As a result, one could say she truly was one step ahead of her enemies.



Now for the past few days, it has been financial crises for Mark. Last week was month end and workers were expecting their salaries but when it got to Mark’s turn, few names to his, money finished (or so they claimed). It’s just been a week and Mark doesn’t know how he’d survive or feed his family without the money



Mark told her everything that was going on and Kemi went into the room, coming out with some cash she had gotten from the drawer



“Where did you get these from?” Mark asked amazed as he received the money from her hands.



“I saved it. It’s a combination of the money gotten from our three days outing and the little I could save from the business I was making. I’m sure it’s able to take us for three months till they pay you” Kemi responded e’en though she knew what he was facing financially wasn’t ordinary. Mark was amazed at hugged her tight.



“I’m so lucky. I married the right woman” Mark whispered as Kemi giggled a little while disengaging



“Everything would be fine okay. All these is for a while. Just hold on for a little while and everything would be back to normal okay” Kemi said, looking straight into his eyes as he smiled



“That reminds me, it’s been a while since I’ve wanted you by my side” Mark said as he came closer to her



“But wait. How come you know what would happen before they do happen?” Mark asked as he had her in his arms



“Ahh…do you think all mum taught me was just for fun ni. I put everything into practice and had spent more time in prayers so I’d be spiritually receptive.” Kemi explained briefly



“Hmmm….nice.” Mark thought aloud



“I miss you. Can I spend time with you? Say weekend” he requested, stroking her hair



“Sure” she said in between smiles as he gave her a passionate kiss



“I love you” he whispered in her ears



“I love you more” Kemi responded as she prayed in her heart for more wins























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