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Episode 15









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Kemi spent the whole of that night doing her assignments. She was willing to learn more and from the look of things, battle to come would be a tough one so she had to gather necessary knowledge as soon as possible.



Mark on the other hand decided to join her as he wasn’t comfortable with being a victim and not knowing what to do about it. The last experience he had made him take his spiritual life much more serious than before. He had never stopped Kemi from praying pr attending vigils whenever she wants to but he didn’t think such things could still happen in the 21st century until his experience of a strange sickness. He was 100% okay now and was ready to resume but his wife asked him to use up his days first. He obeyed though, but after series of strange things that happened on the day he had stubbornly wanted to go to work despite Kemi’s advise to stay home






“Baby you do not have to go today, do you?” Kemi said as she crossed her arms on the bed.



“Come on babe, the reason he gave me the pass is gone now. And work will be piled up by now” he said, adjusting his tie at the mirror



“It’s only someone who’s alive that can work” Kemi responded



“What do you mean by that statement?” Mark asked, facing her.



“They’re trying to get you killed by all means if you don’t Know…..” Kemi





“Because of my virtues? I don’t think Esther is that wicked” Mark said, Kemi was already getting irritated as a result of his very low understanding spiritually




“If anything happens to you out there, don’t say I didn’t warn you” she Said, leaving the room in anger.







Mark tried to start his car, but it refused to ignite. He then decided to take a taxi, but as they were going, the driver asked him “Oga where you dey go sef”



“To my place of work of course”



“Hmmm….oga e possible make you turn back?” He asked which got Mark





“My friend it’s none of your business” he retorted



“Sorry said” he said and kept quiet afterwards.


He alighted at his destination and paid the taxi driver.


As soon as he got to the gate, it was locked as usual so he had to knock. The gateman came to attend to him but on seeing him, he refused to let him come in



“Oga, who you be” The gateman asked



“Mark Aigbogun” He stated calmly as he thought it usual to ask that question since he wasn’t with his car



“Oga nooo…..I no sabi who you be o.” The gateman said



“What do you mean Usman. My friend open this gate” He said in anger



“Oga I say I no know you na. Na by force. Oga go home abeg” The gateman said and finally locked the gate on him



“What? What is happening?” Mark thought to himself as he went back home in frustration.



He entered his compound and knocked on his door. He was greeted by his wife who was smiling broadly



“I told you not to go but you refused. Thank God you’re back safe and sound” she said as she kissed him, leaving Mark confused



“Who are you?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes



“Your wife of course…..just that she’s spiritually sound now” she responded



Flashback ended



He woke up past midnight to find Kemi fully awake and trying, looking like she was trying to solve a puzzle.



“Command the morning? Is it really possible for the day or night, the sun moon or stars to be used against me?” She thought aloud when her husband came to Join her



“Hey” he whispered



“Hi….sorry if I woke you up” she responded



“No you didn’t. I’ve decided to join you into being abit more spiritual. Since I’m their target, I don’t want to be an illiterate or ignorant of what they can use against me.” Mark said as he sat beside her to see what she was up to



“Are you serious?” Kemi asked with smiles.



“Am I sure? Of course I am. I mean after the strange things that have been happening and I’m the only one affected, I don’t want to experience that again and who knows, it may be because I’m lukewarm” Mark said as she hugged him tight



Mark smiled at her reaction because he has always known his wife to be someone that performs better when she has a partner.



“Thanks babe. Since one chases a thousand and two chases ten thousand, we would conquer this upcoming battle” she said as Mark let out a smile. He didn’t know exactly what she was talking about but he hadn’t wanted to ask.



“So wassup. What are you doing?”



“Mum gave me an assignment. She said I should study the whole of Psalms, extracting the prayer points I find there and then she said I shout the instructions God gave Moses before the plagues were made possible” she explained as she showed him her jottings.



“Instructions like killing lamb and rubbing on their door post right” he asked



“Exactly. I made mention of that too but she said I should find others.” She explained



“Okay you know what? Since you have two assignments, I’d do one, you’d do the other. I’ll choose the study of psamls and write out the prayer points



I can see there along with the verses I found them. Is that alright” he said as Kemi nodded in affirmative



“Okay let’s get to work then” Mark said



“Wait. Mama made mention of commanding the morning. She even gave me over 5 scriptural verses to study in accordance to what she was saying” Kemi said, showing him her jottings.


