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Episode 11









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It was the third day of their “outing” and that was the day they were to go home, at least to spend a little time with Taiwo before they’d finally say goodbye.


“Babe, are you done packing?” Mark asked


“Packing, it’s still early in the morning. Let’s stay here a little longer” Kemi said pleadingly



“I love this place. …..”she said further as she allowed herself fall on the bed


like a child.


Mark smiled and agreed “we’d leave in the afternoon” he concluded “Yes Sir” she playfully agreed



“But babe, before we go, I want us to go do a HIV test” Kemi said “What? Don’t tell me you’re” he said as his eyes pooped out




“No silly, I just want us to do it. I feel something is about to wrong” she briefly explained



“Okay…..let’s go now then since I’m already dressed. But you’d explain to


me where this is coming from okay”He said



“Sure, I will” she said as she smiled


“Be sure of this Esther, as long as I have God with me, I’d always be one step ahead of you” she thought inwardly as she resolved to tell Mark her encounter last night.



“You’re both negative Sir. This is the result of the test” the Doctor said as he handed over the statement of the result to him



“Thank you very much Doctor, we’re grateful” Mark said, rising up to shake hands with the Doctor ( in this coro period )



“You’re welcome” the Doctor replied as the couple left his office



“So babe, mind telling me what this is about?” She asked as they got into the care, heading back to the hotel.



“I will, but I think it’s better you see for yourself” she replied to which he nodded, understanding that that’s how she does when there’s danger ahead and it’s been settled in the spirit.





They got home late afternoon and were warmly welcomed by Taiwo who had been expecting them since morning.




……our wonderful couple is back. Tell me, how did it go” she said,


facing Mark


“As planned” he smiled



“And……how was it ” she asked facing Kemi.



“Under control” Kemi responded



“Good. Can I talk to my bestie’s wife b4 I’d be stripped off that position” Taiwo asked, smiling at Kemi



“You’ve already lost the title and it has been given to another” Mark said in smiles



“Ohh ” Taiwo cried playfully



“Oya iyawo wa (our wife)…..let’s talk” Taiwo said as she dragged her to the





“How did it go? What did Esther say? Did she talk about the secret? What was Mark’s reaction?” Taiwo asked impatiently



“Relax babe…..she said she needed to see him urgently. She suggested a


restaurant or somewhere but Mark insisted at his office instead. Then that same night, it was like her plan was revealed to me. It was like a dream, I didn’t really understand it but from the little I know, she wants to like against me that I’m HIV positive or something. I’m not sure yet but I won’t take any chances. I’ve done the test, me and Mark and we’re both negative. I’ve also told Mark to record their conversation as carefully as possible” Kemi said as she stared at her amazed.



“How long have you been a Christian?” She managed to say as she was still surprised at her wisdom and ability to be one step ahead of an evil plan



“It’s been a while now. Why?” Kemi asked



“Hmm…… Mark is in safe hands. You may a young woman, but in the spirit


you’re more than matured. You’re really a wife and I’d like to imitate you” Taiwo said



Kemi smiled “Thank you. So when are you leaving” . “Tomorrow. But I feel like cancelling the flight” she responded



“Why? You’re not ready?” Kemi asked, concerned



“I am. I want to learn from you. I love your spiritual maturity. Esther still think I’m on her side so she told me exactly this thing u said you dreamt of. I also want to be spiritually active as well” she explained briefly



Kemi smiled at this


“Winning a soul” she thought to herself



“Should I come some other time?” Taiwo asked jokingly


.”Ehn…. Nooooooooooooooo” Kemi said with all seriousness, Making Taiwo


laugh hard



“Okay I’ll cancel my flight and I’d go back in two weeks time.” Taiwo said



“Please allow me to stay. Okay one more week” she pleaded, seeing Kemi wasn’t too comfortable



“Okay fine, one week” Kemi concluded “But my husband has the final say” she said



“Sure tell him…..later then, let me not keep Mark waiting for too long”


Taiwo said as she left



“Still need careful with her……there’s war ahead so take no chances” she


heard a voice within





“so what were you guys talking about.” Mark asked as Kemi entered the Master’s bedroom



“Nothing much…..she asked about Esther and I told her everything” She


said briefly while Mark shook his head



“What. I did something wrong?” She asked


“No babe but….come here” He said as he pulled her to himself to whisper


“It’s a family issue babe, you don’t have to tell anyone. It was the secret you shared with Esther that she had wanted to use against. My love please learn your lessons.” He said as he kissed her neck



“I can’t resist this body” he said as she smiled “Ahh….chill o” she said in laughter



“Okay….I’ve heard you. Let me prepare something for us to eat. Lest I


forget, Taiwo said she wants to stay one more week, that she wants to learn Christainity stuff from me” she chipped in but he seemed displeased.



“It’s obvious you don’t like it. That’s why I told her I would tell you first.” She responded to his gestures



“Just be careful okay” he said


“No problem” Kemi smiled as she made her way to the kitchen







Mark had resumed work in his office and reported to duty



He was sorting out some things that had piled up as a result of his short holiday when he heard a knock on his door.



“Yes please come in” he replied, obviously expecting a visitor



“Hello handsome” Esther said as she walked in majestically



“Hi Esther,how are you?” He asked



“I’m fine and how’s your wife” she asked



“She’s doing well” he responded and waited for her to start talking



“Enough of the greetings” she said as she waved her hands in the air and rolled her eyes simultaneously



“What I have to tell you is more important buy befoe that, where have you been for the past three days, been coming here but your secretary told me you weren’t around” she asked with concern



“I took a break to sort some family issues” Mark said simply



“Hope everything is fine now” She asked



“Sure…..” He responded with smiles


“Okay so here….and here have this ” she said as she handed two things over


to him: a device and a paper, something like a result from the hospital



“What is all these” he asked as he received them from his hands.



“Just a little something you need to know concerning your wife. So it happens that your lovely wife can’t be the father of your children and she didn’t let you know before you married her” she said with a smirk



“How does that feel?” She asked.


“Surprising” he replied honestly



“And do you also know she’s HIV positive?” She added. Mark narrowed his eyes as he didn’t believe what he was hearing “What?” He asked surprisingly



“Yes. She doesn’t deserve to be your wife cks she keeps so many secrets” she said as she stood up.



“However, I can make you the happiest man on Earth. Think about it, our life together, our children playing around us. Baby I have no secrets and my womb is fine neither do I have a dark past mmm….just think about it” she said whispering, after which he kissed his neck and cheek



“It’s okay. I’ve heard all you’ve said” he responded. Just then, a message popped up in his computer, meaning his attention is needed urgently



“Well, as you can see I’m busy so you’ll have to excuse me please.” He said, while attending to his computer



“No problem but think about what I just told you” she said. She wasn’t surprised he didn’t flare up as she had always known him to be a calm person



Mark nodded in response and she left. He waited for Ten minutes to be sure she was gone and wasn’t eavesdropping so she placed a call



“Hello sweetie…..yes she came, she left about ten minutes ago….I have it all recorded…..how did you know she’d lie about your HIV status……babe we would talk later okay” he said as he dropped the call



“Work, work , work” he muttered to himself






















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