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Episode 20a



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Kemi had gone into fasting and prayers, for God to look into her husband’s financial crises. She decided to start confessing their financial breakthrough and practiced giving. She didn’t know who to give so she resulted in giving Tunde gifts apart from his salary and feeding him well. She has been doing that for sometime now so it was more or less like reminding God of how



she gives to people she could. This is as a result of what her mom had taught her: to be good to people so when trouble comes or the enemy strikes, you can prayer for the book of remembrance be opened on your behalf for good as in Malachi 3:16.



After three days of fasting and praying, together with confessing the Word of God and giving, Mark’s salary was released on double folds.



Mark was so joyous and always thanked God for the kind of woman he had for a wife



“I’m so lucky to have you in my life” Mark said with so much joy that evening as he informed her of the release of his money while they were enjoying the cool breeze at the veranda.



“We thank God for everything” Kemi responded as Mark hugged her tight which made her giggle



“I’m so so happy.” He said, as he expressed his joy with a broad smile and with hugs



“Okay okay” Kemi said, as she giggled at his gestures



“We’d thank God for our financial breakthrough this night. Just for 30minutes” Kemi said, stroking his hair



“30mins ke?? Nooo make it one hour or longer sef. This is big. So big that even thanking him for five hours isn’t enough. Not to forget about thanking Him also for the kind of woman He gave me for a wife” He said as he pecked her forehead, causing Kemi to smile.



“Okay then. No problem” Kemi responded as they enjoyed the rest of the late evening







Kemi was still glad about this sweet gift she just discovered: the gift of prayers and swift answers to prayers, e’en though she knows answers won’t always be swift



She was giving thanks to God for everything that afternoon as she was alone with her God



“Lord I thank you for everything. Thank you Jesus for Life. Thank you Lord for you son Jesus Christ and for sending him to die and redeem mankind. Lord I thank you for raising His name anove all names, that at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue confesses that He is the Lord. Thank you Father for my life and that of my husband. Thank you Lord for many are the afflictions of the righteous but you deliver us from then all. Lord I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for the gift of the ability to prayer. Thank you for all the weapons and powers you have put at every christain’s disposal. Thank you for using my mother to open my eyes to such weapons and powers. Thank you Lord for you’re all powerful. Thank you Jesus for the battles you have fought with and for me. Thank you Lord for the battle you have been fighting for me. Thank you Mighty redeemer for the battles to come and for the assurance that we’ll overcome” Kemi prayed as she went on and on, giving thanks to her God for everything and how things were going in her family.



After prayers that afternoon, she sat to read her Bible and asked God to open the eyes of her understanding




Evening was come and it was time for Mark to come home. She had made dinner and was waiting patiently for her husband who came home in no time.


They ate, discussed about recent happenings and things of the office, prayed when it was midnight and went to sleep







It’s been two weeks since the Aigboguns experienced financial breakthrough. They had decided to save 50% of their money in order to invest in something meaningful like developing the land they had bought few years back which was going well as a result of the amount of money in their hands and Kemi’s business was blossoming so well that she’s thinking of opening a shop for herself.



Okay lemme gist you small



Kemi is centered on agriculture. She’s always loved it since she was little and now she’s grown, she decided to focus on it and not get a white collar job.


She has been able to sell a little agricultural products she got from the back of their little farm and sold to the people in the market in wholesale.



She had also resolved in selling Zobo to various schools she has know when she was a teacher before she married Mark and stopped working to focus on her home spiritually.


So that’s how she gets her money and for the past few months, her little business has been blossoming; she’s sensing it’s as a result of her constant prayers these days as there’s nothing God cannot do.



She wants to use that opportunity to open a shop for herself and employ someone to be in charge of the shop and also open a restaurant as she was good in cooking and studied Home Economics in her university days



Okay end of gist


Next scene



It’s been months since money has been flowing freely, especially on Kemi’s business.



However, it was about to be cut short as there was another problem which had come up







Mark came back not long ago and was looking sad and disappointed. He ate his food in silence and refused to talk as his heart was burdened.



“Baby what is the problem?” Kemi said as they were in the bedroom, with Kemi playing with his hair as hands to see whether he’d talk cos she understood that he hadn’t wanted to.



