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Episode 2β™₯








I didn’t realize my mouth was agape…. Like seriously, why would she respond that


way, she didn’t even respond at all o. And why would Mark my husband not inform me that we would be having a visitor before bringing her in….. I mean I’m his wife, he should have told me.


I managed to close my mouth I headed to the master’s bedroom. On getting there, I met my husband on the bed, pinging, obviously waiting for me


“Hey….” I said


Hi baby…..been waiting for you so we could study the Bible together…” He responded as he dropped his phone. I joined him on bed with the intention of questioning him concerning his best friend…… seriously, that title is new to me as he hasn’t mentioned it before.


“Sweetheart, who’s that lady friend” I asked calmly


“She’s my friend….best friend, we’ve been together since our university days.



She just got back from abroad and has no place to stay so I offered to bring her here to stay with us” he said, stroking my hair , probably so I won’t get angry.. “Okay but……don’t you think she’s a threat to our marriage, the relationship is still


young u know; just three years. Besides, you didn’t tell me we would be having a visitor. At least I’m your wife, I should’ve known.” I said, still maintaining my calm nature”


“I know dear and I’m sorry, she’s not a threat to this marriage at all I promise you. You just have to get along with her okay sweetie” He responded to which I kept silent


“Hmm…okay iffu say so”








It’s another beautiful morning * but not the usuals, I have a total stranger…my fellow woman in my house but since my husband said I shouldn’t worry about it, I’d just obey him*


So I’m gonna do my work as soon as possible today: pray, seep my stuffs, come back home to eat, rest and pray again.


I was about going out when Taiwo and I met at the door….”Hi…good morning. It’s


a beautiful morning isn’t it?” I said smiling, it was obvious I was trying to start a conversation with her


“Good morning..” she simply said and left. *Well, that doesn’t bother me*


My best friend Esther is coming today and she’s spending about two hours with me so I want to quickly get some drinks and snacks as well as prepare the food we’d eat *that is, if we would*


It’s been an hour I’ve been on that before I heard a knock on my door….it was


Esther. I was so glad to see her as it has been a while


Now lemme introduce you to my sweet best friend, Esther


Esther is someone I met in school, my secondary school days and we were lucky enough to attend the same university which made our bond stronger. We treated each other like sisters and have always been there for each other.



Though I’m a Christian, I still keep friend with anyone as long as he/she has a good heart. You may be surprised but I am a Christian, but not a deep one at all and same goes for my husband .


So where was I?






We’ve been talking for like an hour and half now when we heard a knock on the door


“I’m coming” I responded as I stood up. It happened to be Taiwo because I know my husband doesn’t come back this early


“Hi Taiwo, welcome…..” I said as I ushered her in


“Lemme introduce you to my friend. Okay Taiwo this is Esther, Esther this is Taiwo, my husband’s friend”


“Best friend…. please excuse me ” she cut in, interrupting me and left


I kept staring at her for a while buh winked at what just happened


“Babe, what just happened?” Esther asked me


“Nothing happened” I simply said


“Haa… said she’s who?” She asked


“My husband’s best friend” I replied


“Best friend indeed…..better hold your hubby tight before you she snatches him


from you o” she said, drawing her ears in emphasis


Wat? Could it be possible….but Mark promised it won’t happen….I tot to myself








Thanks for reading this episode….so now my question



Could wat Esther said happen? Could it be true???











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