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Episode 6



Mark is seen with his wife in the bedroom


“Babe” he called as he cuddled her in his arms. She was reading a book but he wanted her attention


“Yes dear.” She replied


Can you tell me about your past” He asked, a question that made cold chills run down her spine. She sat up to look at him


“I don’t understand your question” she said in a low tone, not knowing what to say


“I mean you should enlighten me the more on your past” he said pulling her close


I just want to confirm something” he said further, stroking her hair so she won’t be tensed.


“well… I used to go to club. I do that because of money, just to feed my mom and siblings. I hadn’t intended to but I just had to” she said shortly


“Is that all” her husband innocently asked as her heart raced.


“I think so” she said gently. He kissed her passionately, just for her not to be afraid or worried about what he asked


“I still love you okay” he said as they disengaged from the kiss.


“Buh honey I want you to be prayerful these days” he added


Kemi knew he had brought up this issue not quite long, she didn’t Know why but her instincts tell her something’s up.


“Okay, I will” she responded


“Promise me” he said with smiles, glad that she didn’t stress him with arguments this time around


“Yeah sure. Anything to keep my marriage” she replied






Kemi started becoming worried about the way Mark has been emphasizing on prayers these days.



She didn’t know what to do. She thought of calling her home to narrate what’s up in her home to her but she remembered there should be no third party in her marriage. “Oh God, Please help me make the right choice.” She said as she was still in deep thoughts. She decided to take a step. She finally resolved in embarking on a three day fast, to close by 6pm daily.


Part of her prayers was for God to give her wisdom to manage her home. On the second day of her fast, she heard a knock on the door. It wasn’t Mark because it was still a bit early. She opened the door to discover it was her mother.


She was surprised and at the same time very Happ, thanking God that she came because she really came at the right time. Her mom has recovered from her sickness, all thanks to God and Mark


“Ah mama….I’m so happy you came ma” she said as she offered her mom a seat.


“Yes my daughter, I came to check on you. How are you oko mi” her mom responded


“I’m very fine Ma” she said in between smiles


“And how is your husband” she asked further


“He’s very fine Ma” she responded, still wondering whether to tell her what was bothering her or not


“Well, that’s good. How’s your prayer life.” Mama asked


“Fine ma” she responded smiling


“I don’t want fine.When last did you fast” Mama asked


“I’m fasting presently Ma, to break by 6pm. This is the second day Ma” Kemi responded


“Oda. That’s good. Vigils nko. When last did you observe that one” Mama said. Kemi fell silent as she couldn’t recall when last she observed it. She has been so obsessed with her husband and showing her bestie all he’s been doing for her. The last she could recall was three months ago



“Dakun oko mi, you’ve not answered my question. Or it doesn’t deserve an answer.” Mama said, snapping Kemi out of her thought.


“Ehm… Mama, I can’t remember ma” she said, as she couldn’t lie to her mom, it’d only worsen the situation.


“U said wat?….Kemi.” Mama exclaimed


“Do you have to wait till trouble cones before you begin to pray, fast and observe vigils? Ehn Kemi….haa. why are you behaving like this nw. Why you behaving


like I never thought you these things. Have you gotten so obsessed with the fact that you’re now married despite your past that you let your spiritual life grow cold. Kemi!! I’m talking to you” Mama kept lamenting


“I’m sorry Ma” she said


“Sorry for yourself o. So you’re just like any other girl. So Mark isn’t enjoying the benefit of marrying a Christain. You’re just elany other woman out there that face different kind of challenges without any help……no no no, Kemi you didn’t think well o” Mama said


“Come to think of it….” Mama said further “Why are you fasting, there’s fire on the


mountain abi.”


“Ehm…..I don’t know Ma. But my husband said I should fast. I think something’s


bothering him Ma” Kemi said, feeling sad.


“I said it…..and there’s no oil in your lamp.” Mama said


“Ma?” Kemi said, not understanding what she meant.


“What is Ma?…..there’s no oil in your lamp now, there’s no past prayers or fasting


for you that’s make the job easier. Now you have to start working it out now. I pity you o” Mama said


“Anyway give me food let me eat.” Mama said as Kemi got up to prepare something



Mama stayed few minutes more and left, saying she didn’t intend sleeping over.


When mama left, Kemi was in very deep thoughts concerning what Mama had said.


She remembered how she said she had wanted to take care of the spiritual environment of her home as well as their individual spiritual lives. Instead, she spent those times in gisting and boasting about Mark to Esther


“I’ve made a mistake” she said amidst thoughts. Then, something just flashed through her mind. She remembered that even back in those days, Esther had always been the jealous type. She vividly remembered when a guy asked her out and she was still thinking about his proposal when Esther snatched him from her


“Wait…..wait o. Is that why Mark is asking me to pray. Was that why he asked


about my past. Has she revealed my secret. Jesus…..I’m in trouble” she exclaimed


as she ran into her room to resume prayers again










Please hope we’re learning something


Oko mi……my dear


Dakun…… please.










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