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Episode 22

















































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Kemi spent three nights in self-discovery prayers.



“Lord….I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back into a full time job


as a teacher. If I do, I’d neglect my home because it was so stressful for me even as a spinster back then” she said as she prayed from her heart.




She decided to stop prayers and wait on God for a reply as she has been taught that prayer is a two-way thing



She opened her Bible to read anything



Then she heard a small voice…..that voice instilled in her that has always


been directing her.



“What about the orphanage……you can try that. The children there need to


be shown love. That way they’d become responsible citizens and not be the reason your society would be in pandemonium.


“Hmmm……that’s true. But I don’t know any orphanage around here. I’ll


have to find one then” she thought to herself as she thanked God answered prayers and went to sleep



While sleeping, she had a dream


In that dream, she saw little children reaching out to her….



“Please come to us. They were pleading pitifully and the dream cleared



“That’s a confirmation. I’ll find something to do about it fast.” She said as she slept off finally







Mark had dressed for work and had breakfast



“I’m ready for work. See you later babe” he said as he came closer to her, giving her a peck on her cheek



“See you soon dear” Kemi said, smiling in response




“I’ll miss you you know, don’t worry I’ll come home as soon as possible” Mark said as he hugged her



“I’ll be expecting you then” she said as they kissed goodbye



When Mark was out of sight, Kemi went in to get Mama something to eat as well.





“So my daughter, has God given you an answer?” Mama asked as soon as she was done with her meal



“Yes Ma. I heard a voice and a confirmation followed.”



“What form of confirmation”



“Through a dream”



“Oda. So what does it say?”



“It suggested me starting from the orphanage”



“Hmmm… what’s your take on it”



“It’s okay for me Ma. So far children are involved and I can win their souls for Christ.”



“Okay. You’ll tell your husband about it abi” Mama asked



“Yes Ma. We’re one.”


“Glad to hear that. So when do you plan on telling him?”



“This evening, by God’s grace” Kemi responded



“It’s okay. Take your time” She said as she decided to stroll in the compound







“Babe” Kemi called as they were in the veranda. They were done eating and decided to enjoy the cool breeze that evening



“Yes dear” he responded, holding her close to himself



“I want to ask for your permission concerning something” she said as she had his full attention



“Okay. What is it?” He asked



“I want to start going to the orphanage often”



“Why? So you could choose the best child to adopt?”



“What? No. That’s not the issue. I just want to show them some love you know”



“Hmmm….okay you have my permission. So when do you want to start?”



“Anytime soon”



“Okay then”






The next morning, Kemi woke up very early. She was so excited that she’d see children again in her life as she has always loved them



She has prepared Mark’s breakfast and seen him off, prepared breakfast for her mom and told her about her plans, then set off to a nearby orphanage she knew







Kemi was allowed to have access to the children which made her more than happy.



She came back home later that day with a very happy heart. She told everyone; from her mom to her husband and wished to see them often.



When Mark saw how Happy she was, he gave her freedom to go there whenever she wanted to.





It’s been six months since Kemi has been visiting the orphanage often; she hasn’t felt so much joy and fulfillment in her life.



She had graduated to giving the little children gifts that could enable them learn faster and also introduced them to God little by little



However, she had begun to like one of the children and was thinking of adopting her. She didn’t know how to tell Mark cos she was sure he wouldn’t agree with her



She was at the orphanage one day, playing with the particular child when the little girl asked a question



“Aunty what of your children?” A question that sent shivers down her spine



“Well, let’s say they’re in heaven” Kemi responded after keeping quiet for quite a while



“Okay” she said with smiles



“Aunty I believe one day, my parents would come looking for me.” Rejoice, the little girl said



“Really? Tell me more.” Kemi said as she knelt to get to Rejoice’s height



“You once taught us about faith so I’m putting it into practice. I believe my mom’s still alive and would come looking for me someday” she explained as Kemi nodded her head



“And I believe you’d be a mom too, because you’re a good person” she said further as she touched Kemi’s tummy in a playful manner.



Kemi played with her as well as others a little while before going home, thinking about what the little girl said that day












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