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Episode 16







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“Do you know that you can he your own prophet? Now before you can be a servant to someone, it is expected of you to know the person very very well. And since Jesus said we’re His friends, it lays more emphasis on knowing Him. Now for today oko mi, I’d lecture you on ‘knowing your God’ , or let me say ‘understanding your God'” Mama said as Kemi and Mark were taking notes.



“Let’s start with this scripture, Dan 11:32b” Mama said as she paused for one of them to read the passage



“But the people that do Know their God shall be strong and do exploits” Mark read to their hearing



“Good. So that means it’s only when you know your God that you can be strong. The devil is very powerful but God is all powerful. Now we know the devil is very smart and clever, if he knows you don’t know your God…you don’t know the God you serve, he’d scare and mesmerize you with his limited powers” Mama explained



“So that means it’s because I didn’t know I had the power to send the arrows back to the sender that I suffered from that strange sickness?” Mark asked



“Exactly. Even the Bible said my people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge. You can find that in Hosea 4:6a and Isaiah 5:13a. Let’s leave that aside and focus on what we want to learn today” Mama said as she readjusted herself.



“Now can any of you tell me the Characters your maker has?” Mama said after drinking a bottle of water



“He’s merciful” Mark replied sharply



“He’s all powerful” Kemi responded



“He’s omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient” Mark said as Mama smiled



“Very good my children. Now let’s learn God a little bit deeper” Mama said as the couple listened attentively, ready to write.



“God is a revealer of secrets. He reveals deep and secret things. Open your Bible to Daniel 2:22, 28” Mama said as she wait for Kemi to read to their hearing, then continued



“God being a revealer of secrets, wants to reveal them to his children. Deut 29:29 and Jer 33:3 confirms that” Mama said as they were jotting



“That explains how Kemi knew I had received a gift?” Mark asked



“Exactly my child. Another Good example is found in 2Kings 6:8-10” Mama said as Mark read the passage to their hearing.



“God reveals the deep and secret things. However, for us to have access into those secrets, we have to become serious with him. You Know also that the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to accomplish this purpose. So you have to work on the gifts you have and make sure you get to the highest Maxima of your gift.” Mama said and then paused.



“Another thing you need to Know about God is that He’s a consuming fire. You can find that in Deut 4:24 and Heb 12:29.” She said as Mark and Kemi read aloud.


“I’ll say one more then we’d call it a day.” Mama said as it was afternoon already



“Now the last one I’m going to mention for today is that God doesn’t joke with his servants. Ps 105:15, Zech 2:5,8b, Isa 54:15,17; 59:19b all attest to that.” Mama said as they made her jottings and explained further



“That’s all for today my children” she said.



“Assignment Ma” Kemi said as Mark stared at her



“Mark it seems you don’t like assignments” Mama said with laughter as Mark smiled



“Well you’re not done with the first one. You only did chapter 1-10 of Psalms so it remains 140 more chapters. However your new assignment is this: study Psalm 109 and tell me what it’s all about” Mama said as they dispersed



Meanwhile, Kemi came back to her


“Mama, I’m not strong in my spirit despite all prayers. Even when Esther confronts me, I don’t have any strength to challenge her back” Kemi complained



“Oko mi, we’d discuss that later. As at now, I’m famished” mama said



“Okay Ma” Kemi responded as she went to make something












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