“She also said I should practice it and it’s best when done around 5am before our daily activities” she said further



“That’s strange. I’ve never heard of that before.” Mark said, turning the pages of her jottings.



“I’m also new to these things dear but we have to know them so we won’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices. She said this is just the scratch, that as I go on and develop interest, His Spirit would teach me himself.” Kemi said



“Okay then so what are the verses she gave you, let’s clarify our doubts” Mark said as he took his Bible, getting ready to open to the passages she’d call



“First she made mention of Ps19:2-6” Kemi said as Mark opened to the passage and read it to their hearing



“Wow. So the day speaks and the night reveals. Wow, this is new” Mark said.



“we’ve been so ignorant of so many things my love. I’m sure that after this, we’d overcome all the battles we would face in life” Kemi commented




“Certainly. Let’s continue” he said




“Okay. She also made mention to me that Joshua commanded the sun to stand still the whole day, then she made mention of Deborah and Barak-the stars fought for them against Sisera in Judges 5:20. She also said that God has asked us to command the morning in Job 38:12-13. She said, when we command the morning, the wicked would be shaken out of it.” Kemi explained



“So we can bring this down to our personal lives and command our morning and the wicked against our lives would be shaken out right” Mark said



“Yes. She also made mention of a verse in Isaiah 38:7-8, when He had wanted to heal Hezekiah and he gave him a sign that the sun shall go 10Β° backwards. So in summary, there’s power in the sun, moon and stars and if we don’t command them to favour us, they could be used against us” Kemi said, ending her speech.


“Wow….hmmm, so new. Okay let’s do our assignment then we’d put it into


practice and since I won’t be going to work for the next three days, including Saturday and Sunday making 5 days, I’d learn with you” Mark concluded as Kemi gave a satisfactory smile.



“So…let’s do our assignment” Mark said as he searched for prayer points from Psalms while Kemi studied the Ten plagues closely







It was the next morning and Kemi was up abit early, set breakfast and waited patiently for her mom to be ready for her



“Mama. I’m here, hope I’m not late.” She said



“No dear. It’s just 11:30 so we’d have enough time…let me say two hours” Mama said



She noticed Mark was with her and asked “What is he doing here?” Mama asked with smiles



“He wants to learn too Mama” Kemi replied



Mama looked at the lovely couple and shed tears



“Mama what Happened? Is anything wrong? We can come back if we’re too early” Kemi said as she hated to see her mom in tears or pain



“It’s nothing my daughter. You see if only your father and I had this opportunity you both have now, if we had someone to teach us these things, I’m sure he’d be alive today” Mama said, allowing the tears flow freely. Kemi kept mama in her arms as Mark was silent, watching the two.



Kemi hadn’t wanted to shed tears in front of her mom or remember how dad died, how he was sick for days as the sickness was growing worse day by day. That explained why Mama was very much disappointed when she found Mark in almost the same position. So she summoned courage and finally broke the silence



“Mama it’s okay. You can teach us so you won’t have to go through that a second time.” She said slowly



“It’s fine. I’m okay now. At least my children are doing well and one day I’d carry my grand children” Mama said as Kemi and Mark let out a smile



‘Now let me see your assignments” she said, in perfect control of her emotions



Kemi’s Jotter


Ps 3:7b


Ps 5:10


Ps 6:10


Ps 7:6,9a,16


Ps 9:5,15


Ps 10:15


Ps 11:6









Stretch thy rod


Stretch thy rod


Stretch thy rod and smite the dust of the earth


Swarm of flies (no instruction)


Take handful of ashes of the furnace, sprinkle it towards heaven


Stretch thy hand towards heaven


Stretch the hand over the land of Egypt


Stretch thy hand towards heaven


East wind of the Lord (God himself brought this without instructions)


West wind of the Lord (to drive the Locusts away)



End of Kemi’s jottings



Mama looked and it and smiled.



“It’s okay but I believe as we go on, it’d be better than this” Mama said



“Now our next lesson” Mama said as the two couples sat comfortably to listen attentively to her













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