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Episode 13







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“Babe explain to me what that was all about” Mark said while undressing



“I thought I asked you not to receive anything from anyone for the next three weeks” she asked calmly



“I followed that instruction” he responded as he followed her to the kitchen



“Baby this is the third week. If you had been a little patient, you would reject that gift” Kemi said calmly as she washed the dishes to serve



“But I don’t understand. Why don’t you tell me exactly what is going on and stop hiding them from me” Mark said, getting pissed already but controlling himself.



Kemi didn’t respond as she noticed he was getting pissed.



“Okay so your dream, let’s hear everything” he said after sometime



“Esther said your weakness was inability to say no to gifts and she’d use it against you. She said you had alot of virtues inside of you that I’d foolishly left to lie there unutilized. That she wants to collect them by having a one night stand with you” she said as Mark’s eyes widened. He didn’t believe or even understand what he was hearing



“One night stand? All my virtues. I don’t understand. How will sΒ£x make her take away all my virtues. What are these virtues sef” he asked as he followed his wife to the dinning room.



“I do no know my love but I’d find out soon.” She said



“Hey hey babe” he called as he stopped her from moving



“Please don’t hide anything from me again. Tell me as it is instead of just telling me what to do please … okay” he said looking into her eyes. Kemi could sense he was already scared.



“I will” she responded with smiles



“Promise me” he said



“I promise” she said as they sat down to have their meal.







It’s been two days now and Mark has not been getting himself. He had called his boss and asked for three days break to take care of his health, hoping to be back on his feet on the third day, but the boss gave him seven days as Mark was one of his favorite employee and wouldn’t take a break or pass without a solid reason.



Kemi is seen with her husband in the bedroom, trying to know what exactly is wrong with him



“Baby how are you feeling?” She asked as she placed her hands on his head gently



“I do not really know my love. It started from my hands being very heavy and now I can’t lift my body” he said, almost in tears as he was tired of the situation.



“Shhh….it’s okay bby. Everything will be fine okay” she said as she started




“What exactly is going on? What’s wrong? Wait, could it be….oh my God”


she thought as she remembered Mark telling her that the gift was put in a decorated carton and the giver had warned his secretary not to check what was inside or touch it, that only her boss(Mark) was permitted to do so.



Mark on the other hand, brought out the gift from the so called carton, out of sheer curiosity.



“That’s it” she said as she snapped her fingers



“Did you figure something out?” Mark asked in a weak tone



“Not to worry dear.” She replied with smiles



“No.” He said, shaking his head



“Tell me everything” he said further



“Okay. I’m thinking this thing is from the gift you received. But the problem is I don’t know what to do about it or what prayer to pray concerning….” She said, interrupted by a knock and doorbell on her door.



“Who is it?” Mark asked, scared



“Being scared doesn’t help matters. God has not given us the spirit of fear.” She said, stroking his beards to calm him down.



“But why did God allow this sickness to befall me?” He asked



“You don’t blame God for anything that happens to us. He has given us all weapons necessary to fight but we don’t even know about them, talk less of putting them into use” she explained further




“I’m coming back, let me know who’s at the door.” She said as she pecked his lips and headed for the sitting room.


She opened the door to find out it was her mother. Her joy knew no bounds



“Mama!!! Oh my God. Thank you Jesus. Mama welcome” she said as she couldn’t hide her happiness



“Kaare…..” She responded as Kemi ushered her in.



“Where is your husband?” She asked as she took her seat



“He’s in the bedroom mama”



“Doesn’t he know I’m around?”



“I haven’t told him. He has been bedridden for some days now Mama” Kemi responded



“Bedridden bawo. A young man like him.” Mama said, surprised



“Oda. Let me go and see him” She said as Kemi led her to the Master’s bedroom.


