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Episode 21




















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Mark came home that day as usual and Kemi explained everything that had happened that day



Mark was speechless, not knowing what to say.



“so Esther is gone. Just like that. Hmmmmmm” he said, still trying to process what he had been told.



“My love, I’m surprised as you are.” Kemi responded as they both fell silent.



“But did she repent?” Mark asked suddenly, a question that saddened Kemi’s heart.



as she shook her head in the negative



“No my love, I tried urging her to but she refused. It was mom that made me understand that nothing could be done as she had already sold out her soul to the devil in order to get back at us and destroy themselves not me” Kemi explained


“Hmmm……is life that hard ni? Because of someone’s virtues or talent, she


made a covenant that involves killing her if she doesn’t succeed.


Hmmm….that means this virtues are worth fighting for then. If I realize and


utilise them, it’d announce me to the world” Mark said and paused for a while for Kemi to talk



“Your virtues and talents …..that’s the next thing I’d work on” Kemi said



“It’s getting late, let’s go inside now” Mark said as they went inside



Kemi praised God that night, but deep down inside of her, she was said someone’s life had to go in the process



She ended her prayers of praise and went to bed.







“But Mama, I’m still in shock of the recent happenings.” Kemi said as they were having lunch



“My daughter, what don’t you understand?” Mama responded calmly, ready to explain to her.



“Why Esther had to die….let’s start from there” she said, waiting for an





“Because that was exactly how she had wanted; for you to end up like that


but it backfired. Someone had to go for it.” Mama explained.


“Hmmm….so she had wanted me to be in the exact condition we found her


earlier?” Kemi asked.


“Exactly. God fought for you. Remember you’re the apple of God’s eyes. Whosoever touches you touches the apple of His eye. Remember Psalms?



Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. You’ve been praying the prayer of the Psalmist recently ryt?” Mama asked to which she nodded in response



“Good. In Psalms 17, you’d find a particular prayer point. It says ‘keep me as the apple of thine eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings'” so that is exactly what is happening, she tried to touch the apple of His eye and someone who was well tucked in the shadow of His wings.” Mama explained in details.



“Hmmm….I think I understand Ma” Kemi replied



“Now, shift that aside. Let’s focus on more important things here. You have to know your virtues and talents” Mama said as Kemi cleared the dishes



You may think they have bad table manners but they’re not eating anything serious….just some fruit salad



Now back to the story



“my virtues or talents?” Kemi asked



“Yes dear” she responded



“Ohh…you mean my husband’s”



“No, yours” Mama said



“but Esther was talking about my husband.” Kemi protested



“Kemi, you can’t remove a beam from someone’s eye when there’s one in yours. You can’t get your husband out of ignorance of his talents when you’re still ignorant of yours” Mama explained



“Ignorant of my talents? Mama I’ve always loved agriculture. I’ve invested in it cos I’m talented in it and I think it’s my destiny. Could there be something more to this? Could there be more than one talents in a person, not to talk of me???” Kemi enquired.



“yes my dear. Most people are multi talented but they focus on one; usually the one that profits them.” Mama responded simply.



“Hmmm…so if one is more profitable and it’s enough to sustain us financially, why the need for the others?” Kemi asked, as they were sitting in the sitting room



“Because you also have to win souls so you’d store enough treasures in heaven.” Mama responded



“Hmmmm… some are for profit making while some are solely based on


soul winning?” Kemi enquired to which she nodded



“So what’s mine? What’s that talent I haven’t utilized yet?” Kemi asked, expecting an answer but was disappointed.



“No my dear. You’ll have to find out yourself “Mama said



“How?” Kemi asked confused



“Prayers…..I will be retiring to my room now” Mama said as she made her


way to her room….


Leaving Kemi with her thoughts.



“How do I go about this now?” Kemi thought



“Prayer is the key” she heard a voice within









Kemi prayed that night but this time her prayer was different…..she prayed


on discovery of her hidden talents and gifts.


She asked God to show her the secret of her life.


After prayers, she read her Bible and went to bed, still thinking about what Mama had said .



“I’ll add fasting to it to show how serious I am with this” she concluded in her heart as she slept off.







