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Episode 23 (semi-finale )


























Kemi got home that day as usual, narrating what had happened to her mom. Her mom told her that it was her faith that would see her through


“Pray to God to increase your faith” She said simply




It was weekend already and Mark decided to go with her on a Saturday to the orphanage


When they arrived, the children were so happy to see her on a Saturday as she doesn’t come there often on Saturdays.


“We’re so happy you came Ma” one of the older children, about 1Ć© years of age said as Kemi smiled



They played a little as Kemi sang for them with her lovely voice (her voice was something people always loved) after she had introduced her husband to the children


It was time to go as they said goodbye and left. Mark suggested they have lunch in a restaurant close by.


“I saw the way you were with the kids.” Mark said as they had arrived at the restaurant and ordered for something to eat


“Yeah…..I love those kids. Each and everyone of them” Kemi responded in smiles


as memories with them came to her mind


“And that girl you introduced me to….uhmmm, what’s her name again? Rejoice


ryt.” Mark said, trying to recall


“Yes, her name is Rejoice” Kemi responded as Mark kept quiet for a while


“And I’m guessing you want to adopt her” Mark said, leaving Kemi shocked


“I don’t understand” she finally said, calming her nerves.


“I mean the way you treated her different from the rest of the kids. You carried her, spoke to her and played with her with so much joy and love in your heart.” Mark explained as Kemi kept quiet


“I’m guessing you want her for a daughter” He said further, Kemi still not saying a word and wondering whether it was so obvious she loved little Rejoice


They ate their food in silence and drive down to mall where Mark bought some clothes for his wife and went home when it was getting late


There was no need having anything to eat that evening as Mark claimed he was full and wasn’t comfortable with his wife’s silence.


“Babe” He called drew her to himself



“You’ve been silent ever since I talked about Rejoice, what is the problem” he said as he had her in his arms


“Nothing. Just wondering how you got to know”


“It was obvious. Obviously obvious”


“Okay I had wanted to tell you myself but since you got to know, what do you think about it?” She asked in a cool manner


“Think about what?”


“Adopting her of course” she responded as Mark was silent for a while


“Babe….look at me” he said as he made her to face him


“Listen, I love Rejoice. I love everything about her. Her smiles, the way she laughs and she’s quite intelligent. But she’s not my daughter, even if you decide to adopt her. I want my own children. Not just that, I want them to come from you. They will come from you; Out of this body, and no one is looking elsewhere: I’m not getting children from another woman and you’re not bringing an adopted child to my house either. You said three adoptions ryt. What if you were meant to have five children on Earth? That means it remains two. Those two would be enough for me, so far there coming from the woman I love so much. I know it’s difficult for you my love but I’d always be here. It’s the only way of proving my love to you in these trying times. You’ll still give birth, I have so much faith you will and even if you doubt it, my faith would swallow your doubt as we are one. Do you understand me?” He said, ending his speech with a question as Kemi had been listening with rapt attention.


“I understand” Kemi replied after sometime


“I love you” Mark said, seeing his wife was kinda confused on what to say


“I love you more. Thank you for everything.” She replied as he hugged him after which they disengaged and kissed



It’s been six months since Kemi has been going to the orphanage. She has successfully discarded the thought adopting Rejoice and started having faith in God for her own child


“Even if it’s just one” she said in one of her prayers.


Rejoice on the other hand, has so much faith that one day, she’d no longer be referred to as an orphan.


Her faith finally saw her through one day as a couple came looking for her and Kemi was present


“Rejoice….it’s me, your mother” The middle aged woman said as she knelt down to


get to her height, after being allowed to see her


“I’m so sorry for abandoning you all these years my love. You’re not an orphan and I’m here to take you home.” She said further as Rejoice shouted for Joy


Her mom turned to Kemi who was in shock and said


“Thank you so much for caring for my daughter. I had her when I was a young teenager and wasn’t ready to settle down so I dropped her by the roadside as I didn’t have the heart to kill an innocent child. I’m a married woman now but have not child ever since. I then remembered her and have been looking for her for about a year now and thank God I’ve found her; not just that, I found her in hood hands. Thank you for taking care of my baby for me” she said as she hugged Kemi who was still surprised


Rejoice’s mom was about leaving before the little girl asked for a moment with her aunty (Kemi)


“My faith has made me whole aunty. Your faith will if you believe without doubt.” She said as Kemi smiled, stroking her hair


“I’d miss you my love” Kemi said



“I’d miss you too ma but I’m happier here with my mom. Thank you for everything big mummy” she said as she hugged her


“Remember, faith” Rejoice said as her mom took her and the couple left






Kemi went home that day, still surprised at what just happened at the orphanage


“The faith of that little girl brought her parents back to her. Wow” she thought within her as she went to meet her mom


“Mama I’m back” she said as she greeted her.


“Kaare oko mi. How was your day?”


