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Episode 7








Mark returned home later in the day, very tired and late as his job was time consuming and also drains his strength in the process. Mark had resolved in his heart to spend a little time with his wife before he slept, as the temptation he got from the two ladies were becoming overwhelming, that was why he wanted his wife around him these days just to remind him that his woman is always available for him and there was no reason looking outside or consenting to their demands.


“Babe, you’re late.” Kemi said as she welcomed her husband


“Yes and I’m sorry. It wasn’t my fault” he said as he forced a smile


“No problem my love, dinner’s ready. Let’s eat” she said as she helped in removing his suit and tie.


“You’ve not eaten?” He asked as he made his way to the dinning room.


“I haven’t, I just drank water so I could have enough strength to wait for you. Now come sit let me serve your meal” she said


Mark watched as Kemi dished his food and sat beside him to feed him a bit before eating.


“Surely, this woman doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.” He thought to himself.


He kept staring at her as till they finished their meal


He had resolved in his heart to stay with her that night till he fell asleep as he was way tired.


They ate their food in silence. Mark was tired and Kemi hadn’t wanted to discuss anything, seeing he was tired. She silently packed the plates to the kitchen to wash them.


Mark felt she was taking alot of time so he went to look for her.


He found her still washing plates and smiled to himself.


“Hey babe” he whispered as he hugged her from behind. She was startled at first, but smiled later on to find out it was her husband


“Hey” she replied


“You’re taking too long, I want to be with you” he whispered, kissing her ears and neck slowly


“But I’m not done” she protested


“I don’t care…..just leave it and let’s go upstairs” he said, holding her waist this


time. Kemi sensed what he wanted and smiled to herself


“Okay fine, I’m coming.” She responded.


“come now. I need you now, the dishes can wait please. Or do you want me to start here?” He asked, making Kemi to laugh.


“Okay okay…..let’s go then” she said as she left what she was doing and followed


him to the room. Mark had wanted to carry her bit he was tired, he only regained some strength after eating…






Although Mark got what he wanted that night, he was still thinking of how to spend quality time with his wife; he hadn’t wanted to lose her, neither had he wanted to look outside. Taiwo had almost stopped pestering hik but Esther was neck bent on having him to himself


He was still awake and deep in thoughts as Kemi was in his arms, fast asleep. He stared at her a bit and smiled, kissing her lightly on her forehead. “I love you dear” he whispered


“I know what to do.” He thought to himself.





Mark had gone to work and today was the third day of Kemi’s fast. Kemi had given a flimsy excuse to Esther so she wouldn’t visit her for the meantime.


Kemi was very tired as a result of the fast as she had planned to extend this day’s own a little from 6pm to 9pm and it was just 5pm


“Jesus….I’m so tired. I didn’t think this thing through o” she said as she left the house to her compound to just look around.


All of a sudden, a tattered man came to her from the gate


“Jesus…..Tunde!!!…Tunde!!!!…Tunde ooo…..olatunde. God, where is this boy” she said as she kept quiet because strength was oozing out of her


“Ma!!!…. Madam you called me….”


“Yes I did….now can you explain this” She said, pointing to the obviously mad




“Madam I no know o”


“Tunde. I don not have strength so please for God’s sake, how did he get into this compound”


“Madam, I went to buy something for myself madam. I no know say e dey follow me. As I wan close gate, na so e appear com force himself for gate. As I dey look for am from the other side naso I com hear your voice ma say u dey call me mada” Tunde explained in a sincere Manner


“Water please….I’m thirsty and hungry” the supposed mad man said, while on the




“Water. Okay I’m coming. Tunde, close that gate” Kemi said as she got him water and the food she was supposed to break her fast with. After eating for sometime, he regained his strength and began to speak



“Ehe…. thank you for your water. I only asked for water and you add food join.


Continue to do good o, because it will save you one of these days. And, be careful of unfriendly friends.” He said as he carried the bottle of water and found his way out of the compound, leaving Kemi dumbfounded…






















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