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Episode 5







Though they smiled at each other and said goodbye, Esther just couldn’t stop thinking about the lastest truth she had just heard from her best friend. She kept on wondering what she said was true or she was just joking or something. She hadn’t wanted to believe but she waved the thought aside.


She put a call through and continued her business.






Mark was beginning to get disturbed by the constant visits he got from the two ladies. He had wanted to tell his wife. Infact, he had told her already, warning her to steer clear from those two, especially her so called best friend. She believed him a little concerning Taiwo’s matter but doubted greatly when he accused Esther of such a thing, saying she would never let her down or attempt to snatch her husband from her


Mark still couldn’t get why his wife couldn’t sense the danger ahead but he didn’t know what to do


He decided to try talking to his wife again when he’d get home that day.


As he was thinking about about all these, he heard a knock on his door.


“Yes come in” he said, expecting his guest.


“Hi mister” Esther said in smiles.


“Hello, how are you doing today” he responded


“I’m very fine” she said as she searched her bag for something


“Here, I want you to see for yourself.” She said, handing her phone to him. “What’s inside?” he asked as he received the device from her hand and played the video. He watched carefully and played it over and over again.


He was shocked, however he held his peace “What is the meaning of this” he asked


“That’s your so called wife in her youthful days. Are you away she was more or less a club girl? I don’t really think you Know your wife too well mark” she said in smiles while getting up from her seat, seductively coming towards him



“Apparently, she isn’t a faithful wife, so I don’t really see a reason you should be a faithful husband” she said in whispers since she was close to him already




“Great. Just great” Mark thought to himself, shaking his head as he was think of what next to do.


He flashed back to when he had wanted to marry her by all means but he was rejected by her. He had always loved her but she told him she wasn’t his kind of girl, though she didn’t say anything further.


His mind drove to possible reasons why she’d be a club girl. He know she was from a poor background as she was more or less the bread winner of her family while her mom was sick due to high blood pressure as a result of the death of their father and the thought of how to take care of her children. “Maybe that’s why” he thought to himself


He was snapped out of his thoughts by hands going through his body.


“I believe you know what I want by now right” she said in a low tone, stroking his beards.


“As you can see, I have a lot of documents on my desk that I have to attend to. You may please leave my office” Mark said politely


Esther smiled to herself


“It’s usually normal for men to resist at first. I’ll give you time. Just think about my offer. Good day” she said as she left his office

















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