“Just when I experienced financial favour and breakthrough recently, the enemies want to take my joy away.” He said as he tucked himself in her arms.



“I do not understand. What are you talking about?” Kemi asked calmly as he hugged him in her arms like a child being consoled by his mother



“Baby, I don’t know why I’m being attacked in that office. First it was being retrenched almost, from that it was my money being withheld. Now they’ve written a petition against me, saying I should be sacked. Why on Earth



should people be against me? I’m not a bad person for goodness sake. Do you Know the worse part? It was my friends in office that wrote that petition against me. Now tell me, what exactly is my office. Must people be against me in that office? I don’t understand, why are all these happening?” Mark said, lamenting as Kemi kept silent.



“If you faint in the days of adversaries, your strength is small” Kemi whispered, stroking his hair



“My love we’re facing battles these period. We’re even lucky it’s not against her health or body. You should be happy that all these battles can be won in the place of prayer.” Kemi said, responding to his Lamentations.



“Hmm….I guess you’re right. I’d join you in my prayers this night as it’s


beginning to affect me severely. I wonder why it isn’t attacking you as well.” Mark stated



“My life is too hot for them to handle and it extends to you too. You’re attacked because you have alot of virtues they want to kill before it’s discovered and utilised. They can’t attack your body or health cos of the numerous prayers so they resulted in attacking your finances so you’d get frustrated iife and may yield to the devil by joining a cult or something and then when they’ve gotten everything, they’d end up killing you. That’s their plan but it won’t work. So far I’m your wife, their plan will fail. It has failed already the day Christ died for us and has failed again the day they allowed you marry a Christian wife.” Kemi explained the best way she could as Mark stared at her, amazed



“I’m not sure you’re the woman I married” he said in great wonder at how she knew all these and more for the past few months


“Smiles….I’m still the woman you married, but this is just a better version of


me” she replied as she kissed his forehead



“You will fulfill your destiny and no one, not even a principality or power is going to stop you. You have my word for it” Kemi said further as Mark hugged her tight



“You’re the best babe…I’m so lucky you’re mine. I bless the day I met you” Mark said as his voice could fortell the joy in his heart



“We thank God. It’s almost midnight.” Kemi said, calling his attention to the time



“Yeah but how are we going to pray about it?” Mark asked



“It’s simple. We’d use the prayer of the psalmist. You said they’re your friends ryt?” She enquired



“Yes. Good friends and I’ve always helped them in one way or the other, especially financially” He responded



“Good. Very good. Good now that good you have done to them, will be turned to fire and we’d command them to get burnt. Even the Bible said offences shall come but who unto the man by which offences come. But in our case, battles Shall come but woe unto them by which these battles sha surface. Oya let’s pray” Kemi said as they stood up to pray.







The next morning, Mark was set for work. He has had breakfast and was ready to set off.


“I hope things change when I get there” He said to his wife in the garage



“Not so fast my love, but everything will be fine soon” Kemi responded as they kissed goodbye



Mark’s office



Mark was settled and ready for work when his secretary came in



“Good morning Sir” She said respectfully



“Good morning how are you today?”



“I’m very fine Sir. Sir Oga wants to see you.” She said, delivering the message with caution.



“Okay noted. Thank you” he responded after thinking for a while. Boss’ office



“Hello Sir. Mr Aigbogun is here to see you Sir” Mr Richard’s secretary said on phone



“Okay. Send him in please.” He said as he ended the call, expecting the presence of on of hi favourite employee.



“Good morning boss” Mark said as he walked into his office



“Good morning Mark. How are you?” He asked pleasantly



“I’m very well thank you Sir” Mark responded




“Please have your seat” He said as he motioned him to sit



“Mr. Aigbogun” he called



“Yes Sir.”



“Petitions have been written to me and I’m afraid it’s not to your favour. Are you aware?” He asked



“Yes Sir.”



“Good. So what do you have to say for yourself?” Mr Richard enquired



“To be honest with you Sir, I’m really speechless over the whole matter but I know that God is in total control” Mark responded briefly



“Hmmm……” His boss said as he thought for a while



“It’s okay, you may go.” He finally voiced out



“Thank you Sir.” Mark said as he left his office.



