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Episode 3

Babysitting The Bad


但[Our Nanny]





v Kendra’s POV v

Mrs Rebecca went up to start arranging her things and I sat back in the sitting room thinking of how I’m gonna handle the boys.

“Thinking?” I heard Kora’s voice and jolted back to reality.

“Um..yea, I replied.”

“About the boys?” She asked as she took a sit in front of me.

“Yes, I replied.”

I need to know things about them, a lot of things they love and do, I said to her.”


“Well, they do a lot of things – bad things.”

They really love screwing p**sys and you’ll get to see them yourself.

They have a common enemy and his name is Cole.

“Cole? ” I asked.

Yes Cole.

“Well, Rico and Cole are the worst enemies on earth but it extended to the twins.”

Cole is also very handsome and I heard they were friends before but something happened – I don’t no what it is.

Rico and Cole get into fight every time.

They fight like kids, she said almost whispering.

“Seriously? His a fighter?”


Can their bad habits ever end?

It keeps on adding.

Most times they fight on the street and get arrested.

They’ll get thrown into jail and will be bailed out after a day or two.

Wow! I exclaimed in surprise.


Its really serious.

“Yea it is, but Cole is my number one crush.”

“His really handsome, bet you’ll pee in your pant when you lay eyes on him, she said playfully and I laughed.”

“Does he come here?” I asked.

“Of course not, she replied.”

“Then how do you no so much?” I asked.


“Well, because I school with them.”

I’m the only worker here that schools there with them and am at my final year together with Rico and Cole, she explained.


You’re lucky girl.


“Yea and so are you, she replied.”

“Tell me more then, I urged.”

I really love cole a lot and its a pity his enemy with Rico and his brothers.

“Wait, since they hate each other and it’s Rico’s father school then why is cole schooling there?”

I mean they should have expelled from the school, I said.

Um….the Salvador’s school didn’t grow big on it own, it had supports from other people and

Cole’s father is a big share holder of that school so its impossible for cole to get thrown out, she explained.

“Hmm I wonder why they hate each other a lot then? I said.”

“Me too, she replied and signed.”

“You love cole that much, huh!? I asked.”

“Of course, I really love him but you see its impossible for him to notice me.”

I live in the same mansion with his enemies and am not pretty.

“Why will he notice a maid, tell me?” She asked and I scoffed.

“You’re not pretty ? Who told you that?”

Whoever told you that you aren’t pretty that person must be a very big liar, I said and she laughed.

“Really?” She asked.

“Of course kora, you’re one hell of a beauty and I want to see this cole of a guy, I said.”

“Wait till tomorrow girl, you’ll definitely fall in love with him, she cooed.”


“Well, let’s see.”





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