Mama was not surprised to see him like that but was very much surprised to find out that Kemi had allowed her husband stay in that position for two days now



“An enemy has done this” Mama said



“It’s an arrow. Fire it back to the sender. But Kemi, why did you allow your husband stay in this position for too long? Ehn Kemi….” Mama asked




“I don’t know what to do mama. I’ve been praying and asking God to heal your husband” Kemi voiced out



“Asking God to heal your husband. You can imagine. Don’t you know the enemy’s handiwork when you see one. It wasn’t God that put this sickness there and what your husband is suffering from is definitely not ordinary. I can see you’re still a baby Christain” Mama said as she felt the temperature of her son-in-law who was too weak to talk



“Have you eaten” Mama asked



“No ma. I don’t eat early in the morning ma.”



“Good of you. What of him” Mama asked, pointing to Mark



“He has Ma. I fed him not quite long.” She responded



“Good. Since you’ve not eaten, turn it to fast. Break anytime you want to because what is more important for this kind of battle is a serious night vigil.” Mama said



“Battle?” She asked



“Before nko. Is it uncle you see him in the hospital with drip all over his body that you know this young man is battling with his life, and you’re letting all these happen, leaving him to fight alone.” Mama said



“Kemi, I must say that I’m very disappointed. Didn’t I teach you all these before you married him? I made sure I thought you all these so the enemy doesn’t take you unawares and you’d be one step ahead of the enemy.” Mama scolded as Kemi bowed her head in remorse



“That’s not important now. Start praying” Mama said



“But mom, what should I pray about”



“Send all the evil arrows fired against your husband back to the sender” she said shortly as she left the room for them



“Mama wait, where are you going to?”



I came to see you and I’ve seen you so I’m going back” Mama said simply “Going back to where”


“To my husband’s house of course” she responded



“Mama noo…..I’m a baby Christain, I’m still a chicken Christain whereas I’m


supposed to mount up with wings like the the eagles. I’m supposed to be living a mountain top life whereas I’m still dwelling in the valley. Mama please, you’re going nowhere. Stay here” Kemi pleaded.



“Stay here for sometime even if it’s just two weeks and I’d wish you could stay longer than that.” Kemi pleaded



“But I didn’t bring any cloth or any of my stuffs” mama protested



“Mama you are not a stranger here. This is your daughter’s house. Everything you need will be provided soonest. For now, I still have some of your dresses and what you’d use.” Kemi replied



“Okay o…..Two weeks abi”


“Yes Ma.”



“Oda. Let me call your younger ones and tell them I won’t be coming home anytime soon” she said as she left



“Mama let me escort you.” Kemi said as she stood up



“I know my way around here and I need no urgent attention. He does” she said, pointing to Mark and left for the guest room. Kemi stared at her husband, lying helpless on the bed.



“My love, I’m sorry I haven’t been strong enough to protect you from this evil. You’d be back on your feet soon, I promise” she said as she kissed him and went into prayers.



That night was no rest for Kemi as she kept praying and send the arrows of sickness back to the sender, according to her mom’s directives.



In the course of the prayers, she noticed her husband wasn’t sleeping because he was restless as a result of the sickness that has befallen him. However, as prayers were going on, he began to regain his strength little by little and even went further to say “AMEN” to his wife’s prayers. She later concluded her prayers after three hours.


Her mother had always trained her to be prayerful and would ask her to pray for two hours so she’s used to long prayers. However, as a result of the battle she was about to face in her home, she had to add an hour more.



She thought a while about what was going on before she slept. It wasn’t long she slept when Mark woke her up, saying he had wanted to use the restroom.



Kemi assisted him to the restroom, but realized he could assist himself better than before.



He spent 30minutes which was so unusual of him but Kemi was patient enough to wait for him to come back to bed before she sleeps.



He finally got out after a while


“I kinda feel relieved” he said as he walked by himself to the bed as Kemi looked surprisingly.



“Goodnight love” Mark said



“Night baby” she responded as they slept off.







The next day, Mark was back on his feet again, except for a little headache and back pain, but asides that, he was fine, his temperature was normal and he didn’t feel any form of weakness in him.



He went to the kitchen to find his wife Making breakfast for the family He smiled at this and hugged her from behind


“Good morning my Wonder woman” he whispered as he kissed her neck to which she smiled in response.