“Hmmm….. something must be wrong somewhere. I must look into this.” Mr


Richard thought to himself as he attended to the little documents on his desk







Mark was settled in his office and thought of what had just happened few minutes ago


He remembered his wife telling him not to try defending himself as God will fight for him. She used the case of Daniel as an example and asked him to be patient, God will shut the Lions up for his sake and his enemies will be thrown into the den and devoured instead.



“God of Daniel, fight for me” He prayed silently in his heart after which he resumed work.







Mark narrated everything to his wife as soon as he got home



“So that was all that happened today.” He explained as he ended his speech



“Hmmmm…..God will take control. I’m praying about it already and I know


everything will be fine” she said simply as Mark hugged her tight



“You’ve not just been a wife to me my love. You’ve been a confidant, a friend, a sister and a mother to me. I love you very much and I want to say thank you so much for standing by me during this tough period. Thank you for being there for me during my trying moments. Thank you for developing yourself into being a woman who could give me good and wonderful advices. Thank you for being a prayerful woman. I’m so grateful my Love. Thank you” he said with so much joy, ending his words with a passionate kiss.



“I love you so much” he whispered



“I love you more my love” she responded as they kissed once more



“Let’s spend the weekend together.” He suggested as he held her in his arms, planting kisses on her neck.




“You know today’s Friday so I want to spend tomorrow and the next with u” He said as sofly to which Kemi let out a smile and faced him



“I’m all yours” she whispered as they both kissed



Okay next scene



The weekend was over (so fast ) and work had resumed.



Mark got to his office only to be informed by his secretary that boss had called for a board meeting, stating that everyone must be present, irrespective of status or class in office, only with the exception of secretaries and clerks and it’d start in 30minutes time.


Mark was scared because he rarely calls for a meeting, stating that everyone must be present except if someone’s about to get sacked or someone had done something terribly wrong



He thanked his secretary for the information and quickly called his wife, informing her of the latest update.



She told him everything will be fine and there’s nothing to be afraid of



“I’ve been praying about it. Because of it I rejected food for a stipulated time, and I kept awake. So don’t worry my love, it’s settled in the spirit” Was Kemi’s response to his panic and fear.



Mark called down a little and left for the meeting 15minutes later as he is known in that office as a punctual staff





one hour later



The meeting was brief and Mark was seen joyfully going to his office



“How was the meeting Sir?” His secretary asked



“Very well my dear, well done” he said as he tapped her. She could sense the meeting turned out well for him and smiled in response



He place a call to his wife as soon as he settled down in his office. “Hey wifey” he said happily



“Hello my love. How did the meeting go?” She asked.



“It went well….see the people that wrote the petition against me have been


sacked and I’ve been promoted to replace one of them” he said with so much joy



“Wow wow wow….that’s great new darling. What did they write in that


petition?” She asked curiosly



“They said I eat the office’s money ni o and that the time I borrowed a loan, it wasn’t for anything good and I didn’t repay in full….I wonder where they cooked those stories from.” He explained



“Hmmm….thank God. Your enemies have made a mistake that has


advanced your course. That was part of my prayers, I didn’t understand it at first but now I understand. Congratulations my love” Kemi said



“Thank God for you dear. You’re a wife indeed. I wish I could hold you right now” He said as Kemi laughed



“You’ll do all that when you come home okay. I’d prepare your favourite meal and buy something so we can celebrate. Let me leave you for now. Enjoy you day my darling. I love you” Kemi said as he could sense she was happy herself



“I love you so much more. That’s for sure” he responded as he cut the call



Right there, he knelt down in his office and waved his hands to God. “Thank you Jesus. Thank you for delivering me from this false accusation and also for the kind of woman I have for a wife” he said gladly before resuming work fully.




















Episode 20b
























*Please forgive all grammatical errors *



It’s been two months since Mark was promoted and the family was doing well and fine. Kemi’s business has been going well and Mark’s finances had bounced back, with no oppositions



Their wedding anniversary came and it was celebrated, on a low-key anyway but family members were invited and they all honored the invitation



During the party, it was obvious Marks mom was satisfied yet as she hasn’t gotten a grandson from Mark and Kemi herself was beginning to get worried as she saw the gestures she made while she (Kemi) tried to talk to her.


Kemi had wanted to start thinking but she decided not to bother herself



“That’s not the important thing on ground’ she thought to herself.