“Full of surprises


“Really?. How


“Mama you remember that small girl Rejoice, that I told you I was thinking of adopting?”


“Yes what about her?”


“Her parents came today to pick her up from the orphanage


“Really? ”


“Yes Mama. The interesting part was that she has been telling me that she’s putting what I taught her, that is faith, into practice and she believes that’s she isn’t an orphan and has faith that one day, her parents would come looking for her


“Wow….that’s interesting. Just as you’d faith would give you your babies”


“She mentioned that too while waiting then but I took it lightly. But I think now I’m going to start believing I’d conceive in no time” Kemi said as she smiled



“That’s good my dear. So you have to practice it as well. Faith without works is dead.


“I will Mama. I will.” Kemi said as she smiled to herself




Kemi went to children’s shopping mall the next day to buy stuffs for kids


“Faith without works is dead” she said to herself as she picked both boy’s and girl’s clothes


“I’d love to have twins” she said as she picked them




Mark came home that day an was surprised to see baby clothes in their room and when he asked her, she simply said. “I’m putting my faith into actions” Mark was glad when he heard that, so he just smiled and left her alone






Kemi has been thinking of what Mark’s talents could possibly cos she decided that since she has found hers, she should help her husband in discovering his too, and she knows it’s gonna be big


She was thinking about it one night after prayers


“But wait” she said as her thoughts were bringing memories to her


“Mark has always been an adviser in any office he’s posted too and is always his boss’ favourite anywhere he goes. Anyone that plans to take that position from him is sacked and he gets promoted. The office also stands to be at loss if they sack him so he’s always exempted. Even when the battle was hot then, they considered it not a good decision. That’s it” she said as she snapped her fingers


“His good advices would take him far in life.” She said happily


“But how do I go about it”


“The spirit of understanding and an excellent spirit. Daniel was the only one that could understand difficult dreams because an excellent spirit was upon him” she heard a voice within say


“Exactly” she thought aloud


“He just has to get more spiritual. Maybe attend church services regularly or something” she thought to herself


“Church activities aren’t synonymous with spiritual growth” sue heard that same voice say


“Then he’d grow in Christ personally then and meditate on God’s word. Asking for the spirit of knowledge, understanding and excellence as well as the seven Spirits of God” she thought


“Exactly…..oh thank God.” She said happily as she prayed a little and then went to








Kemi told Mark of her “new discovery” concerning his potentials


“Babe, on a norms your office respect you wherever you go and value you as their special adviser. I’m thinking if you go deeper into the things of God and improve spiritually, your talents or potentials would be used to the fullest” Kemi said to her husband as he agreed to become more spiritual


He tried reading his Bible at night before sleeping, praying before leaving the house and fasting often. He them added praying at night but only as his strength could carry him as he was no match to his wife.


He then prayed for an opportunity for his talent or gift to be needed



“After all, if there was no problem of the King’s dream at that time, nobody would’ve known Daniel further.” He thought in his heart as he prayed to God and his prayers were answered as it seemed they were losing their customers and firms weren’t interested in doing business with them anymore. It was so severe that his boss was losing his mind as a result of the drastic loss and the workers haven’t been paid their monthly salary.


He then decided to call on Mark for advise. Mark himself was surprised at the way the company was running at loss. He didn’t know what to do but he had an idea, which he wasn’t sure if it’d work but he told his boss anyway


His boss welcomed the idea and also asked him to hold meetings with the various important workers of some firms, convincing them to partner with them and telling them of what they stand to gain from partnering with them. To Mark, it was a big task but when he started his little “errand” he was able to get them convinced and business was back to normal


His boss was so happy for having someone like Mark under his leadership as he mentioned him to the DG of the company when he visited their little branch few months later.


Having seen and heard of how Mark’s advices and intelligence had enabled they branch to bounce back, he decided to try him out himself by inviting him over to their head quarters diaspora to see how well he would do. The overall boss sponsored everything he needed: his tickets and passorts as he also promised to take care of his expenses when he gets there as well


This was a great good news for Mark as he went home that day, ver joyful.


“Honey, God has done it” he said as soon as his wife opened the door for him


“Wow….someone’s in a good mood. What Happened today?” His wife asked with


smiles as they made their way to the dinning room.


So our DG visited us today and said they had a little problem aat the headquarters. My boss, Mr Richard recommended me to him and that’s all. He said I should



prepare for set off in the next three days.” Mark said happily. They were in the room now as Mark had rejected the food until he told his wife everything.


“Wow….wow….wow. So as I’m seeing you like this, in three days time you’re out


of the shores of this country? Wow….thank you Jesus. This is beautiful” Kemi


said as she hugged him happily


“My love that’s not all. He is also the one sponsoring the expenses of my documents and will make them ready as early as possible. He’ll also be in charge of my expenses when I get there” He said further


“Wow …this is more than I expected. This good is too wonderful. Ohh Lord, I’m more than grateful to you” Kemi said as she knelt down, thanking God with a grateful heart as Mark joined her.