“You know I’ve missed you so much” she said as he tickled her



“I missed you more hun.” He responded as he left her to see if there was anything he could help her with



“So how are you” she asked



“I’m fine. Very fine. Except for a slight headache and back pain.” He responded



“Thank God.” She said, happy within that her prayers were answered without delay.



“Mama is here. Though I haven’t seen her this morning” Kemi said



“Oh yeah. I heard her voice yesterday but I was too weak to talk. I hope she’s staying this time around”



“Yes, I begged her to stay for two weeks.” She responded



“Okay no problem. Let me go and call her then” Mark said as he made his way to the guest room but found Mama already seated in the dining room



“Is breakfast not ready ni” she shouted from the dinning as Kemi came out with a set of dishes, well set in a medium sized tray l.



“It’s ready Ma” Kemi responded as she set the table and served her food and that of everyone as she sat to eat.



Immediately after their breakfast, they heard a knock on the door.



“Are you expecting someone?” Kemi asked, facing Mark as he shook his head in negative


“Mama you nko” she asked her mom and she did the same thing



“Who could it be then?” She thought to herself as she made her way to the door.



On opening the door, behold it was Esther but unlike her (Kemi’s) spirit, she was bold enough to face her physically.



“Hey bestie” she said innocently like nothing happened and this irritated Kemi



“What do you want?” Kemi asked coldly



“Ah ah am I not welcome in your house anymore?” Esther asked



“Exactly” she responded



“Anyway, I came to see your husband and how he’s doing. Hope nothing happened to him and he isn’t sick.” She asked



“He’s perfectly fine.” Kemi responded, controlling herself as Esther laughed



“Oh please don’t hide things from me. I know he’s sick, infact, at the point of death or are you shy to admit that.” Esther said, still laughing as Mark appeared from Kemi’s side



“I beg your pardon?” Mark thundered in anger, which made Kemi smile



“You see? My lover isn’t sick.” Kemi said as Mark held her by the waist.



“No….no this isn’t true” Esther said as Mark scoffed and left the two women



“You keep standing on the way Kemi. I’d leave, but I’d come back for you, and this time, it’d be hotter than this. The battle line is drawn Kemi.” Esther said in anger which made Kemi smile




“The battle is not mind but the Lord’s.” She responded



“You don’t know who you’re dealing with” Esther said.



Kemi laughed within “If God be for my family, who can be against us. Surely they shall gather, but not by me, whosoever shall gather against me shall fall for my sake. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivereth them from all. The righteous is as bold as a lion. You obviously are the one who does not know who you’re dealing with Esther” she said as Esther stormed out their compound in great anger.





“What happened? How did that charmed gift not work? I mean I know Kemi would stand in my way that was why I made it that when he touches it, he would be very sick and at the point of death. I’m not giving up. If I don’t have Mark, then no one else will except the dead.” Esther thought in her heart as she zoomed off.







Meanwhile, Mama Kemi had been peeping through the window and watching the whole drama.



When Kemi came in, she called her



“Kemi. Who’s that girl” Mama asked



“She’s the one I told you about that I’ve been seeing in my dreams” she responded calmly



“Who was she to you”



“My best friend Ma”



“Best friend?” Mama asked in deep surprise



“Kemi how can you make that kind of lady your best friend. Were you not spiritual when you chose her as your friend? She’s not the type that should be seen around you. It’s been obvious you have been spiritual at all, and it’s quite obvious that she has quenched the fire on your prayer altar as well. It’s only the Grace of God that has kept you on track.


Kemi, the battle will be tough and you have to prepare. I will stay for three months and teach you what you should know about spiritual warfare, only do not be afraid” Mama charged.



“Really? Thank you Ma….. I really need someone to teach me Ma and I’ve


prayed to God for help and it’s obvious he sent you here at this time” she said as she thanked her mom



“Thank God my dear. Go and be prepared. Your lessons start tomorrow” Mama said as she went to her room










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