Mark’s job has been going on fine and everything is moving smoothly as Kemi is trying her best to find out what their individual talents could be



She was in the sitting room one morning, pondering over the issue when her mom came to the parlour but her presence wasn’t noticed



“Kemi….Kemi…. Kemisola” Mama called



“Ma” she responded, snapping out of her thoughts



“Hmmm….Kemi what are you thinking about?” Mama asked



“Mama I’m thinking of what you said four days ago. About my talents. I really can’t figure out what it is yet; though I’ve fasted and prayed and asked God but still no clue” Kemi complained as Mama kept quiet



“Oda….I’ll give you a clue.” Mama said as Kemi sat up, showing interest in


what she was about to say.



“What do you love doing? What is that thing you love to do that gives you joy?” Mama asked



“Agriculture mama. Anything related to it” Kemi responded quickly as Mama shook her head



“You’re so focused on one. You have to be ready to discover something you about you my dear. You have to believe that there’s more to your talents than Agric b4 it’d come to you. You’ve been fasting but with unbelief in your heart. Look beyond yourself, beyond your already discovered gift. You’ll realize it soon.” Mama said as Kemi thought on what she was saying



“Well, I’ll leave you to yourself now. But before I go. I want to eat something light, like fruit salad or have some tea” Mama said, standing up already



“We have both Ma so which would you prefer?” Kemi said as she made her way to the dinning





That night, Kemi just meditated on what her mom had told her Earlier that day







“Kemi, think it well. Your success is not as a result of how well you’ve achieved something or utilized one of your talents but how many you’ve utilised. For example, if you’re given 5 talents and you only discovered one or two and think you’ve arrived or made it in life. God will question you for not using the rest. Do not be carried away by material things. Our main goal is to make heaven, therefore we must be heaven bound and give rapt attention to things pertaining to heaven so we won’t be surprised on the judgement day..” Mama said further



Flashback ended



Kemi brought out the book where she jotted what Mama had said further that evening concerning talents and discovery of destiny.



Kemi’s jottings


Your treasure or talent is what God has graciously endowed you with



It is what has been freely given to you to add value to your destiny



It is God’s free gift that will make you function without engaging in hard labour that produces little or no results



It is what ushers you into into your season of rest, where minimal efforts will yield maximum results.



It is the discovery of that one thing that makes you very distinct and incomparable.



It’s the good qualities in you that have remained hidden for a very long time



It’s the end of your fruitless pursuits and the beginning o your moment of divine supernatural exaltation



It is what God has programmed into your life in order to make you fulfil divine purpose



End of Kemi’s jottings



She went into thinking again



“So in all, it’s something I enjoy doing” she thought to herself



“But what could that be?” She asked herself. Just then, she heard a voice within



“Why are you behaving like you never had an idea of this before? You were once a teacher and you insisted on teaching children instead. They all loved you, even the stubborn ones that other teachers couldn’t handle, you were able to handle them with ease. Is this not supposed to mean something?”



“That’s it” she said as she snapped her fingers



“Children….I have a talent in handling children. It’s part of my gift. I’ve always loved them” she said happily



“Yaaaaaay……I’ve got the answer. Finally” see said as she went on her knees



“Thank you sweet Jesus. I’m so grateful” she said and prayed a little while longer before going to bed


“Mama….I’ve discovered it” Kemi said joyfully to her mom, as they were


sitting in the her (Mama’s) room



“Good. So what is it?” Mama asked with smiles



“Children Mama. I’ve always loved them and could handle them better than any other teacher in school.” Kemi said with so much Joy.



“That’s nice. So you’d start work again? Abi how will you make use of this gift” Mama asked, as Kemi fell silent with her smiles gradually disappearing



“Hmmmmm” she said as she was deep in thoughts



“Hmmm…I don’t want to have a full time job….. hmmmm…..there’s more to


Christainity than just accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and fighting life’s battles.” She thought to herself



“Don’t worry Mama. I’d ask God.” She finally responded



“Oda…. let’s go to the parlour and watch something” Mama said as they


went to the parlour







































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