“He really is wonderful. I can’t believe this” Mark said after series of praises


“Me too….but it’s real. I didn’t really expect this. I was thinking that highest, you’d


be promoted again or transferred to where you’d have a higher pay. That was what I was thinking but now this”


“My love. We need to thank God this very night. It’s so wonderful. I can’t tell it all” Mark said as they made their way to the room for prayers of praise






Mama got to to hear the good news the next morning and her joy knew no bounds.


Three days later, Mark was off to diaspora with his boss as his wife didn’t cease in prayers for success of his mission for going there in the first place


Mark later called his wife that night to tell her how things were going. Kemi was glad things were moving smoothly and intensified her prayers to God till Mark was back in Nigeria



It’s been three months since Mark has come back from abroad and the DG had commended him for a job well done, encouraging him to keep up the good work in his original place of work as his boss was so proud of him as well






Keki had been noticing she’s been having early morning sicknesses these days and nauseating. She wasn’t comfortable with it so decided to visit a doctor.


Soon the tests were out and the doctor came to her, smiling broadly


“Congratulations Madam, you’re three weeks pregnant.” He said, still smiling as Kemi shed tears of joy while heading home






“Mama…..Mama” she called as soon as she got home.


“Mama see” she said as she gave the doctor’s report to her mom who was in her room reading a book to kill boredom as there was no light.


“what is it?” Mama asked as she collected the doctor’s report from her hand and after reading it, she smiled broadly


“You see? I told you. Rejoice told you too…..your faith has made you seen this.”


Mama said as she smiled broadly.


“I can’t wait to tell Mark. But how do I tell him?” She said, stroking her invisible beards , forming some point of seriousness

“Tell him anyhow.” Mana responded


“No Mama. I’ll tell him in a special way.’ She said, smiling to herself as Mama giggled


“Children of nowadays. It’s okay no problem. Ehmm dakun is there anything to chew in the kitchen?” Mama asked as Kemi smiled



“I made chinchin yesterday” Kemi responded


“Please go get some for me, the soft ones o. I’m so bored here” Mama said as Kemi left for the kitchen.




“Babe….” Kemi called out on a cool night as they were together


“Yes dear.” Mark responded as Kemi face him, stared at him for a while and hugged him tight


“Thank you. Thank you for everything” Kemi whispered, still hugging him tight as Mark smiled in response.


“You deserve everything.” He said, after which they both fell silent


“thank you for being there for me when it seemed all hope was lost. Thank you for loving so deeply, much more whatever problem or circumstances we faced; both individually or as a team.” She said as she kissed him deeply, pour out her gratitude and her feelings in it.


“Thank you so much for holding onto me. Thank you for making me your wife so I can be the mother of your children which is made possible today, I’m so grateful my love. Thank you for being a man strong enough to stand by me against all odds” Kemi said, looking straight into his eyes and kissing him passionately afterwards.


“wait…..wait, did you just say mother of my children?” Mark asked to be sure he heard her well as she smiled in response and nodded afterwards


“That means you’re…’re…….wait come out plain” Mark said as he hadn’t wanted to have high hopes only to have them dashed.


“Yes go on…… it’s what you’re thinking.” Kemi smiled


“You’re…’re pregnant!!!” He said, almost shouting



“Shhhh bring your voice down” Kemi cautioned



“You’re pregnant. You’re pregnant right” he said more quietly as she nodded in affirmative.


Mark’s joy knew no bounds as he didn’t know when he lifted Kemi from off the floor.




“okay okay…….put me down” she said as she laughed


Mark finally brought her down and hugged her tight


“Faith made this Happen” he whispered to her


“Yes. Thanks to God and you, Mama and my little Rejoice” she responded as they disengaged


“I’m sure that girl would be happy to hear you’d soon be a mom wherever she is” Mark said as she smiled, looking at her tummy


“Welcome my beautiful children. Mummy and daddy are happy to have you” She said, still in smiles




“Yes. A boy and a girl. That’s what I want” she responded as Mark laughed


“I think you’re asking for too much


“My faith would see me through” she said with confidence as Mark pulled her in a tight hug.





Nine months later



It was a sweet Saturday. Kemi hardly did anything at home these days as her pregnancy was heavy and she would give birth anytime.



She was about going to the dinning to get some fruits to eat when her water broke:


luckily for her, everyone was home.


She was quickly rushed to the hospital and had been there for a while..


The doctor came out from the labour room after sometime as Mark and Mama got up to meet him


“How is she


“How is my daughter


They both asked simultaneously


“Can I see you both in my office?” He said as they both agreed and followed him


“I’m sorry to say but she can’t give birth on her own as her strength is weak. We’d have to take her through CS” the doctor announced


“What?” They asked simultaneously, not wanting to believe what the doctor had just said.








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