They were about leaving when her mother-in-law called her to a corner.



“My daughter. You know I’ve been good to you and treated you like my own child. When are you giving me my grand children?” Mama asked



“Soon Mama……Very soon” Kemi said in assurance as she hoped in her


heart to conceive.



“Oda…..let me take my leave now” she said as she left



Kemi’s mom however, decided to stay a little longer; a decision that made Kemi happy cos she always knew every visit of hers was an opportunity to learn new things.







That night, Kemi had a strange feeling; like something had entered their home.



She didn’t know what to do or the prayer points to pray but she started pleading the blood of Jesus and commanded the fire of God to consume whatever it is that had entered their house



“Let the voice of the Lord, that divided the flames of fire, thunder against any strange being in this place and strike them to death” she prayed, according to Psalms and continued praying aggressively.



After sometime, she prayed for about 45 more minutes and when she felt peace in her spirit, she ended her prayers, read her Bible and went to bed.





Kemi and her mom were gisting in the sitting room as Kemi told her about the strange occurrence or visitation last night when they were interrupted by a call.


“Hello…..please am I speaking with Mrs Kemisola Aigbogun?” The caller





“Yes speaking. How may I help you?” She responded



“Good please there’s a patient here in my hospital. She was rushed here this morning and has been calling your name ever since she’s been admitted. I think we need your attention here Ma.” The caller said



“Okay, what’s the name of the person?” Kemi enquired



“I don’t know Madam but she was rushed her not long ago” the caller replied



She also asked the address from which she was rushed to the hospital and the caller informed her



It was then she knew it was Esther



She asked for the name and location of the hospital and she was told. The doctor also told her her condition was critical. Kemi was speechless for a while



“Okay I’d be there” she managed to say as she hung up.


“Mama someone just called and told me about Esther…..that’s she’s in


critical condition. Should I go” she asked her mom



“Go my dear…..go and see your desire upon your enemies.” Mama





“Okay Ma but you’re coming with me” Kemi said



“Okay let me Goan dress up” Mama said as they went to their separate rooms



In less than 15 minutes they were ready and headed to the hospital







“Hello nurse. Please can I see the doctor?” Kemi said as arrived the hospital



“Your name Ma”



“Mrs Kemi Aigbogun”



“Oh…. we’ve been expecting you. This way Ma” the nurse said as she


directed her to his office



“Sir….Mrs Aigbogun has arrived and is here to see you Sir” the nurse said



“Oh thank God. You may go nurse” the doctor said as she left.



“Let’s go to her ward immediately Ma, there’s no time to wait” The doctor said as they left to her ward.





Immediately Esther set her eyes on her she began to speak.



“Yes…that’s her. She’s the one that made me like this. That’s her. She always stood in my way and now see what she’s caused” Esther kept saying “She has been saying that for sometime now Ma. I’d leave you alone now” the doctor said as she left



Kemi pitied her…..her condition was so pitiful and awful



“Bestie what Happened to you” Kemi asked out of sincere concern.



“Don’t ask me that stupid question and don’t pretend you’re innocent of this. You’ve always stood in my way now see what you’ve caused. I never came for you. All I wanted was your husband and his virtues but no, you won’t let me have my way.


I tried running him mad, you countered it



I tried inflicting him with strange sickness, you spoke against it



Then I moved to his finances… least it’d keep him frustrated and blame


you for having such a bad person for a friend and that way, he’d never discover his potentials but no, you kept twarting my plans



I was angry and came to finally kill you Iast night so I could have my way but you consumed fire to burn me instead…… I hate you



I hate you so much” she confessed, with hatred still in her heart.


Kemi was speechless and by that time the doctor and some of the nurses were gathered, listening to her. Everyone was amazed except for Kemi’s mom who was just shaking her head. After some minutes, Esther gave up the ghost


This made Kemi cry her heart out. It was obvious she still loved her as a friend. Mama Kemi consoled her, telling her that nothing could’ve been done



“You just heard her say she vowed she won’t rest until you were dead. She practically made a covenant with death so nothing could be done. The battle is over Kemisola. You won” Mama said in the car as they were going home



“The next thing is discovering your talents and that of your husband and knowing how to utilize them and put them to good use” she said further



“Hmmm…… thank you Lord” Kemi thought to herself as they drove home








































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